Food Allergy vs Sensitivity – التحسس و عدم قدرة التحمل الغذائي

Food Allergy vs Sensitivity – التحسس و عدم قدرة التحمل الغذائي

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Welcome back to my channel! and if you’re new here, welcome aboard Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you can be notified of all the latest videos and benefit Our topic for today is … Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance What is the difference between having a food allergy and an intolerance I often hear from people and receive comments saying I’m bloated, I have a stomach ache I have a rash on my skin I’m gassy, I have a headache or general exhaustion All of these side effects and symptoms that we can suffer from on a daily basis we should always consider that the main cause of them is food so when we improve our relationship with food you’ll be surprised by the side effects on your everyday life and most of these symptoms, if not all, will disappear just by identifying the food you’re consuming and the food that’s causing you an allergic reaction and which food could you possibly be intolerant to first thing is food allergy what is it? food allergy is an allergic reaction it’s when our immune system registers a protein that we’ve consumed from a specific source as an intruder and so it releases an antibiotic called “immunoglobulin” immunoglobulin is released by the immune system because it thinks that the food we’ve just consumed is putting our bodies in danger and so it gives an immune response such as reactions and side effects such as a rash on the skin or eczema or exhaustion or stomach ache or pain in your intestines or nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea a lot of different symptoms are simply side effects from the immune system to protect us from this “intruder” that the system assumed would be dangerous Which foods can cause an allergic reaction? or food allergies a lot of everyday foods, you’d be surprised to learn can have an adverse reaction First one is, Milk The allergy caused here isn’t caused by the sugar that’s found in Milk (lactose) but the protein found in milk Protein found in milk, as a reaction, our bodies because they can’t handle it and are allergic to it will give us an allergic reaction such as bloating or stomach ache or discomfort and there are a lot of foods which I’ll mention now can cause different side effects some people, for instance, are allergic to… all of these foods can create a reaction that’s felt in the throat or on the tongue or the face and lips can swell up all of these are an immune response because our body is allergic to the proteins in these foods so some of the most popular foods that can cause an immune response are … The Second point is food intolerance and for most people, a lot of the side effects they’re suffering from are a result of their bodies being intolerant to foods and not a response by their immune system towards and allergy although food intolerance isn’t dangerous but it can cause a lot of unpleasant side effects such as bloating, eczema, Migraines, Headaches, Joint paint these are side effects to keep an eye on now, regarding foods that can cause an intolerance first of, Milk, not the protein in milk but the sugar in milk which is a naturally occurring sugar a sugar found in milk called Lactose For Lactose, most of our bodies, are not carrying the lactase enzyme lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose, allowing our body to digest and ingest it smoothly most bodies are not carrying this enzyme and so lactose is stored in our bodies as fat, and can cause stomach ache, bloating and for some people even diarrhoea The second item on the intolerance list which can cause affect us is Gluten Gluten is a protein found in wheat as well as in rye and barley a lot of people are allergic to it as they’re not carrying enough enzymes to break it down or to digest and ingest the gluten so they’re advised to consume gluten-free products which are foods that don’t contain gluten such as … these are just some foods that don’t have gluten in them that can lessen gluten-related side effects some other foods that can cause an intolerance some people are allergic to eggs and others can be sensitive to certain types of vegetables so how can we differentiate between having an allergy or being intolerant to a certain food if a person goes to the dr. with a lot of mixed symptoms and they’re unsure if they’re allergic or have an intolerance there are certain tests that can be performed for food allergy, a blood test can be made to test out the immunoglobulin antibodies these antibodies are tested in the blood for specific food groups and there’s also a food prick test the food prick test is also very popular and they’re basically tiny needles that are pricked superficially with the substance that could possibly be causing the reaction if the area swells or is inflamed, it’s possible that you’re allergic to this specific food group or item that the doctor is concerned about something important I should mention is that blood tests to test out the immunoglobulin as well as the food prick test, both are not 100% accurate so a doctor might go back to the family history and medical records as well as the symptoms one is suffering from daily to come up with an accurate diagnosis and to provide us with the right treatment now, regarding food intolerance which is our body being intolerant to certain foods how can we test for it and know whether or not we’re intolerant the only way is an elimination eliminating a specific food from our diet for 14 to 21 days after which we begin to gradually introduce it back for example if I’m concerned about eggs, milk and gluten or specific vegetables I’d eliminate them all for 14 to 21 days and then gradually introduce them back one at a time so I can know for sure and discover exactly which one of those foods is causing me this allergic reaction and what can really help you with food intolerance is getting genetically tested genetic testing can give you the exact result of whether you’re intolerant to a specific food such as gluten or lactose, you can get it genetically tested and that way you won’t need any elimination process the test provides you with the results directly it’s only done once in a lifetime and it eliminates any doubt or confusion without any need for elimination genetic testing rules out everything and provides you with the perfect solution for allergy and intolerance without going back and forth and suffering further side effects if you’d like to know more about genetic testing or if you’re interested in having it done, we can do it at Quality of Life nutrition centre all the details can be found in the description below now regarding alternatives for allergens or foods that we’re intolerant to first alternative is milk alternatives they’re pretty much available at all supermarkets we can consume.. they’re now available everywhere the second alternative is gluten alternatives in order to avoid consuming gluten gluten-free bread is widely available or replace it with .. these are all great alternatives healthy and suitable for people with a gluten intolerance the third alternative is for nuts a lot of people are allergic to various nuts are all very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction so they’re great alternatives to nuts egg alternatives for those with egg allergy flaxseed and chia seeds are great providing the same benefits and can be used in baking now for shellfish alternatives you can consume plant-based proteins these are all great alternatives and are high in protein so are you suffering from these side effects? do you worry you might have an intolerance? first thing to consider is checking your diet and looking into foods that may be harming you you’ll be surprised that your new lifestyle could and a new, more efficient diet can turn your life around so could some foods be the reason of your struggles? yes absolutely so please look out for foods that may be causing you these symptoms please share your experiences in the comments and what’s your history with food and how you dealt with it don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel and watch me in the next video. Goodbye (salam!)

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