Dr. Sarah Hallberg on nausea on a ketogenic diet

Dr. Sarah Hallberg on nausea on a ketogenic diet

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– Is nausea a normal
symptom of a ketogenic diet? Are there any common ways to solve it? – Nausea is not a common
problem with a ketogenic diet, so I would kinda go
back to the same things that I talked about with the diarrhea. If you’re having nausea, it
might be that you’re sensitive to something new that’s
come into your diet. So I would definitely first
thing, pause, what’s new? What have I changed about my intake? And this is something
actually that can come even from some artificial sweeteners. So try to take a look at individual things that have entered in, to try to pinpoint what might be causing the nausea.

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  1. Fat creates me nausea!!!!!! (I have alot of H. Pylori and bloated 24/day bloated stomach, this issue maybe can be related????)

  2. No ! Wrong ! Nausea IS a very common symptom of keto flu which can be experienced for up to 2 weeks when people initially start keto

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