1 thought on “Headache, Abdominal pain and Nausea (Medical Symptom)”

  1. I’m only ten I hope I don’t have any thing bad pls comment back we’ll it went like this I started feeling sick I was gagging and had bad diarrhea and that was just after we got a bed someone gave it to us for free we thought oh how nice then we realized it was a hospital bed didn’t think much of it then all the sicknesses started and I just suddenly started having all these symptoms I never had a history of having this I just thought maybe a stomach bug but then my neighbor got really sick to they said he was having heart failure and I just saw the ambulance and asked about him he is having the same symptoms as me I thought oh man he is pretty bad I hope my symptoms don’t develop to that and I am worried that I will end up in the hospital I did some research it could be Ebola I have similar symptoms muscle pain diarrhea stomach pain and it is about 12 days since we got the mattress pls help and help me figure out what this is comment back if you might know

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