[ENG SUB] 170408 IMFACT ‘Tension Up’ – 5 Minute Delay

[ENG SUB] 170408 IMFACT ‘Tension Up’ – 5 Minute Delay

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Shall we say hi? 1, 2, 3
We are IMFACT! Hello we’re IMFACT! Lets start! We pre-recorded the stage Thats right It was very hard Really? Because our dance is.. really powerful this
time We have to move constanty
Yes “Feel So Good” choreography was less tight But the “Tension Up” choreography is very
hard It’s very tiring
Its very fast – Its really tiring Our outfit is very pink Today we look like cherry blossoms, right? It has a Spring feeling … “Show Music Core” has very pretty lighting
So we look pretty – That’s right It goes well with out outfit
You made a heart? – Yes Making hearts which goes well with out outfits The colour of your finger..
Here is the heart IF’s cheered for us today the whole time
I was shocked I was so touched
Yes Because of IFs.. we were less tired Our fans looked very cute like little kids Like they were on a school field trip
Yes As the song goes on, we get tired Its a new feeling
but we get very tired don’t we? But we are smiling
Like having a party But at the end we don’t smile anymore Because we are so tired.. it’s.. We are trying to smile,
but this part here is where we are most tired When we face the back of the stage,
our faces look so tired But when we turn around again, we smile again Sang did you make hearts today? Yes I failed yesterday I guess they picked the first pre-recorded
one Oh, Really? Because my glasses were gone
during the second one They were gone? – Really? Yes, I think this is the first version
I heard it ran away Yes, they just ran away from me This is the part “Tension Up” is fun and exciting
That’s right So I look forward to the next performance It’s better is we perform together with dancers Its very regretful.. this time.. It would look so much better, really. Sang’s expression doesn’t look good, right? He looks tired
The glasses are gone It’s the second version!
The last one Suddenly..The glasses disappeared Where did it go?
Did you find it? He found it
He found it? Yes, I’m wearing them now The glasses are back
But it’s gone again Yes – This was IMFACT! Bye!
Thank you! Please support out song “Tension Up” a lot

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