Eating Honey Every Day Will Do This To Your Body

Eating Honey Every Day Will Do This To Your Body

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Eating Honey Every Day Will Do This To Your
Body We are constantly trying to find new ways
to ensure that our body is healthy. Everyone knows that exercising will keep your
bones strong and your heart healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables will give you
the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to create nutrients. But what about eating honey? Could eating honey do wonders for your body? Research indicates that it can! For example, did you know that honey helps
boost your metabolism which will help you get to your weight loss goal? Well, there are all sorts of other health
benefits of honey that you might not know about either! Honey is produced by bees and several other
related insects. In most cases, microorganisms do not grow
on honey. This enables people to store it for long periods
of time without it spoiling. We’ve all heard the Mary Poppins Song “A
spoonful of sugar.” But now people could be singing “A spoonful
of honey”! Keep watching to find out the health benefits
of honey! Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! 10. Clears Up Your Skin: If you don’t already
take care of your skin, you should start. Honey is a great substance to consume if you
want healthy skin. It’s a great source that is full of antioxidants
which will help clear your body of harmful toxins. It also contains antibacterial properties
that will keep your skin clear. Honey is considered to be a terrific antioxidant. Because of this, a regular consumption of
honey will result in the body continually cleansing itself of toxins. Furthermore, honey has plenty of antibacterial
properties that can help with keeping the skin clear and clean. If you notice that you tend to break out a
lot, even if you wash your face on a fairly consistent basis, try eating more honey. Eating honey and maintaining a regular face
washing routine may be able to help clear up your breakouts in no time! You should also drink plenty of water, as
water can help flush toxins out of your system. And try to cut out sugary drinks and foods
from your diet. Load up your diet with nutritious fruits and
veggies, and try eating more honey! 9. Lowers Your Cholesterol: A study that was
published in the Scientific World Journal showed that honey reduced the participant’s
cholesterol by 3 percent. The study had participants consume 70g of
honey for 30 days. The results showed a reduction of total cholesterol
by 3 percent. Another study that was published in the Journal
of Medicine and Food showed a reduction of 8 percent. Honey helps to decrease levels of cholesterol
because honey contains so many antioxidant properties that it can help fight off excess
cholesterol. 8. Strengthens Your Heart: One of the most important
health benefits of honey is that it can strengthen your heart. Research indicates that by eating honey, you
can prevent your arteries from narrowing. Depending on what artery becomes narrow, you
could experience cardiac failure, headaches, and even slow memory loss. Drinking some honey with warm water can help
protect your heart. The antioxidants found in honey have been
shown to help prevent arteries from narrowing. Depending on the place where the arteries
are narrowing, this can lead to a heart attack, memory deterioration and also headaches. Did you know that If you eat honey before
bed, you sleep like a baby. Why? Well, you’ll have to stick around till the
end to find out! And do you know what type of food honey should
be combined with to improve your energy? Well, wait til the end to find that out too! 7. Improves Memory: One of the many honey benefits
is improved memory. Reuters Health conducted a study that wanted
to link better memory to the consumption of honey. The studies included 102 healthy women who
were asked to take 20g of honey, a hormonal replacement or do nothing. They followed the participants for four months. After the four months, they found that women
who took honey were able to remember one extra word when they were given 15 words to remember
during a short memory test. The calcium in honey is easily ingested into
the brain which helps its function. 6. Healthy Stomach: If you constantly suffer
from bloating and indigestion, the antiseptic properties that are found in honey can help
with that. It will alleviate indigestion and can also
neutralize gas. Honey is a great healthy food to eat because
it improves your digestive system. Honey is great on an empty stomach not only
for its strong antiseptic properties but also because it can destroy germs and heal small
wounds in the membrane as it passes through the digestive system. If you suffer from indigestion, you probably
know how uncomfortable and annoying it can be at times. Try adding more honey to your diet and cutting
out foods and drinks which you know are more prone to giving you stomach issues. 5. Relieves Your Nervous System: The neurons
in the body need glucose in order to function properly. The glucose in honey is easily absorbed into
the bloodstream which can help relax and alleviate certain psychological disorders. However, if you do suffer from psychological
disorders, I recommend you go speak with a health professional instead of taking honey. You can also inquire about taking honey as
an alternative. 4. Weight loss. Eat honey and lose weight! The sugar that is found in honey is made of
a different composition than that of other sweeteners and as such, it can help in boosting
your metabolism and helping in weight loss. So if you are trying to cut those pounds,
maybe try substituting sugar for honey. It will help with your metabolism, and it
will also help you reach your weight loss goals! If you go to your doctor and tell him/her
that you want to lose weight, they will tell you to cut out sugar from your diet. But they will tell you to exclude honey from
that. This is because honey has a different type
of sugar substance added to it. 3. Stress Reliever. One of the most important honey benefits is
that it can help relieve stress. Research has shown that honey can help stave
off stress, rejuvenate the cellular antioxidant defense system and help improve memory. When we are stressed, we tend to overeat or
undereat, and our bodily functions begin to deteriorate. Stress also affects our sleeping patterns,
which can lead to even more stress and stress related illnesses. So if you feel like you are stressed out all
the time, start eating more honey! 2. Improves brain function. Honey has also been shown to help in the functioning
of the brain since it is chock full of calcium which is easily processed and used by the
brain. Just like honey can improve your memory, it
can also help keep you alert and focused. If you need to stay alert to study for a test
or exam, or just want to improve your overall brain function and have a clearer head throughout
the day, try eating more honey! Now that you know what will happen to your
body and health if you start eating honey every day, here’s why and how honey can
help improve your sleep! 1. Improves Sleep: Honey can help with sleep
as well because it will increase the level of insulin in the blood which will then release
serotonin. Serotonin then forces the release of melatonin
which is a hormone that helps one get into deep, sound sleep. The sugar that is found in honey helps raise
our insulin levels slightly and allows the compound tryptophan to enter the brain more
easily. If you’re not familiar with tryptophan,
it’s what is found in turkey that makes us sleepy. Anyone who loves Thanksgiving knows that after
dinner it’s nap time! And here’s a Bonus benefit of honey! Here’s a bonus fact about honey and the
type of healthy food you should combine it with to enhance its healing properties! Combining honey with another healthy food
full of antiseptic and healing properties such as garlic will greatly enhance each other’s
benefits. A garlic-infused honey remedy consumed on
an empty stomach can result in some great energy and longevity. With the recent news of the declining population
of bees, it is no wonder that more people are creating awareness and looking for ways
to conserve honey. Around the world, there is estimated to be
more than 25,000 species of bees. An average bee colony will have about 30,000
to 60,000 bees with each worker bee estimated to live to about 45 days during the summer
months. At about 64 calories per one tablespoon, honey
is not only great in tea and on waffles but it is also chock full of a lot of hidden health
benefits. So if you want to improve your health as well
as your overall well being, start to eat honey on a daily basis. You won’t regret it! Do you like eating honey? What are some other foods that you eat to
help improve your health? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Eating Honey Every Day Will Do This To Your Body”

  1. Make sure you get the real honey. Like Raw, organic. Manuka honey is really good. I have heard that what is on the store's shelves and cheap is mixed with corn syrup. It is 100% honey they use but mixes it. Haven't proved that but stay away from it.

  2. You forgot to state that honey should be eaten and chewed together with the honey comb like chewing gum for at least 15mins. The benefits will manifold.

  3. I make sure it is raw honey not processed. I take a Tsp of honey every morning on an empty stomach, then I wait at least ten minutes before I eat, and it's always fresh fruit, especially papaya and kiwi!

  4. Place some raw honey on your honey"s belly button, lick it off, enjoy free sweet love, just lick her before you stick her, . . then you may dic – her. And you will never get any cavities, . and stretch your tongue several times a day, it will make your lover happy. Read 1Kings chapter 11:1 – 18 or 2 Kings 11:1 -18 as Solomon fell for the evil, yet best sex wonderful, killer heathen females, who sucked off Solomon, . and he turned from God.

  5. tumeric healthy spice sprinkle on eggs " chicken salads steamed veggies spinaches" Tuna salads other natural foods "

  6. there are recalls on tumeric brands curry powder had the same health benefits as turmeric Best Brand is McCormick Brand And Natural Honey

  7. One yummy way to eat honey is to add it to plain or vanilla Greek yogurt. ? The contrast between the tart and the sweet is wonderful, plus the extra protein from the yogurt with the energy from the honey gives me energy to burn without the jitters. Tillamook yogurt is best, but any traditional Greek yogurt will work.

  8. i.learned more ways then i knew how honey heals. i use to use it for allegies its works great /but you got to use the honey of the state you live for it to be effective on your allegies. molly. 9718☕?????????????????????????????

  9. If someone is diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, is it really safe for them to eat honey everyday since it increases the insulin in your body which a diabetic or pre-diabetic is having trouble using in their bodies in the first place? I am quite skeptical about this "honey – remedy," or whatever it's called!!! I hope someone can give me an answer. Thanks!!!

  10. I've eaten around a teaspoonful of honey every day over muesli for around 30 years. I always have plenty or energy and have stayed extremely healthy for all that time. I never get colds and have had only one small dose of flu in all that time. I also don't eat regular sugar and avoid foods which use a lot of it. Instead, I stick to foods which have natural sugars such as all types of fruit (not juices which deliver the sugar too quickly and are therefore bad for you) as they are absorbed more slowly into the body and those which use honey as a substitute for processed sugar. I agree with an earlier comment and advise using organic honey only as many of the benefits are lost when the honey is processed by some manufacturers. Oh and just to finish, I make my own muesli mix from a supply of bought ingredients as many convenience brands of muesli contain quite a lot of processed sugar. Just have a look at the ingredients labels and don't be fooled by the fancy names they give it to try to make you miss it. There are at least over 60 of them!

  11. I also heard that anything you put into hot water. like honey the body will transfer it to poison, so best is to wait till the water is not that hot anymore

  12. Which one is pure honey ?
    Most of the stores selling the one mix with sugar ( fake )
    Do you have a name of te real honey ?

  13. full-fat Greek yogurt, locally sourced honey and Brazil nuts makes a good balanced breakfast…

  14. Because natural herbs and spices can heal and make you feel Great sometime spice Brands matter there are some times contamination from products due to improper production from manufacture' ' Be Healthy Happy and Prosperous' Love and Happiness Overcome Obstacles Forgiveness'" Cumin powder seeds Probiotics another Good source ' a Great Natural Green Tea' Honey '

  15. I may be mistaken but … Isn't there something present in honey that is detrimental to children under a certain age … IF SO … then, there are some restrictions as to whom honey may be good for !!!
    And, MORE IMPORTANTLY … If I am correct … Shouldn't this "warning" be included in the context of this video !!!

  16. but the honey has to be organic and processed properly to be beneficial. These honey's in the supermarket are junk, like sue bee honey etc.they are as bad as any junk sugar

  17. Need to start drinking green tea with honey and add honey into coffee for now on. I work nights and it’s hard to get to bed without having proper exercising for deep sleep I need.

  18. I have a question ,it might be silly. But I wanna ask.
    U said that honey helps in weight loss but the bear eats a lot of honey but still it is too fat?????

  19. Thanks for sharing,I agree with you 100% I had the worse stomach pain, I started to take honey every time I was feeling the pain. I did it for awhile and all my pain goes away.Also I tried Haney with garlic every morning with the empty stomach for my Arthritis and joint pain. It also worked for me.But Make sure you press the garlic with the the garlic presser and take honey with the juice comes from presser because it doesn’t have any skin on it, it doesn’t smells also easy to digest. Make sure you discuses with your Doctors before you try them Good luck, and good health to everyone one of us.?

  20. Honey is good for memory more for Students. when you come from school. Do your assignment and study a lot. Make sure you have your honey at home. The first thing in the morning. You have to do before eating breakfast. Use your finger and lick the honey three times and drink water. After that you can eat breakfast. Student with critical thinking. If you have difficulty to think about stuff memorize stuff. Is better for you to try this idea maybe that will work for you.

  21. Continue. Use your finger and lick the honey three times and drink water before eating breakfast. More student with difficulty reading critical thinking forgetting stuff . try this idea maybe it will work for you


  23. If with only 3 percent our cholesterol could go from high to normal just as the animation shows then it'd be a miracle, bliss 🙂

  24. I don’t have any honey, but I wholeheartedly promise to eat everyday and night if I have some…

    Honey lover

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