Five Tips to Help Avoid Family Holiday Drama

Five Tips to Help Avoid Family Holiday Drama

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Hi, this is Phyllis Tarbox with
Above & Beyond Christian Counseling and today I’d like to give you five tips
to avoid the dread of holiday drama dear holidays become more of a
battlefield than a picture of good tear does your family wrap you up gifts of
guilt rejection depression bitterness and frustration are you already dreading
the drama of the holiday gathering well let me tell you something you’re not
alone many clients that come in for family counseling vocalized the dread of
the holiday drama I feel helpless in their own home and that’s not an option
this year because it’s time for you to rise up and use your authority now let’s
face it your marriage and your family did not get to this war zone overnight
but there are some actions you can take now to disrupt the plans of the enemy
that sabotage your holidays so let me give you some holiday drama busters
number one bind the word cursing spirits from using the mouths of others by
praying this in the name and blood of Jesus Christ I bind any word cursing
spirits of death from using and insert that person’s name from using their
mouth and I silenced those spirits now in Jesus’s name instead I loose words of
life to flow from and then speak their name out again to flow from their mouth
now in the name of Jesus Christ do this as an offensive move before you enter
into conversations with family members and what you’re going to find is that
they have nothing to say a lot of times because life and death are blessings and
curses are in the power of the tongue and we know that from proper was 18 21
number to take authority over the battlefield areas of your home if there
are particular parts of your home that have been war zones like the dining room
or the bedroom go to those areas and number one plead the blood of Jesus
Christ over it then then to break any word curses that have been spoken in
general over that area and three command in Jesus’s name any demonic spirits that
have resided over that area to go and ask the Lord to release a heavenly host
of warrior angels to protect your area and protect your home number three bind
demonic spirits and loose the Holy Spirit if the dreaded family drama
starts to manifest excuse yourself and retreat to the bathroom and quietly pray
this out loud i bind every manifesting spirit from operating through insert the
names of your family members right now with the blood of Jesus Christ and I
loose the fruit of the holy spirit of love joy peace upon them now in jesus’s
mighty name binding and loosing are the keys to the kingdom for you to use
remember you’re not casting out spirits you’re just binding them in general for
a short period of time and then number four before you walk into any gathering
ask God to fill you with his love I know sometimes it’s easy to visualise
yourself just walking into Jesus Christ and as you abide in his presence of the
Holy Spirit his character will overtake you ask God to anoint your head with oil
so that no weapon formed against you can prosper love is really the only weapon
that will put the hot coals upon the enemy’s head the demonic realm is using
your family to ensnare you in the battle use love to overtake them now number
five commit the next 30 days to not bring up the past
during an argument if you slip and you bring up old baggage then just repent
and ask for forgiveness from God and then and from each other and resume your
fast after 30 days the habit of dragging the old stuff into current conversations
will be gone these five actions if properly and faithfully applied can
bring a positive change to your holidays be expectant and persistent and you will
reap greater spiritual gifts this year underneath your tree
I hope this blessed you have a great week

4 thoughts on “Five Tips to Help Avoid Family Holiday Drama”

  1. Thanks for this video, truly helpful to live peaceful lives in the joy of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Tarbox, why do you refuse to say Christmas season, but rather insist on the secular 'holidays'?

  2. Thank you. Tip one. Don't celebrate a pagan holiday. Period. Speak the word around them and they will leave you alone on this holiday.

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