9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Parks Employee Talks About Brutal Attack In Washington Square Park”

  1. We love Washington Square Park Feel Better Mr Lawrence Mauro
    It's a shame they took advantage of you that you keep the park clean for 35 years for everyone to enjoy con amor Besitos

  2. People riding skateboards in Washington square park like drug dealers selling weed and crack. City park workers are very dedicated and hard working for the parks they keep clean and the areas of the park that are taken care of with constant maintenance and occasional repair. I hope and pray the uncle and niece are caught. You both belong in jail

  3. It's these low-lives that the mayor is protecting we don't put them in jail anymore they commit a felony and they're out in an hour waiting a court date for weeks or months then they do it again there was no consequences in New York City New York City is only for the corrupt now and the thieves as we all say queer steers and Automobiles that's what the mayor is for

  4. that park is a shit hole , so many drug dealers and crack heads that get arrested and our out the next day because of this liberal judicial system

  5. I was right smacking in this circle walking with a cane . Skate boarders acted like I was in their way flipping / skating all around me . I can't walk fast

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