Drs. Rx: Three Yoga Poses to Naturally Relieve a Headache

Drs. Rx: Three Yoga Poses to Naturally Relieve a Headache

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Having a tension headache can be debilitating and downright annoying. Those who suffer from headaches often have musculoskeletal tightness and stress. So today Doctor’s Prescription we have three yoga poses, to try to naturally relieve a headache. Practicing yoga is known to help calm the mind, de-stress, slow down your heart rate and even lower blood pressure. Now before you do any of these moves, be sure to consult your Doctor. So here’s the first move you can try it’s called the standing forward fold. You stand with your feet, hip-width apart, you bend forward lowering your head so it falls forward towards the ground. You soften your knee’s and grab your elbow’s with your opposite hands. And just keep your head and neck completely relaxed and hold for 10 deep breaths. Another move you can try, the dolphin. You start on your hands and knee’s with your arms shoulder-width apart. Place your fourarm’s flat on the ground, and then tuck your toes and lift your hips high while reaching flat on the ground, while reaching reaching your heals towards the ground. Again, drop and relax your head. You hold that for 10 breaths. Last move you can try, is called the seated spinal twist. You sit with your legs straight out in front of you, bend you right knee, and cross it over your left leg so your right foot is on the outside of your left knee. And then you wrap your left around your right leg, and you can use your right hand on the ground for balance. And don’t twist to the point of discomfort, in fact don’t ever do any of these moves to the point of discomfort. You hold that breath, for 10 deep breaths. That breathing, that deep breathing can help ease some of that tension. Open up your shoulders, your neck and your back. And so many headaches, you know they are tension related, yes. Can anybody out there repeat what he just said? (group laughter) I was imagining them though, I feel like I can do them. You still can. You want, I’m going to try. Do the standing forward fold. (audience claps) Okay.
Yeah, at least show us one. (audience clapping) This is, this is the beauty of youth. You are taking one for the team. One for the team, okay. What am I doing? Flexibility after so this, so do the, are you do The second one? This one. Okay. So do the standing forward fold. That’s the one where, okay. Okay, I’m listening. Folding over. Here, ah ha. And then just, let your head relax, grab your elbow’s with your hands, kind of let those. Your elbow’s, yeah that’s good. That’s it? But relax your head. There you did it. Kind of let it, just let that head relax. So you know how to do the dolphin. Oh, this one? Okay. Yeah, the one that I could never do. (audience claps) Doctor Rita! Seated spinal twist? Okay. Sit, you said this? And this? And then you twist the opposite way. How’s that feel? (audience claps) Feel’s good. It’s a nice stretch. Now you get it. (audience claps) Yes. Way to go Doctor Rita! In my heals. (audience cheers) I mean you were a true 21st Century woman. Wearing that outfit, doing yoga moves. I’m telling you. That is, you could come out with your own line. You think? We could call it, Nita Lemon. (audience laughs)

3 thoughts on “Drs. Rx: Three Yoga Poses to Naturally Relieve a Headache”

  1. I have a chronic headache and i don't understand how someone in pain has the power to do this… all i wanna do is run to my medicines.

  2. Nope, not the first two. My head would explode. I like the third one. It's a good glut stretch. But I tuck the straight leg under the other thigh. No idea what it's called, I just call it my pretzel stretch. Great for restless leg syndrome.

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