Eyes of Motu Patlu – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Eyes of Motu Patlu – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

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Hey Motu Patlu, sit on my bike, we need to catch John. Chingam sir, wait. You are taking us on bike or by walking? Wait. Oh mu god!! What are you doing? You don’t have to sit on the tank. But now when you have already sat on it, you ride the bike and I’ll sit behind. Hey Motu Patu, it’s very difficult to find John in such a huge jungle. There he is. Hey, the name is Chingam. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. John will become a Don. I had to stay in jail for 2 months because of Motu Patlu. Now wait and watch what I’m going to do with Motu Patlu. Boss, they both have sharp eyes. They noticed you even behind the tall grasses. I guess they eat a lot of almonds, lot of almonds. Now, neither they’ll be able to see me nor anyone else. One of my friend is a scientist who is coming here. Now, have a look at my devilish minds thunder idea. A doctor is here! Get yourself treated for cold, cough or fever. Get your broken bones joint. Get rid of headache, backache or stomachache. Is he a doctor or a scrape dealer? I have never seen a doctor like that before. Oh look, there is no one out there. Here comes a doctor. Get a treatment of any disease. Get any of you bone fixed, get any nut bolt of your body tightened. Oh wow! This toy is amazing. Looks like some kid left it here. Whose toy is this? Patlu, are you able to see anything? I am not able to see. No Motu, even I can’t see anything. There is some problem in our eyes because of this gas. Motu Patlu, I am responsible for this condition of yours. Now hit me. I won’t leave you. Patlu, hit him he is right in front of us. Motu, looks like we were hitting boxer. Motu run! Big brother, we are not able to see anything. John has put some powder in our eyes, please help. Hey, at least tell me where are you both? Dr. Jhatka, we both are falling down. Now you only search and find were we are. Hello, how are you? Is everything all right? Haha!! I’ll see you later. Bye bye. Who’s there? Who is talking to us? Hey Motu Patlu, the thief John is running away, catch him. Hey Motu Patlu, why you didn’t catch John? We are not able to see anything then how will we catch him? Hey, John robbed the bank and went by you, and you did not see him? Oh! You so both are party to it, you all are robbing the bank together and then dividing the money. You won’t catch him and he will give you your share. And you are telling me that you can’t see anything. Chingsm sir, we are really not able to see anything. Oh my god!! Chingam sir, Motu and Patlu really can’t see anything. Hey Motu, we need to ask John about the anti-dote. At the moment I can only help you out with this hearing aid. With this you can hear very clearly, If something is coming towards you. You will be able to hear it from a distance and you won’t bang into it. We want to have a treatment of eyes and not ears. Our ears are already fine. Let’s go to John. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web, just impossible. John, tell me fast where is the anti-dote for Motu Patlu’s eyes. How can their eyes be treated? Here comes doctor. Get rid of cold and cough. Oh wow! This is a very good doctor; I will also adopt the same marketing stunt and provide services to people. Hey brother, don’t pick it up, it is a very dangerous doctor. Oh my god! I am not able to see anything. May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. Even I can’t see anything, help!! I am John and I am standing in front of you. If you have guts then hit me. Oh my god!! Mummy!! May all the bitter medicines fall in to your mouth. Oh my lord!! No!! Help me!! Motu, wear Dr. Jhatka’s hearing aid and try to listen his voice and then hit him. Patlu, take everyone and move aside. John I challenge you to fight. You will hit me? Come! Come on hit me. Help!!! Help!!! John, now tell me where is the anti-dote otherwise, go on getting the beating from us. Cucumber will help you out. Cut the cucumber and place it on your eyes and you will be cured. Number 1, get the cucumber fast. But boss, we have only one left, I have specially kept it for my salad. Here your boss is being turned into a salad and you are worried about your salad? Go, get the cucumber fast and give it to everybody. Boss, my salad, my cucumber. Get it right now or else I’ll hit you. I had kept it for my salad, only one cucumber was left. Now, can I leave? You can go, but into the Jail. Its impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. One minute, it wasn’t fun to beat him without seeing, right Patlu? You are right. Come on lets start beating John again. Oh my god! That’s enough, I need to take him to the jail also.

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