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Endometriosis is
a condition where tissue, similar to the
lining in your uterus, grows in other
areas of your body. If you are a woman,
your reproductive system includes the vagina, uterus,
fallopian tubes, and ovaries. During a normal
menstrual cycle, you’re ovaries make chemicals
called hormones, which signal the lining of
your uterus to thicken. The lining, called
the endometrium, builds up to prepare to
receive a fertilized egg. If the egg isn’t
fertilized, the uterus sheds the lining
through your vagina. This monthly bleeding is
called your menstrual period. If you have endometriosis,
the lining type tissue grows outside your uterus for
reasons that aren’t clear. The misplaced tissue
response to the hormones just like it would if it
were inside your uterus. The tissue continues
to thicken, then sheds, and bleeds with
every menstrual cycle. However, the blood
and tissue that are shed outside the uterus
have no way to leave your body. The trapped endometrial flow can
irritate the surrounding area causing inflammation and pain. Bands of scar tissue,
called adhesions, may form, sticking
one organ to another or causing your
fallopian tubes to close. This can affect your
fertility, which is the ability to
become pregnant. Endometriosis can form
endometriomas, also known as chocolate cysts. These cysts are fluid
filled sacs on your ovaries that can affect fertility. Endometriosis may also
result in abnormal bleeding. The most common sites
for endometriosis are the ovaries,
fallopian tubes, the outside of your uterus,
the supporting structures around your uterus, and
the lining of your pelvis, called the peritoneum. Other sites include
your bladder, rectum, and intestines. If you have endometriosis,
you may have one or more of these symptoms,
chronic usually worsening central pelvic pain, pain before
or during your period, pain during sex felt deep
within your pelvis, painful urination
during your period, painful bowel movements
during your period, abnormal bleeding, diarrhea,
constipation, or nausea, and difficulty getting
pregnant called infertility. Your doctor may recommend
treatment options from the following categories,
pain management medications, such as aspirin,
acetaminophen, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,
also known as nsaids, provide relief from pain. Hormone therapy, such
as birth control pills, can prevent monthly endometrial
buildup and bleeding. You may need a
surgical procedure to treat the tissue
causing pain or bleeding. Examples of such procedures
include, removal or destruction of endometrial issue, removal
of adhesions and scar tissue, removal or drainage of
cysts, removal or destruction of nerve fibers that transmit
pain, removal of your uterus, called a hysterectomy, or
removal of your ovaries, called an oophorectomy.

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  1. I came here from house md. In that episode, there was an extreme case of endometriosis. The endometrial cells actually travelled through the blood stream to everywhere in the body (just like malignant cancer)! The result was severe internal bleeding! Can this actually happen?

  2. My period pain is like the worst pain I ever have. Like i couldn't move, walk or stand I could barely hold a sentence. I always have a fever and my period cramps are like the worst… Like i be dying and crying from my cramps

  3. I had a severe cramp on my lower abdomen so I always took painkiller for every month. I also feel pain while urinating/bowel movement. It's so hard for me to do daily activities. I can't even stand. I had a very painful period. So one day I went to doctor and I told my symptoms then he wrote down endometriosis. ☹️??

  4. Symptoms
    The symptoms are literally also every single symptoms a woman can have WITHOUT HAVEING THIS DISEASE
    I have all those symptoms on my period except the pain with sex and I do not have this disease. Yes it's going to hurt to pee the first few days of your period cuz your uterus is literally shoving against your blater and your stressing your uterus when you hold it for to long. Yes it's going to hurt when you pop for the fkst day or two because your applying force when you go poop and when you apply force you cant really controle if the force is to poop or to pee so the whole lower area has been pressured buy you leaving an already tender area of the body to be stimulated in a way that can be painful. As the day goes and the uterus heals it doesnt hurt anymore because it's not tender. That's also why it hurts when you have your period. It's the same as when you scrape yourself or get a bruise the area affected is tender and hurts to the touch. The same goes for the uterus its shedding actual skin from the body and causing it to bleed and eventually it heals. So ladys do think because you have these symptoms that you have this disease talk to your primary car doctor.
    Talk to your primary care doctor if you truly think you have this condition. Cuz it can cause serious problems if gone untreared

  5. it’s been four years since i got my friend period when i was eleven. so many people who never believed me and i still don’t have a doctor that does.

  6. I've had cramps for 2 months, no blood, a crazy night sweat (I had to change my clothes bc I was drenched in sweat and hyperventilating) heat strokes, more pimples than usual, and nausea. I'm only 18!!!!

  7. I got diagnosed w Endo when I was just 15, and I literally always feel like I’m on my period. It’s sad because I’ve been to the ER about 5 times with excruciating pain and I’ve been on all over the counter medications. The doctor said I was just having PMS, then they looked at my family history and every woman on my dads side has it. My sister didn’t get it but it got passed to me. It sucks but to everyone who has it and deals with it, we’re all strong ❤️

  8. I had seen this video when I was experiencing this type of pain…then an USG was done..Now I have this endometriosis as well as chocolate cyst…I request all of you please don't ignore this type of pain and please visit a doctor soon.

  9. Wait tell me is your period supposed to come out with clots like string with knots and I had my period for two weeks the a week off now it’s back I hate being a noob at periods my mom won’t talk about anything with me I don’t know tips or how a period has ratio typically last for or look like I don’t even know how to put a pad on and next week when I go on holiday if I’m on my period AGAIN then I’ll have to figure out where the vagina hole is and where to jam it HELP ANYONE

  10. Removal of nerve fibers that transmit pain? Wtf is going on bc I clearly think that's a scary sentence to say? Omg we are so fucked. (From someone with a radical hysterectomy and still has endo)

  11. I'm checking in surgery to help. It's becoming debilitating and affects every aspect of my life. I hate being a woman.

  12. Dysmenorrhoea is a pain that occurs in the abdomen before and during menstruation. This is a normal condition that women have to experience. For some women, this can be a little stress full, but some women are unable to do their day to day activities for a few days every month. Some times painful menstruation can cause due to endometriosis or by identifying causes such as fibroid tumors.


  13. You blame modern society and toxic lifestyle for these types of mysterious illness where the cause is not clear. Stress Stress Stress! Women are meant to sit around and work with their friends and families they grew up with. Instead we send them off to college on their fancy careers chasing success and money, and telling them they are only successful if they are beautiful, rich, have a succesful husband etc.. Women are meant to live simple lives, and these complications are throwing off their bodies in ways we can't even imagine.

  14. Is it possible we could evolve to prevent future females from having periods? It makes no sense why we shed the lining when most mammals absorb the nutrients the endometrium built up over the course of a month. If it wasn't for our species evolving stupid fucking parasitic embryos, we wouldn't have evolved to have this trainwreck of a reproductive system.

  15. I dont know but i want to have a period!!because i dont know what it feels like but im scared because im already 14years old,and this august i think i have my period but,the weird thing is i dont feel pain and also the blood stops like a week and then right now,its already december almost and i still dont have my period.Im scared,i hope i not the only one got experiece like this!!


  17. I’m currently on my period. (came here looking for how to get rid of period pain) but my cramps are rlly rlly sore and I can’t sit in class without having to get up and go to the restroom because it hurts too much sitting still. I just don’t know if my pain is normal because obvs I can’t feel what anyone else feels but the pain I have does feel intolerable for myself. I’m 16 but my mum won’t let me take birth control because she said that it can reduce the chances of becoming pregnant in the future idk she’s a midwife lol. I don’t wanna risk birth control because I 1000% wanna have a big family in the future, So I’m just kinda struggling through with paracetamol. Any tips?

  18. My uterus be hurtin and crampin
    Hurtin and Crampin
    Growin the wrong way
    Growin the wrong way

    I got Endometriosis

    It make my life shitty.

  19. My cramps are horrible I can't go to school I can't sleep it's horrible HORRIBLE I'm not allowed to take birth control cuz of family opinion I haven't even been taken to the hospital I'm so irritated I'm being forced to suffer bruuuuuh what if my shit is a serious ass situation it is to me

  20. is it normal that your cycle is irregular then suddenly becomes regular? Answer asap I'm starting to get really anxious

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