“Get Ready With Me” PROM 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey GRWM & RDMAs | #Prom


(energetic music) – Hey guys.
– Hi. – It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey and today’s video is vlog footage of a special
little event in our lives. Prom.
– Prom (whoops). – Except for we had a
little bit different prom. We had a destination prom. We took it with us somewhere.
– Mm-hmm. So we had an event that we had to go to. We went to the RDMAs and
we walked the red carpet and while we were there we
got to host the red carpet for Just Jared Jr. – [Brooklyn] Which was super fun. – So much fun, y’all. We met so many cool celebrities. – We got to interview a
lot of really cool people and you might get to
see them in this video. – Yes, but that exact event was
over the weekend of our prom so instead of missing prom,
we decided to bring it with us to California. – And some special guests
who you will also see. – See in the video. So if you guys wanna see
what we did, where we went, what we wore to prom, what it was like. – Getting ready with us. – Who came with us. All of that, go watch the vlog. Hello guys, so we are on an adventure and I’m going to explain
kind of a little bit, what’s going on. So, basically, this weekend was our prom but we had something come up instead. We got invited to the
Radio Disney Music Awards. And we got invited to walk the red carpet. You can hear the sound
effects in the back. We’re actually interviewing
on the red carpet. So that’s super exciting
but we were so sad, we didn’t wanna leave our
dates or anything like that, so we just decided to bring them with us and celebrate prom on the red carpet. So we’ve got Parker,
Brooklyn, and Asa in the back, and then Mom. – The chaperone. – Yes, so we’re on our way
to California right now. While we’re there, we’re
also gonna go to Universal, so that’s going to be really fun, we’re gonna go visit Harry Potter World. – And have a bunch of business meetings. – I’m so excited for that. Yeah it’s going to be super fun. And then, we’re gonna– – We’re going to film. – Business meetings and film – Video number two,
and video number three. – So that’s our weekend. So we’re off to LA and now
we’re heading to the airport. We’re excited. We have a three hour flight ahead of us and then we land in LA at our
weekend officially begins. We’re excited. All right, guys, good
morning, it is Day #1 in LA and we are ready to go. Right now we’re on our way to a fitting for our dresses that we’re gonna wear for the Radio Disney Music Awards. And then we’re going to
pick out these guys’ outfits while we’re there. And here’s Brooklyn and Parker. Hello, where did y’all go this morning? What time did you wake up? – Uh, we woke up at six.
– [Asa] Six. – To go to McDonald’s to get breakfast. – [Bailey] They’re real MVP useful. The girls are getting dressed, they got up and went and got us breakfast. Y’all are our heroes. So, after we go and get the
fitting, we head to what? We go to a couple of meetings, and go record some videos. And then after that, we
change and we go to– – Universal Studios. – Harry Potter World. We’re so excited. Brooklyn, you’re excited
for Harry Potter World? – I’m way excited. – [Bailey] Way excited? Did we pack clothes for Harry Potter? – I want a wand. – [Bailey] You want a wand? Whose wand? – I don’t know, I just want a wand. – [Bailey] You just want a wand? And do you want a wand, Parker? – I do. I do want– – [Bailey] Don’t you already have one? – I do not. – [Bailey] That was
just my live admission. Hi up there Mom. – [Mindy] Hi. – [Bailey] Wave so they can see ya. – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and
I have Parker here with me. – How are y’all? – And can you guess where we are? You can see it from behind me. musical.ly And we are here to make
a little musical.ly with our new song Simple
Things that just dropped. We’re super excited except
we’re waiting for Bailey ’cause she’s stuck in traffic. But we grabbed a little haul
of some merch over here, some musical.ly merch. Got some t-shirts and Parker got stickers ’cause he’s a three year old. And he’s got the black one,
I’ve got the white one. And then we’ve grabbed Kamri a t-shirt because I’m pretty sure I would die if I went home without one for her. She would get so mad. She loves musical.ly. ♫ Everything will be okay ♫ And life will never be the same ♫ And just like this melody ♫ It’s all the simple things So we are at Refinery29. The twins are about to film
a little segment for them for an editorial piece
and we are just chilling, waiting for everything to get set up and for them to get ready to go. Then we can go to the next meeting. – [Interviewer] Heels or flats? – Flats.
– Heels. – Oh.
– Ah (laughs). – I love my Converse. [Interviewer] Plain ice cream
or ice cream with toppings? – Ice cream with toppings. – Ice cream with toppings. – Yes, with brownies. – Yeah, it has to be good toppings. – Yes, it’s like bad top– – We just stole the camera so now we’re gonna steal the show. We’re walking around, and it’s
like obviously really cold, as you can see. We are in Harry Potter World
and you can see all the snow. We’re dumb, we wore short sleeves. Tell them how cold you are, Asa. – Freezing, like bitterly cold. – Right guys, so we have
arrived at Universal and we just got to Harry Potter World and we’re wandering around. We had our first taste of butter beer. Do we like it? – Weird. It’s like sweet.
– It’s exactly how I imagined it to taste. – Ooh it tastes good
though, I like the taste. – I can’t believe it. Yes, we like it. – [Asa] It’s really good.
– It’s really good. So what’s our plan? – Uh, Ollivander’s? – Yes.
– For wands. – For wands. Brooklyn’s been looking forward, Brooklyn and Parker have
been looking forward to this for a very, very long time. – Now put your wand over
your head and flick. (chimes) (utters spell) – Definitely not. I know you handle it. (magical music) The perfect fit! The wand of ivy is an
ordination against evil. Tells me you are strong-willed
and determined, yes. And with a unicorn hair core, your charismatic charm
will help you on your way. – [Mindy] Bailey ended up with, – The wand of ash. – [Mindy] ‘Cause she’s a loyal friend. – And positive. – [Mindy] Here we go (whoops). Brooklyn ended up with ivy. – Ivory. – Ivory? Ivy. Which one was it? A magical wand. (sprinkle) – [Bailey] Why did we just go in? – The Walking Dead. – [Bailey] What did we think it was? – It was awful, so scary.
– It was just a ride. – Thought it was scary? – So we thought it was a ride, turns out it’s like a haunted house. And neither of us do so
well in haunted houses. I was just swearing to switch places whenever a scary person
would come up on this side, I’d switch him to this side,
and then he would try and, anyway, it didn’t work out so well. – It was scary.
– It was scary. And then how did y’all do? – I’m not very good at
haunted houses, so– – No.
– Oh whatever. I’m amazing at ’em. – No. – [Bailey] All right, what did we do? – We went on the Mummy
ride, the Transformers ride, and Jurassic Park. – [Bailey] And Mom? – I waited and hold the bags. (laughs) – [Asa] We love you. – [Bailey] (laughing) We love you. – [Mindy] So we’re back from
the park, we’ve had dinner, we relaxed a little and we’ve
done some work for tomorrow. But the girls needed
their toenails painted ’cause we forgot to get
pedis before we left. So Parker’s attempting Brooklyn’s. And Asa is attempting Bailey’s. We might be looking for nail polish remover tomorrow morning. – Hi, guys, it’s the morning of the RDMAs and I’m just patiently waiting my turn to get my hair and makeup done. Bailey is up first and she’s getting her
makeup done over here. Let’s see. We are mid-process right now. – This is how I’m going, guys. What’s going on? What are you talking about?
– [Brooklyn] Got all the supplies pulled out. – We’re done. This is it.
– [Brooklyn] This is it. This is the look. – [Mindy] Manna’s gonna
make her look amazing. – [Brooklyn] She is. And then we have Lindsey Shores over here. And she has just got the bucket of shoes ready to style our outfits. – [Lindsey] Got the shoes for you guys. – [Brooklyn] And then the
boys are getting styled in the back bedroom. I don’t wanna go back there
in case they’re changing. – I’ve been running information, so the girls will know who’s who and what to talk about on the red carpet. Giving them the cheat sheet version. – Just kinda, getting ready for the day. – [Bailey] Brooklyn’s
getting her hair done now. – And then I’m falling asleep. – [Bailey] Wake up, Brooklyn. She’s like, ready to pass out. – So soothing. – [Bailey] This is the boys’
version of getting ready. – Playing gin. – [Bailey] Playing gin. Nice. Look at this smokin’ hot babe. – Thanks. Let me show your viewers. – Yeah, these heels.
– [Asa] Cute. – Really big. They make me look way
taller than I actually am. – [Asa] You look hot. – Thanks. – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn. – I am Bailey. – Parker.
– And Asa. – And we are headed to
the carpet at this point. – What! – Kinda nervous ’cause – We’re getting a little nervous. We’re interviewing and
it’s just nerve wracking. – It’s intense. We’re also doing prom on the red carpet. So we’re doing dances,
and we’re getting crowned, crowned prom king and queen and we have the tiaras. Parker’s wearing one. – And then I have this one. – And then Bailey has the other. And it will be super fun. – Yeah, so we’re basically
spending prom on the red carpet like what is it called? – Destination prom.
– Destination prom. That’s what we’re calling
it, destination prom. (upbeat music) So we have arrived at the red carpet and they are setting up right now and so we’re waiting to go on. But while we’re waiting,
we’re just hanging out, and chilling. I’ll show y’all kind
of what it looks like. So you’ve got the security guards there. There’s the carpet right back there. Hi, Amy. Hello, hello. And then you just got everyone
setting up and ready to go. (upbeat music) Hey, Just Jared Jr. It’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. And we are here at the
RDMAs and we are here to interview people, we’re super excited. – It’s our first time and
we’re kind of excited. – We’re standing on the red carpet and we are ready to ask some questions. (upbeat music) – I watch you guys on YouTube all the time.
– Oh my god. This is so weird. – [Bailey] That is like the
biggest compliment ever. Thank you so much. I’m like, she watches us on
our channel and that was- – That’s like, it was so cool. – You’re kidding me! (upbeat music) Will you sing your favorite
Britney song like Britney? ♫ Oh, baby, baby, how
was I supposed to know. – That was amazing! – Britney Spears.
– Britney Spears. – Britney is a favorite tonight. (upbeat music) First question we have for you. – Yes. – Can you describe Nick
Jonas in three words? – Really cute Amazing performer, and super cool. I don’t know (laughs). – [Bailey] I couldn’t
agree more. He is amazing. – We’re pretty excited.
We’re presenting tonight. It’s gonna be awesome. – [Brooklyn] That’s gonna be
awesome, you guys nervous? – [Keegan] We both have
done theater before. We started in theater. We have roots of, you know,
you’ve been on a stage in front of millions of people too. But there’s still always
nerves no matter what. – The PLL cast,
– The PLL cast! – that just came over, and I
was just like (holds breath) – What just happened? That was what I was thinking in my mind. What just happened?
– Forgot all the questions. I was like (gasps) – They were so like, formal.
– Yeah, they’re very regal. – They just knew exactly what
their goal was here tonight. – Backstage, back here. – Just hangin’ out. Really, really hot. – [Parker] This is where we
get to stand, right here. They’re over there. We’re just back here chilling. – Some water, trying not to sweat. – That is true, but that’s
about, it’s 1000 degrees out. But it’s no big deal. – [Bailey] Okay, so we’re
going to play a game with you. Is that all right?
– Okay. – Okay, so she’s gonna
sing a song with no lyrics. She’s gonna hum it and you
have to guess what song it is. – Okay, cool.
– Okay you ready? – This is gonna be hard. Can you hear me? Lean in. – Yeah. (humming) – Oh my god, I’m so bad at this. What is it? – Let It Go! ♫ Can’t hold it back anymore. – Wah! – I’m sweating. – Hot. My feet are swollen into my shoes. We can see it. – How are you guys liking the carpet? – It’s really fun. – It’s not hot or anything. – [Man] No, not hot at all. – [Bailey] So we’re gonna
ask you a twin question. ‘Cause we’re twins as well. We get this all the time. Do you guys have any telepathic abilities? – What am I thinking of? – Ice cream? – Okay, we can do our hand thing. – [Bailey] Do it, do it. – Eyes closed! – Eyes closed and everything. It’s a twin thing, y’all. – Do you guys have any
telepathic abilities. – Yes, we do.
– We do. – Okay, I’m thinking of a shape and I’m going to whisper it to him, okay? – Okay.
– Plug your ears. Okay. – Mojo. Square. – Bam!
– What! – That’s right, y’all. It’s a twin thing. – Hey guys, we just finished with the whole red carpet thing. It was like 2 1/2 hours
but we’re finally done and we’re headed into the show itself. Super exciting. I am ready
to hear all the performances. I just interviewed half the
people that are performing and now I’m ready to see them on stage. So I’m super excited. How ’bout you? – I’m really excited for this. – Who are you most excited for? – Nick Jonas. – Nick Jonas. – Hello, hello.
– Hi. (upbeat music) – Thank you. I’m getting a headache, not just I’m like forgot everything I wanted to say. – Oh my goodness, I wanna thank- (chanting “Britney”) (cheering) (upbeat music) (cheering) – We just finished up with
the Radio Disney Music Awards. We went to the after party,
had some fun with some people, ate some food. We’re on our way to Cheesecake Factory. We’re gonna meet up with our best buds, Collins Key and Devan Key (whoops). We haven’t seen them in
forever, we’re so excited. And so we’re on our way there. And they’re gonna get to meet these guys. I don’t think we even told
them that y’all are coming. So this is gonna be a
little bit of a surprise. – Surprise, guys. – So that’s where we’re off to, and did we have fun? – Yes, we had a lot of fun. – We had a lot of fun. It was definitely worth it. And a very cool prom
experience, that’s for sure. And Amy’s playing our song!
– Her song is in the background. – Check it out. ♫ how we party, ohh, ohh, oh ♫ We ain’t playin’ ♫ Drop the bass, plié it ♫ Come and get your rowdy on – [Bailey] Ready? ♫ We are the outcasts, cool kids, loners – [Bailey] So we found these cute lights and we decided we would
come take pictures before- – [Amy] Oh wait, do that again. – [Bailey] No, that’s the
cutest thing we have ever seen. – [Parker] So adorable. – [Bailey] Hey y’all, and who are we with? – What’s up, hey? – [Bailey] What’s up? I feel like I’m on such an upward angle because they’re so tall. You guys are so tall. (laughing) That’s a little bit more my level. (laughing) So we just, some fans came up to us and we couldn’t tell who
they were talking to, and they’re like, “Which
one of you guys are famous?” And we’re like, “Them.” And they’re like, “Them.” And then we were really confused at who she was trying
to take a picture with and it was really awkward and confusing. – And then one of the fans
had a crush on Collin. – Yeah. – Then she wouldn’t even say hi to me. – Probably it wasn’t Collin,
he was a Pentatonix guy. – Yeah, they were like, “You’re
in Pentatonix too, right?” I was like, “No I don’t think so.” I don’t look like any of those guys. – They thought he was
the guy from Pentatonix and then they wanted to
come take a picture with him because they have a crush on him but, that was not the case. – [Mindy] Except it wasn’t you? – No. I don’t know. It was a very bizarre
encounter, in general. (laughing) – [Parker] We are gonna see,
if they are taller combined, than Collin. And they are taller. One and only time they’ll
be taller than Collin. – Hey guys, this is Parker and Asa. So we are on the red eye flight back. We are not with the twins though. I have an AP test that
we have to get back for. – He dragged me along. – Yeah, so it’s what, a three hour flight? – Yeah.
– And then- – I have another flight
afterwards to Louisiana. – So he’s gonna be up all night. I gotta get up at 11 for an AP exam. I land at 5, so it’s a solid
6 hours of sleeping/studying. – Hopefully I can get some sleep. It’s like midnight right now, and we should be getting
home at like 5 a.m. – Five, yeah, solid. Yeah, it sucks. I wish we
could stay with the girls. Oh well. – Check in with you later. – Yeah, we just wanted to talk
to you before we took off. We just landed from the flight. I slept most of the time, what about you? – Yeah, me too. I’m still sleeping. I don’t know if I’m gonna wake up. – Yeah, still haven’t waken up, woken up, waken up, woken up. Definitely, woken up. But we’re about to go
and check baggage claim. – Yeah, it’s 5:30 a.m. right now. – Yeah, it’s whatever. It’s 5:30 a.m. – Who needs sleep. – We can sleep when we’re dead. – All right. See you guys later. We just wanted to check
in and let you know. Bye. – Hey, guys. So we are on a flight home from LA. So we’ve been hanging out all weekend. We just finished filming the
third music video yesterday. – I’m so tired. – And we’re literally, we’re
so dead, we’re so tired. – And we got homework to do. – Oh my gosh. The amount
of homework I have to do actually makes me want to cry. – I don’t even want to think about it. But I’m ready to go home. – Yeah, I’m ready to see my puppies. My puppies, I’m so excited. – So, I hope you guys enjoyed that vlog. I know it was a little bit different than a traditional prom, but we had so much fun.
– It was so fun. – It was amazing!
– And I was joking with my mom I was like, destination Hawaii next year? – [Both] But she did not
think that was funny. (laughs) – We did, but she didn’t like that. – Comment below if y’all want us to go to Hawaii next year for prom. Get it a few thumbs up, ’cause I wanna go. – And also, comment down below, your favorite part about this vlog. What did you think looks like fun, because pretty much
the whole trip was fun. So we wanna know what
your favorite part is, and if you haven’t
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We’ll see you next week. Bye y’all.
– Bye. Mwah.

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