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Come again ..Peoplee.. I am super excited right now.. but HEY 😀 IT’S ME JEYLOSOPHY!. …Whats Good! ..You okay??! Back there ..? HAHA …Okay. I .. put myself on a Mission! and I ‘ll be doing with you .. a Random Video a few Random Questions.. which a colleague has thout about me I have no idea what type of questions will come .. everything arised so quickly. Because… I did the same to him.. ..and he thaught like.. Okay — ..If you do me like that,
I do you like that.. Alright! I am READY! Them Questions will be sure awkward .. hmmm ..I’m suprised! bro .. lol Tell me … Jenny.. 1. Question! How did you learned,
to be Coldhearted ?? Making your own decisions…? ..to make your own way ?? That’s his 1st Question ?! I am not Coldhearted!. first of all! I definitely got emotions !? But!I I learned how to be TAFF throu LIFE! My Mother Died when I was little,.. since then… yeah.. you walk thou them days.. ..You got to learn that.. .. that, not eveybody is your Friend, even thou you call’em Friends! Just because YOU’RE friendly, doesn’t mean THEY’RE friendly! a lot of things I had to learn, throu LIFE! and .. I always got a slap in the face.. ..soo I just tried.. not to be TOO emotional…! tried not to get it to close to me.. .. I don’t like bad Vibez !! Why should I ? SOO.. I told myself.. .. from that point where I don’t like something.. EXIT People aren’t as selfless as your Mother would it be! If I dont know it BY MYSELF, somebody else will know it FOR ME then?!? BUT It’s MY LIFE, you know! SO I have to be CLEAR! 2nd Question…. Jenny.. If you could do, WHATEVER YOU WANT for a day,
What would it be ?? I would like to fly..! ..like a Superhero!! Jenny.. 3rd Question! Pizza or Burger or rather
from Aunty ?? Hold on real quick… HOLD ON !! FUFU!!.. YOU KNOW You know — it’s like.. IT GOES ALL THE TIME ALLDAY !! EVERYDAY!! 😛 ..and I dont joke with that! BUT..! It’s also heavy you know.. ..Sometimes like .. a NOK – OUT! .. that’s why I say… Burger!?!
Pizza is too regular.. but it has to be a GOOD Burger! and HALAL.. you know 😛 4th Question Jenny I heared you’ve been on Vacation the last time ..
Say three words that get on your mind, while thinking of it.. GO Last vacaition: GHANA! TREE WORDS NOW! FRESH!! 10.. LABADI BEACH 9.. SANDBOX –
That’s my FAVORITE Club! What is .. ”SAN..” .. WHATT? Sandbox is in Ghana – A Beach Club! The Best!….. I love it there!
You wouldn’t imagne..How ‘I enjoyed my time there!! GOSH ..I was dacing and sx%t! .. The Club is directly close to the water soo… LIT!! 5th Question Jenny If you should say from yourself which type of person you are .. rather male or female? .. in reality i should say, ”female” – BOTH- …becausee… I am very… ..I can be VERY Girlyy!!
(Can be a ” B%xxh ” too) You know!.. like .. Girls ”THINGS”..” GIRLS DO” .. you know ..But! I dont have much tollerance for a
”Cryin Baby” If you wanna cry,..CRY— No Problem ….BUT! If you DO nothing!
then NOTHING will come ! BUT! if your’re Crying and your DOING EVERYTHING.. THEN.. !! GO AHEAD!!
CRY! — NO PROBLEM!! ..here is my shoulder!!.. But IF you cry AND youre doing Nothing ?! —- EXIT — DONT WAIST MY TIME!! I HAVE NO TOLLERANCE!!! I DON’T HAVE ANY EMOTIONS!! … it’s like.. 6th Question! What is your favorite color ?? Do you have one? YES.. or honestly…. ….NOO I love ALL colors !! but .. BLACK?! !?? You know!! BLACK??! Black??—- blackk I COULDN’T LIVE WHITOUT BLACK ?!!!! I MEAN IT!! ….like.. I got some days!! ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!! On that days… when, I CHOPPED again my FUFU!!.. it’s like .. Without BLACK I would die! so..
I know there are — more ppl like me — out there yh.. !! 7th Question Do you have a favorite Brand ?? I got to say….I am genuarally, not that typ of person that says.. It HAS to be THIS OR THAT BRAND! I NEED’S TO LIKE IT!!! — FIRST !!! but..!! I do ALWAYS celebrate .. MCM All day, everyday!! ..somehow I am celebrating them..! And especially!!! The New Collection that Teyana Tylor GOt ??! on her new Music Video?! ..like.. I also WANT a BIKINI LIKE THIS!! And ecpecially !! The Col.. sorry!.. Especially..The THE COLLECTION !!
— with them Orange/Neon Stripes! ..just ..because I got something in my mouth!! yh.. that’s my favorite! soo… yhh.. ..thats’s.. yhhh So you are basically saying MCM would be THAT BRAND… you would say yes to.. …If YOU GET a sponsorship by them …
you will stay true to them — for life !?? Your leg..and My leg where TOGETHER! HAHAHAH Your biggest dreamJenny?? 8th Question! Aww.. My bigest dream ?? soo.. normally… it should be INDEPENDENCE… but at the end of the day ! ..God please let me stay HEALTHY ! I deffinatly want to have MY FAMILY ! and.. HAPPIENESS thats the most! that’s the HIGHEST LEVEL HAPPIENESS ..like… GOALS! really… NO HEADACHES!! JUST CHILLIN FAMILY!! LOVE !! ..” I promise you, as long as I living you will be getting older then 90 years”… Amen!! everything that I say, will happen… yhhh.. we hope GOD HEARS YOU! ..I don’t hope, I KNOW.. YOUR WORD; in GODS EAR !! heeheeyy! HOPEFULLY! You will live for a long Time .. AMEN!! WHAT is your DRIVE , Jenny ?? How do you get your motivation.. to move all of your things ?? Assumed, you get up in the morning.. and your thinking.. ” Today is a bad day”! ..and your thinking..like.. BRUHH What DRIVES you in the morning ?! POSITIVE VIBEZ ONLY!!! B%xxxx$! ..no.. I am joking!! .. okay.. I hope there will come a PEEP tone!! lol ” U willl get it” ** Must be .. you know XD .. lol EHHM..what i was saying..yhh …Why??…. POSTIVE VIEBEZ ONLY!! thats my only DRIVE ..and .. FROM NOTHING !! — COMES NOTHING !! ! FROM NOTHING !! — COMES NOTHING !! Of couse there is times to be Down…. okay! ..Fuxxk OFF .. You Go with the flow! BUT!! STILL.. YOU HAVE TO GET UPP !! ..to find your way back ON YOUR FEETS! I’ve been falling so often.. I can’t give it to the World.. I just can’t give..if .. I I have fight way to often! Why should I give that all up!! .. I rather fight AGAIN! and AGAIN!! AGAIN!! and AGAIN!! cuz I know! one day ! IT WILL BE RIGHT! I know, one day EVERYTHING will be FINE! and ONE DAY… .. ..GOD will give me — WHAT I NEED! and want ..so I have to stand up!! Because .. you know.. God can give us ALL but.. If we don’t get out the house.. — NOTHING WILL HAPPEN — .. Sooo.. I HAVE TO GET OUT!! !! 10th Question! and last Question !! Goes to YOU! yeah… DIRECTLY to YOU!! I wanna know! Do you have a Question for me ? !! anything… Randomly!! Just ask a Question! It will be one of my next Videos! I will write down something for you! I wanna see some textes..
right down there !! Everything you want to know.. even thou, there will be NO questions .. !PEOPLE! I still will come !! but .. you know.. It would be cool! because.. lol We like it.. We want to Share! soo.. ..Disclaimer Not Disclaimer! Friends.. or Enemys! The next Thing will come! But I mostly wanna know YOUR OPINION First of all! BUT! I also would like to share the opinions from my people! My backround My back! sharen
.. what they are saying.. because then you know all of my sourroundings! They say: Show me your friends
I’ll show you who you are!! Check out my Instagram ! if you like! I am always active there!
— asking Questions.. and on Snapchat.. I am also active now! soo.. GO AHEAD! – Follow me !


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