Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed

Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed

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Depression � a dead desert where you stand
alone. Might you be stuck there now in that wasteland
of muted feelings? Take The Depression Test and count the signs that are true for you as we
go along to get your Depression Symptoms Score. Sign One: Pointless Everything has lost its meaning. If this all
ended tomorrow, you wouldn’t care. Sign Two: Pressure In The Head It feels as if you have a cat sitting on your
head. It makes you want to curl up and sleep. Sign Three: Avoidance and Isolation Nobody understands what you’re going through
� how much better it is to be alone through all this pain. Sign Four: The Cage You are trapped inside of yourself now and
have forgotten how to show the real you from within the bars this prison. Sign Five: You Disgust Me You look in the mirror and see an ugly, pathetic
creature staring back at you. Sign Six: Self�Destructive Rituals You know if you do that that you will feel
like shit after… But you can’t stop yourself. Sign Seven: Dicing With Death You act recklessly now, inviting death to
put you out of your misery. [drink and drive] Sign Eight: Life’s A Bitch It’s like the universe has got a personal
vendetta against you, and is doing everything in its power to break you. Sign Nine: Unreality You’re nothing more than a character in a
film going through the motions of life but without believing in any of it. You want the film
to end. Sign Ten: Words Won’t Come You can’t put this dark place into words. Sign Eleven: Numb You’re a hollow man trying to feel but nothing
comes. Did that sound like you? The more signs that
were true for you, the higher your depression symptoms score. CLICK NOW to get your full

100 thoughts on “Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed”

  1. Why is most of these signs true for me ?? I miss her and I’m sorry but now she hates me she was my friend someone I could trust someone I fell in love with now she is gone and no one will under stand I hide behind a smile because In reality I am sad and alone and have no one there for me

  2. I had all of them I am depressed I have cut I have been suicidal I have scratched myself to hurt myself when I'm mad

  3. im crying now this morning i found out my best friend was moving away and a few years before my other best friends moved idk why i drive ppl away all of the time?

  4. Tests show low thyroid hormone in me. Says that's why I'm depressed. I've been on hormone replacement therapy for about a month now. I've fought depression almost my entire life now. I'm 60. If this doesn't help, I'll probably leave.

  5. A poem of the heart….

    More than life itself, I love you.
    Beyond your wildest dreams, I love you.
    When you feel nothing, I love you.
    When you are depressed and suicidal, I love you.
    When you cannot face another day, I love you.
    When you are all alone, I love you.
    When no one else loves you, I love you.
    When no one seems to care, I love you.
    When the tears will not stop flowing, I love you.
    When there is no hope left, I love you.
    When you need a friend, I love you.
    When you need a best friend, I am here.
    I will never leave you.
    I will never forsake you.
    I am always here.
    I will forgive every wrong thing that you have done.
    I will overlook all of your mistakes.
    I will help turn your sorrow into joy.
    I will always embrace you and hold you.
    I will never, ever let you go.
    …If you will simply receive Me.

    That's all I ask.
    -The Lord Jesus Christ

  6. I cry a lot randomly. I notice I cry at other situations not related to me, I can cry about something happy. I also regret everything that I do, I can think of many ways I could have re worded a sentence I thought didn't sound right. I get so mad at myself I hit my head against the wall and I've done it many times I am used to the pain. I feel so hopeless sometimes and my parents don't seem to notice. I'm too afraid to speak up and I feel like every option is wrong

  7. I have all the sign, and i really dont care with my life right now, if i die now i dont even care if im going to hell..

  8. all i want is asking to god what do u want from me , why you tortured me like this, but there allways no answer from the god, so i really want to die to meet him, idont care if im going to hell

  9. My friend:I know when your really happy and really sad
    My mind:Pfffttt you sure?????Then you would know I'm rarely ever happy.Actually feels like I'm never happy.Yea as if you know when I'm truly happy or truly sad.

  10. I haven't had the courage tell a single person IRL how depressed I feel. I seriously think of death as an option whenever I get into one of these "depression spells". I feel like I'm falling back into one. I hope I'll be alive after it. I might not be.

  11. I suffer from it may years or weeks a go why tho my mom is gone my cat is dead my life is over now but I am a kid how do I have it

  12. I have common episodes of self hatred and depression, like what im doing doesnt matter, and ill just end up disapointing everyone regardless. If i talk to anyone about it i feel weak and vulnerable, and if i cry im not a real man. Cant say im ready to end it, because theres still 2 people who care for me and it would destroy them if im gone (i think) but it does kinda feel like im losing faith in myself. If i dont end up dead, ill end up a disapointment and a failure, only helpful when im dead to serve as worm food. This feeling is terrible, especially because i used to be so confident in myself, but the more i made a fool of myself, and the more i failed (which i did and still do consistently) the more i felt as if theres absolutely nothing to work for, because ill just end up failing and disapointing everyone in the end.

  13. loneliness and depression if i was to describe it in a picture this is what it would look like…………sitting in a dark bus stop shelter waiting for the last bus to pick you up……thats me or del griffin (john candy) at the railway station sitting there with nowhere to go thats me in a nutshell!!!

  14. I am worthless, pointless, pathetic, weak, stupid, useless, ugly, isolated betrayed and depressed.
    I hate me.
    But then I am also afraid of death. I want to kill myself but I can't.

  15. I'm okay but the problem is i have a hugh heaveyness inside my heart i couldn't sleep restfully. But whenever i close my eyes and start to dream i feel so good going to my imaginary world my own created world.. I look at mirror i feel like crying and i always convice myself to make okay one day.
    I don't need anyone cause honestly im okay to be alone i feel so good to be alone rather then surround with mean people.
    Just sometime i feel tried to be alone but its okay cause im okay with it.

  16. What to do if you don’t love your own family..?

    So um.. I’m not sure if I have depression.. i feel depressive a lot. But it’s like an on and off thing.

  17. I stopped sleeping I feel like If I tell anyone they won't care or believe me and I hate myself all I do is drink beer and cut myself and I'm 12 thanks for reading I just didn't know what to do so there's the comments

  18. I’ve tried coming out to my mother about my depression but she blames it on “not being hydrated” or “I need to work out” when my body image or weight is not what’s making me feel this way. Dehydrated for a year and a half? Mhm.

  19. I’ve been feeling this for a while now, I consider being depressed normal, and being happy/feeling Good abnormal. It’s sad since I’m still young and I have a lot to live for and I know that but I can’t take this anymore, I hope for death almost every night before bed, and spend most of my day sleeping, I don’t really remember the last time I was happy, or what really caused my depression, I just hope one day, I actually do feel better.

  20. it's okay guys. we're thousands of depressed people from all over the world. we're depressed now, we should find a solution to stop this. we can't let our future generations feel the same horrible way. we need to come up with a solution and only we CAN

  21. One time I was running for gotr. And.. I was just like "wow. What is the point to life!" And I was just thinking about the things that meant nothing in life.

  22. Universe's personal vendetta against me… That hit too close to home. I know it's probably just me blaming other things for my own stupidity and inadequacy, but that feeling is still there. Like every time I try to get my life in order, I just get logs thrown under my feet. People hating me, bullying me for no reason. Disappointment and heartbreak constantly, unless I shut myself off from people. No love, no friends. Every time I make a friend they are taken away from me. I reconnected with my father for a few years and he died when I was 19. I'm just so alone…

  23. Me: gets depressed and keeps quiet bc I don’t want to be an inconvenience
    My friend: hah I think I’m depressed (goes on to describe regular sadness)

    It’s honestly infuriating but I don’t say anything

  24. I have to look at the my pic that says I miss me the old me the bright me the smiling me the the laughing me the gone me I lie to my friends about being fine ????I'm just a sad lonely stupid ugly human… Mom if you sall this video realize JUST realize I'm a mistake
    ————-. My life is so "perfect" Not only do I get beat up by my brother every day,sometimes people try to trip me and trip my stuff so I clean it up my "best friend" Called me spoiled and uses me for my phone I have no friends just 1 it's youtube. Last thing remember Jesus is by your side every day ?. WHY ME I LOSE EVERY ONE I LOVE MY FRIENDS MY MOM MY Brother.?! OMG!!!!!. My friend did not care I'm moving JUST END MY PAIN GOD I'll DO ANYTHING PLS JUST PLS END IT HELP I'M GETTING stuck with depression just stop… No one will read this

  25. I already know that I'm in depression..still I'm here to check depression sign .. so the results is … I got all 11 sign match with my situation…

  26. Parents: You are useless and You will never succeed!

    Teacher: You show a lot of attitude

    Fake Friends: why are u always hating others let ppl love u

    Me: I wish i could just die right now but i wont.. cuz am not a coward. One day, I'll be happy.

  27. When I am asleep, I dream that I live in a world we’re I’m not alone, we’re my dreams come true, we’re I’m happy, but in reality I’m trapped inside of a hollow body who barley shows emotions and when I try to escape and make people smile they despise my attempts at trying to be nice and just ignore me, I feel like no one likes me, everyone wants me to die

  28. I feel exactly what she's Is shown on this video
    So I must be very depressed cos I'm going through it I have all the signs so now What do I do

  29. I changed alot I stopped talking to my friends, pretend to be someone else that Im not, skip meals, started cutting and failing many subjects. The only thing that entertains me is youtube it helps me forget about the world im in right now

  30. I always feel sad
    BC I get stressed rlly easy then my parents just think it's to do with video games but it's to do with school and all my parents don't understand what I go through then they compare me to some kids in hospital which makes me even more sad

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