63 thoughts on “Do Dental X-Rays Cause Brain Tumors?”

  1. Thank you for this…I am scratching my head still wondering how those people in the J. of Evid. Based Dental Practice can make those arguments with a straight face.

  2. a dentist told me that it is about the same amount of radiation as a day in the sun or something. like… the x-ray is so weak b/c it only needs to go through 1 cheek. and the xrays dont pass through bone (when xray film gets hit by the rays, it turns black). im assuming the skull is dense enough to stop it.

  3. Stress increases cancer risk. Tooth ache is stressful. There is always a compromise.

    That being said, scheduled x-rays do little to prevent tooth ache. Brushing your teeth properly is much more effective.

  4. because a doctor gets money for x-rays he does, same in hospital, so they prescribe as many as the fuck possible, regardless of the obvious poisoning.

  5. I'll be avoiding these now as much as possible, but out of curiosity, could dentists use a cap to protect the brain from exposure like they do the other areas?

  6. About 6 months ago I was standing at the payment window for my dentist and I got zapped by an x-ray machine. I carry a gamma spectroscopic dosimeter (Polimaster 1703MO-1B) on my side, which suddenly alerted and climbed to about 1 uSv/hr. The dose rate was small, but it bugged me that I was getting blasted in the waiting room. It took a few seconds, so I assume it was a panoramic x-ray.

  7. Great video thanks….one question..could dental xrays, cause the pituitary gland to malfunction. Or create a pituitary tumor??

  8. Fuckin' great…I get x-rays all the god damn time from my dentists. When I had braces I had several full head x-rays and probably up to 10 normal head x-rays now. That's a lot. Why did I watch this?!

  9. I have not been to dentist for 15 years. Recently dentist took panoramic X-ray of my teeth resulting in: I felt like my brain was scrambled – could not think properly.
    Headaches in 5 different spots of the head. Sleeplesnes – was up whole night. Feeling sick to the point of vamitting.  Hot sensation in the head. Drop in blood presure and circulation. 5 days later still having headaches and can not sleep. (its 4am now) Does this mean that i have a Radiation poisoning ? I believe so!
    Keep your children away from X-RAYS!!!!  Certain foods can reduce poisoning..
    I am considering a legal action against dentist for not warning me against all this.

  10. This is great. I usually push back against dental x-rays, but eventually give in every few years. This gives me professional agreement that it does not make sense to take e-rays unless I have a complaint. This is especially true for someone like myself that never has cavities. My doctor doesn't x-ray my body if I don't have a complaint. 

  11. My dentist just recently acquired all new equipment, now x rays  are mandatory or he won't see me. I used to be able to sign a release and avoid them. X rays at set intervals are ridiculous! My doctor doesn't x ray my body at pre set intervals. I feel we should be able to sue our insurance companies for retaining dentists that insist on x rays when nothing is wrong! I'm all for x rays when needed only. Come on sheeple voice your opinion to your dentist and your insurance company. I walked out on that cleaning appointment and am currently looking for a new dentist.

  12. from what i was told, you absorb more radiation from a day at the beach then you do from dental x rays. im not exactly worried about this

  13. The problem with the study is that frequency of dental X-rays was self reported. As a dental hygienist who has taken thousands of x-Rays I can tell you that patients have no clue when and how many X-rays they've had in the past without actual dental records.

  14. Thank you ! Like pulling teeth (hehe) trying to find good info. as you have here on this subject. Seems the dentists just want you to go along with their x-ray programs. I'll bet they lease that machine and get paid for using it or some neat little arrangement like that. Kind of like doctors prescribing all the latest poisons from Big Pharma and getting huge bennies for it which I know they do. Same folks run both professions I would imagine. No offense to any dental readers. What's a dental reader ? You get it. Hey. All I'm looking for is some facts. Why was it hundreds of times more dangerous 30 years ago ? Were they trying to kill us then ? (yes) And now ? (probably) So where's the evidence. Sure the machines are 300 times smaller, but so are bio weapons and they can kill a whole city at once. Let's just not fall for lies forever is all I would ask ! Again, thanks so much for your research ! Good to know.

  15. OR. OR. You eat like shit so you have to go to the dentist more, and also your shitty diet gives you a brain tumor. (This just seems to be the trend I'm learning from you.)

    However I'm now going to start asking my dentist to stop microwaving my head. They seem to be more fond of it than my previous dentist.

  16. I just got my 19th or 20th dental xray 3 days ago as I was wearing a pre made special head gear because I had a brain tumor & have a missing skull for 2 yrs! I believe I got my tumors because of life long x rays especially as a child!!! I just wore an apron to cover my throat which doesn't really help bc I already have thyroid problems, but nothing to cover my exposed head while the dentist took pictures!!

  17. Lead apron, thyroid shield? Never had any of those at any dentist. Well, I'm going to be declining the routine x-rays now. I do realise the x-ray I had before wisdom tooth surgery was valuable, but just to look for cavities – which can be checked for visually already – doesn't seem that important to me.

  18. man I just had like four of these the other day why didn't you release the video sooner! 😉

    can I hope to have faith in my 100% vegan diet to prevent any cancer from forming… I hope so. already had it once!

  19. The recommendations are confusing. The text says "dentists should not prescribe routine dental radiographs at preset intervals for all patients." But in Table 1, it says that adults who are recall patients with no clinical caries and not at increased risk of developing caries should still receive "posterior bite wing examination at 24- to 36-month intervals."

  20. Actually have a meningioma (sp)…yeah… 20 yrs …3 surgeries and radiation treatments later….still there:(

  21. I just went to the dentist yesterday, Me & my kids got x-rays & we didn't even get the protection cape.
    My head hurts, I feel anger & hot. So this morning I started to do a detox from radiation.
    I was getting the warning of …. why are they not protecting us with a vest?
    I came to look "why are dentists not using for x-rays"
    Your video popped up. I am sure I will learn a lot
    Also I have told them that I want no one to have fluoride.
    My 19 year old son was telling me on the ride home, why do they only put fluoride on the top teeth and not the bottom?
    (He should not have asked me that question, because I told them we are not to have fluoride, it seems my kids got it)
    I am supper irritated right now & I have a headache

  22. I have a lot of dental work I have to get done. Bone grafts, implants, fillings, and gum grafts. This sucks

  23. I had to have a dental xray recently, so i searched all over the internet for natural remedies. Dr. Gregor has another video about ginger and lemon balm helping with healing from xrays!! 🙂 I made a video about all my findings. Hope it helps someone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eIyk0C3bvQ&t=275s

  24. I just got a job as technical engineer for dental equipment, i specialized in FONA brand dental panoramic xray. We then repaired an undetected digital sensor and after process we did mechanical alignment and then calibration of the machine. What was disturbing to me was the fact that i was exposed 3 times as part of the process. Damn it! Any thought?

  25. Dental X-ray takings are also very hazardous to your health, especially CBCT(usually taken when max. & mandi. jaw bones are to be diagnosed for implants or etc.) is definitely a necessary evil.
    When you visit dental clinic, you should require dental staff to serve thyroid gland neck cover to any kind of dental x ray takings.
    But what is really sad is that you cannot avoid high energy x ray beams cruelly penetrated through your innocent brain cells when you take any kind of dental x rays like even dental periapical or bitwing or occlusal or CBCT. Among these, CBCT taking is like an atomic bombing to your HEAD and NECK cells of DNAs.
    Dental x ray taking is mostly in relation with brain cells effecting issues.
    Think about it. It's a reality one.

  26. After each X-ray you need time for your DNA to repair before the next X-ray.
    Caution is needed for X-rays but on the other hand they can detect shocking cavity’s and prevent teeth problems.

  27. i take dental xrays like 10 times a day for patients am i in any fuckedup position? idont wear nothing i just put the led apron on the them go outside nd push the button back and forth 18times for a full set of xrays .. once u hear the button click do we wait for a few to go back n da room or radiation stops immediately once the button was pushed ?…. lmk thnku

  28. I watched this video since I always had this thought in the back of my head there could be a risk with the routine dental xrays I get routinely, and was hoping to be proved wrong, now I’m just more worried 🙃

  29. I’m a dentist, and I advise everyone reading to please never take “routine” dental X-rays, many other diagnostic tools and methods exists in modern dentistry that don’t involve radiation . However, in cases of emergency pain and tooth extractions they are necessary. Just avoid as much as possible . I don’t do it to myself, why should you .Thanks

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