God delivered me from Depression and gave me my fire back

God delivered me from Depression and gave me my fire back

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thank you for coming up here and sharing
your incredible testimony can you tell us your name and where you are from? so
my name is Nellia I’m from Cleveland Ohio
okay Nelia and tell us what why did you come here last year in the summer 2018
internship. so uh last summer before I came here I kind of was experiencing
like like a stagnant like relationship with God like I wasn’t going anywhere it
wasn’t doing anything. I’m like God you’re not visible in my life like I
kind of want like I touch from you and like little did I know God had way more
in store. come on now tell us when you came here to the internship there was a
problem that you were facing internally can you tell us a little bit of when it
started, what was happening with your life and the freedom that you received
through the internship. so for about three years I was being oppressed by
severe depression and so my daily life would look like I’d go to school I was a
good student but I’d come home and I would sleep all day, I’d watch movies. I
was like a couch potato I wouldn’t do anything and I would have like a really
hard time sleeping at night. it got to the point where I’d get like one hour of
sleep or it would take me three hours to fall asleep and it was it was just like
it was like I was being tormented at night and the reason why this depression
was like afflicting me was because I had a best friend I grew up with this best
friend like she was so dear to my heart but there was a situation where she
betrayed me and I was I was so hurt and it was like how could somebody who loves
me so much hurt me so much and so it kind of just got to the point where I
like I literally just fall off the map. I would stop talking to people, I would
isolate myself. I go to school and I just had this like expression like it was so
sad like I didn’t care, I didn’t want to do anything like I just I didn’t feel
like living my best life. Wow now tell us when did you realize that you were
actually having a depression problem when it
you recognized wow this is a problem what happened? so we were in class during
the summer internship and we actually had a lesson we had like a week-long
lesson about deliverance and so we were naming off the like symptoms and
characteristics and I was able to check off each one of them and at that point I
was like God I have a problem. so you realized you had your problem and tell
us what happened, how did you receive your freedom and what does it look like
now? so we had a prayer line and I was getting prayed for it and like during the
prayer line I received my freedom from that spirit of depression. yes Amen come
on and so my old life it looked like it was
sad, it was it didn’t even look like it was worth living but now it’s like it’s
like I have a new identity. I’m so happy like it’s like I have a
choice to be happy now like sadness isn’t my identity. come on and how do you
sleep now? I sleep so good right now like it takes me like I fall asleep
like that so I feel great. you guys I’m a personal witness to this is that when
she was here in 2018 you could tell her countenance just by looking at her that
there was this grieving sadness about her and I’m telling you that when she
came back for the second round and I see her just smiling and just like just full
of bliss and I said I’m like there’s you are definitely different and I am a
witness and many of you guys are witnesses to that too how God has truly
impacted her and has set her free and she’s here for the second round. now tell
us why are you here again? so actually since last summer like I had
this desire like it was like God put it there. I just had this desire to
come again and just like devote more time to God
and honestly you can never go wrong with investing more time into God. yes amen
that’s right come on. you know the you know the dedication of coming here and
spending your time and really digging your roots deep into God in your
relationship with God is that is just going to be a multitude of fruits in
your life come on and where this smile is going to change and impact lives come on.
amen. that is powerful you guys, that is powerful. that is true freedom that we
can experience with Christ. now tell us what would be your word of advice for
someone that wants to sign up for internship or you know is contemplating
to encourage maybe their children to come on to the internship, what would be
your word of encouragement for them? honestly you’re debating between going
or not going go for it like take that risk, like living that Christian life is
all about risks, like just do it invest more time in God like just
do it. come on amen thank you so much. beautiful testimony amen. were you guys
blessed by that amen it’s it’s also to recognize that maybe
we’re living a basic life where she just went in and out of her day where she
just saw that it was just a sadness not realizing with that that spirit actually
took over where she was causing her to be isolated, where it caused her to have
sadness and grieveness and not enjoy the life that God has given us right? to live
that abundant life and the truth was right in front of her, that veil was torn
off and she said wow I want to live on the other side, I want to live a life of
joy, I want to live a life that God has for me and now she is and like I said
I’m a true witness to that, seeing her it’s literally day and night difference,
where she’s completely happy and full of joy. it’s a beautiful thing amen!

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