Depressed Cat Gained Weight After His Best Friend Passed Away (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Depressed Cat Gained Weight After His Best Friend Passed Away (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

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Zzz…zz.. Hai. I’m Lulu. Do you think I’m fat? Well, I gained weight, not because I ate a lot It’s no joke. I’m not into snacks Wanna know why I gained so much? Owner/ I only give this much Only that little for real?! Lulu doesn’t even eat them all.. Owner/ He doesn’t eat much compared to his figure Lulu has a smell appetite but his belly is big… What’s going on..? Owner/ Lulu had a sibling ‘Pepe’ who were born together But Pepe passed away so suddenly, and since then Lulu became depressed Lulu and Pepe were siblings And close friends But.. After Pepe passed away, he started to gain weight Is this possible? Vet/ He must have been stressed after his family was gone Also, if the emotional anxiety continues It’ll lead to obesity For cats, possible factors involved in the development of obesity include anxiety, depression Vet/ (Due to depression) Tha lack of activities hinders burning calories And likely leads to obesity After losing Pepe Lulu has been depressed most of the days And became fat Vet/ As you can see, the subcutaneous fat goes over 5cm It’s 1-2cm for cats usually He should lose weight in the long run Lulu~ Let’s be healthy again! Therapist/ Lulu gotta relax Then he can move and lose weight To make him overcome the depression Giving him aroma meowssage Purrrrect, hooman Yeah.. Meowssage my belly too, hooman Nice Purrradise.. Can I have this every day? Next step, home training!! Wat iz dis creature, hooman Why are you doing this to me Nawww… No more! He’s hiding lol Exercise ain’t mah thang Wat da hecc.. Srsly. I’m done Just look at my belly instead, okay My lovely belly 🙂 Vet/ Place meal bowls in everywhere So that he can walk around to eat and exercise Why you gotta be so harsh on me, hooman Jeez.. If it’s your wish, Imma do it *hecc hecc* *nom nom* Sigh.. YUM Owner/ We’ll work hard to get Lulu’s weight back to normal And stay healthy Imma work hard to let my fat dudes leave my belly

100 thoughts on “Depressed Cat Gained Weight After His Best Friend Passed Away (Part 2) | Kritter Klub”

  1. Jadi Kangen Kucingku
    Kucingku hilang Baru kemarin dia Kucing Berumur 8 bulan (Genap tanggal 1 september kemarin ?????) Betina Berwarna Emas kecoklatan dengan Corak garis" Coklat ditubuhnya , Mohon bantuannya Hilangnya (Terakhir kali dilihat) Di Rumah BTN kamoro indah Timika , Jika kalian menemukannya Tolong bawa ke Blok B cari saja anak yang bernama Rani , Agar kalian yakin itu Kucingnya Kalian bisa mengetes dengan Kertas atau tissu terus ajak main dengan Goyang"in , Sumpah nangis Terus kalau Keingat ?????
    Mohon Doanya Semua ?????
    Namanya Bb

    Mungkin Bagi kalian yang membaca Komenku merasa kalau Komen ini Lebay , alay , Bla bla . Tapi sumpah Nyesek dihati kalau Hewan peliharaan Hilang atau mati
    Hilangnya Tanggal 31 agustus 2019 ?????

  2. Where is my favorite behaviorist? Did he pass away too ;)… This poor little bro does need another bro, dog or cat to make him forget his beloved sibling IMHO.

  3. Poor baby, I already have two little kitten's of 1 month, they're orange too and just to think that one of them can die it makes me feel so sad 🙁 sorry for my English

  4. So the cat gained weight after he's depressed because of loosing his friend? or after he's depressed, he gained weight because of loosing his friend? so basically his friend is the reason of him being depressed?


  5. My cat is called Pepe (he is also blond, but with white) and unfortunately he lost his brother (his name was Peluza and he was a mongrel Norwegian cat) about 4 days ago 🙁 I'm very worried because now he's alone and I don't know if he will play the same as before, besides I have not seen him eat a lot and he sleeps all day long ;;;

  6. this is fucked, people say it's cute that a cats become obese after his best friend died, if those really love cats then they wouldnt think it's fucking cute… disgusting people!

  7. Did you feed him so much so that you could make this shitty video…. if so this is animal abuse, and honestly I don't see how you could not be involved in this poor animal's situation because you are the one who's feeding him

  8. Sure, so depressed but cleans himself enthusiastically. lol Whatever, this cat isn't depressed, it's just a selfish glutton , probably ate it's best friend.

  9. She is not depressed , but got addicted to home . It should live like a cat to grow strong not like humans who are having luxurious and lazy lifestyle .

  10. Are you over feeding it so you can put out videos on youtube? It wont gain weight if you dont give it more food than it needs!

  11. Ne kadar ilginç. Vücut nasıl depolamışki o kadar yağı, dışarıdan almadığı halde.
    Vefakar kedicik ?

  12. His probably lonely. Get another cat. It will never replace the other but he would have another cat to play with. Stop feeding him too much.

  13. Есть тут кто русский? Кстати этот кот похож на Тигру,,, поймут не все,,

  14. Saya sangat suka dengan chanel ini karna mereka membantu memecahkan masalah
    Mungkin cuma aku yg nonton dari indonesia

  15. Nếu là người như chúng ta, bị trầm cảm còn k hay ăn thì chắc chắn sẽ là da bọc xương. Còn động vật lại khác nhỉ

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