Do Crabs Feel Pain?

Do Crabs Feel Pain?

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I was vegetarian for 7 years. But I uh…
cheated. Every now and then I would have like just one crab cake. They don’t count right?
It’s not like they can feel pain. Oh shoot. Apparently. They can. Noooooooooo! Hey guys Julia here for DNews We humans like to think pretty highly of ourselves.
We put ourselves on the top of the totem pole of the animal kingdom. We’ve got our big
brains and our fancy thumbs for texting. Every animal is beneath us. And for a long time
we thought we could just use any animal how we wanted to. It didn’t matter. For a long time we didn’t think they could
feel pain! Scientists for hundreds of years though that animals couldn’t feel, they
just simply reacted mechanically. I mean compared to our complex nervous systems it made sense.
But crab’s nervous systems do have their own complexity. Well a study published in the journal Biology
Bulletin found that crabs and other crustaceans “have life spans of many years and a brain
that, in size and complexity, lies somewhere between the octopus and insects” . They have a small brain of sorts right behind
the eyes. Their main brains are more complex than you might think. They have three ganglia
that have fused together to form a single brain. They also smaller brains also called
ganglia for each section of their bodies. These smaller brains mean a quicker response
from stimuli in the environment; the nerve signal doesn’t have to travel as far. So what happens when those nerves get stimulated?
Do they feel pain?. A recent small study published in the journal Biology Letters found that
crabs physically react to a pain stimulus. The researchers subjected 20 crabs European
shore crabs to electrical shock. Most, of the crabs started walking around in their
tanks and a few tried to climb out. While some the control group of crabs who did get
shocked started to walk but 6 did nothing. But most telling was when the researchers
tested their “blood” or their their haemolymph. It had three times the amount of lactic acid.
A clear physiological sign of stress. Another study published in the journal Animal
Behavior found that hermit crabs feel pain and specifically avoid it. Crabs given electric
shocks were more likely to leave their shell and to seek out another shell without the
shocks. So it’s clear they feel something and avoid it when possible. And according
to another study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science they also
limp or show other protective behaviors called “pain guarding” and they even show fewer
responses to negative or supposedly painful events. And so that fits a definition of “suffering
pain” as described by Temple Grandin in a study published in the journal Emerging
Concepts and Strategies in Veterinary Medicine, in which she found mammals from humans to
the lowly rat suffer from pain. She even found evidence that birds, reptiles and fish feel
pain too. She can tell when an animal suffers from pain based on certain behaviors, like
pain guarding and seeking analgesics, which reduce pain. Pain guarding is like when you
dog hurts its paw and so won’t put any weight on it anymore or Or if they were hurt in a
specific place, they learn to avoid that place in the future. And a wide range of animals perform this kind
of behavior. Even chickens, when their beaks are trimmed, peck less than usual. Other studies
on mammals and birds and even fish found that when the animals were given analgesics like
morphine, those pain guarding behaviors stopped. Which is bad news for me and my new pescetarian
lifestyle. Ugh but shrimp just taste so good. Guess I should go whine about it somewhere
on the internet. Maybe I’ll start a website like which is
available on No domain extension will help you tell your
story like a DOT COM or DOT NET domain name. And because you watch DNews, you can get 15%
off Domain Dot Com’s names and web hosting by using the code DNews when you check out. So would you still eat crab after this? let
me know down below.

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  1. Just because they feel pain does not mean that they experience it in the same way humans do.  My theory is that the simpler the animal, the more like a machine it is.  So, insects are basically like machines simply responding to their programming and can no more suffer than a computer can  I don't think crabs are much different.  Mammals on the other hand, I believe, have some level of emotion and can therefore experience the fear,agony and suffering that can come with pain.   By all means though, we should not make any creature suffer more than necessary.  So if in doubt, kill it as humanly as possible.

  2. A bit late but
    For all the people who think that it's cruel to kill animals it's just nature… A lion won't think if it's moraly correct to eat a human, it will just eat you. Animals get killed all the time by humans or other animals.

  3. I was on a fishing charter boat, and the captain took some crabs, held them by the legs, then smashed them clean in half over the railing on the back. Doubt they felt that…

  4. Im sure they do as they scream when yer take them out of the crap pots and throw them into a pot of boiling hot water.

  5. It’s kinda dumb to be vegan when an animal is already killed and prepared even if you don’t eat them sooooooooooooo.

  6. Always under the impression they didn’t which is why we boiled them alive. I mean they pull off their own limbs if it’s convenient for them

  7. Do Crabs grow Bacteria soon after they die?
    And is it better to Cook them Alive like we Cook Lobsters..?

  8. To be fair, no predator besides us would care if their meal feels pain. The only reason why some kill it ASAP beforehand is because it's annoying to be kicked, pooped or stung in the face while eating.

  9. It’s not that surprising they feel pain. Are the consciously aware of that pain? That’s a much different question but I’d guess they’re not

  10. Remember, avoid suffering, not pain. Insects, fish, some reptiles can not suffer. You need emotions for suffering. Birds and mammals with a developed limbic system may suffer.
    Why does a fish and an insect try to escape when they are hurt? Because otherwise they would not have passed the natural selection.
    Anyone must avoid damage, otherwise he will die and not pass on the genes to the children.

  11. Brain between an octopus and insects, small brains in their limbs. They avoid death when possible? Hmm very scientific.

  12. God says effectively, as long as it's instant and safe for human consumption. Other than that, run wild.

  13. Temple Grandin has autism… and yet scientist for the longest time and some still do, believe that autistics do not have empathy.

  14. Anyone who thinks something can't feel pain, any animal, is extremely dumb.. it's a living thing, you have to be mentally challenged to think that they don't feel pain. I can't believe that so-called scientists used to think that anything other than people didn't feel pain.. seriously? What backward thinking.

  15. What does it matter if something feels pain in order for it to be moral to kill it?

    Some humans born have such genetic mutations that they can't feel pain at all. Would it be okay to kill them?

  16. Easy way to prove all animals feel pain.

    Hold a small flame next to any animal and watch them go away from it.

    This is the reaction to a stimuli or otherwise known as pain.

  17. If a robot is wired and programmed to avoid injury, it would likely display pain-guarding behaviour. Anything that simulates analgesics may be mistakenly perceived to be a healing agent, as it reduces pain reception. So, would that mean it suffers like arthropods?

  18. Pain might be subjective in terms of how it is experienced, but it is certainly intuitive that living organisms live to keep living and reproduce, and so they develop systems that teach them to avoid circumstances that jeopardise this mission for self-preservation. Without pain, or the ability to discriminate between favorable and non-favorable conditions, no life could possibly thrive. There's a lot of cognitive dissonance to overcome, but there's no peaceful way to live a life without hurting anything. All life evolves to destroy, because of a natural instinct for self-preservation which led to our existence today.

  19. i don't need a fucking study to know they feel pain…. it's a living fucking creature of course they feel pain….and they have all the basic feelings like fear, happiness, sadness etc, just because they can't express these things like we do doesn't mean they don't feel anything….when you boil a crab alive you better believe he's in agony and if he could scream he would.

  20. Of course they feel pain, its a brains way of telling a human or creature they are in danger and to react. Otherwise most creatures would not exist on this earth. If a fish swims over an underwater volcano they're not going to just swim in the same area.

  21. All you had to do was say yes then end the video but NO you had to make a 3 minute fucking video for that one simple question you can look up on the fucking internet.

  22. But it is important to note that crabs can detach their limbs as a survival mechanism to distract a predator and escape. If they felt pain like humans, this would not make sense from an evolutionary perspective.

  23. of course they feel the stimuli and react to it, how else would they survive in the wild if they cant detect being damaged?, but do they perceive it as pain? is it the same kind of pain that a conscious mind experiences? that has not yet been answered.

  24. I know that organisms feel pain in some sense as they do react to stimulus that can cause damage. But wether or not they feel the pain in the same way as we do is a different matter. Also allot of the emotional parts and the screaming and yelling from humans comes from the fact that we are social creatures and is beneficial to us to communicate that were in pain to others so that they can aid us. It is an evaluation trait. These add factors can add to the negative effects on the experience of pain. Even Bactria react to stimulus and can tell if being pursued by a predatory paramecium. But pain wise they do not feel pain like we do. The emotional experience we have is because the social homos that we have, but also the way that the pain is processed. Se wether insects feel this negative stimulus in the same unpleasant way is a big question, I would think no, there are different levels of consciousness and so different levels of pain experience. I would not think it would be cruel to feed a fly to a spider for instance.

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  26. And our testing on animals is where the nutjobs get their ideas of "aliens"… They anthropomorphize imaginary extraterrestrials with human tendencies lol

  27. crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans do feel pain, but not in the way that we ourselves feel it. they can register it but they don't necessarily suffer from it as humans and other, more advanced animals do, instead they simply avoid it knowing that it's nothing more than an indication of some sort of danger. and so to avoid getting harmed or hurt, they act upon it

  28. I was always under the impression that all animals and creatures could feel pain, I never even knew this was up for debate or contested!

  29. If someone wants to kill and eat (or use for other purposes) an animal, they should make sure that death will be swift and as painless as possible. It is inhumane to make the animal suffer beyond what is absolutely necessary. We are better than that. We have the methods to make our food suffer less.

  30. I always thought most animals feel pain. But for some, I was not very sure. For example, don't crabs clip their own arms off? That would hurt so much!

  31. Omg the all animals have pain i guess u don't know about them i do ?don't said that ? my sign is Cancer♋soo im a crab girl

  32. this video just talks about the behaviour of crabs but it has nothing to do with actual pain. If you were to poke a spider then they would instantly move away and avoid that spot yet we all know that they can only react to stimuli not pain it's a natural instinct for all animals even for ones that dont feel pain. Crabs have Nociceptors like other species such as fishes and octopuses which allows them to detect their surroundings incase if there is potential harm however they lack Nerve fibers. Nerve fibers are split into different groups such as A, B, C which are either myelinated or not and allow us to feel pain/detect pain in different ways. These nociceptors are usually linked with the nerve fibers and the nerve fibers work along with the central nervous system. Without the sensation or conscious awareness of pain then it is okay to kill a crab. Without emotions how would crabs know whenever or not pain is distinguished or perceived?

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