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Headaches Relief

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Hi welcome to StressedOutStressFree.com My
name is Vincent Woon. In this video I’m going to share with you about headaches. There’s
two categories for headache primary or secondary. Primary headache is a headache not associated
with any medical condition and secondary headache is associated with medical condition like
the flu or head injury or dental condition. There are three causes to headaches number
one is migraine, migraine headaches cause reduce blood flow into the brain, the symptoms
are sensitive to light, sometimes causes nausea and also throbbing pain. The second is tension headaches. Tension headache
is caused by muscle tension normally from the neck to the head or emotional stress.
Eye strain or poor vision could also triggers tension headache. Cluster headaches are headache that occurs
weekly or repeat itself over a certain period of time. Cluster headaches usually starts
on one side of the head and usually around the eyes . These are the three types of primary headaches
and today we are going to address primary headaches. I’m going to show you a few techniques
on how to release headache pain. The first technique is to use your thumb,
very simple normally the tension is right here and right here. So use your thumb and
rub this way. You will feel the heat, make sure you use the pad of your thumb make sure
you use this the thumb and rub this way as you rub into it you’ll feel the heat and
you’ll feel the tension and you’ll feel the relief of the tension. That’s technique
number one. Technique number two is to use all your finger
pads. All five of them, all ten of them. Basically ten of them and squeeze into the head, squeeze
into the head. Squeeze like push your hand in there and then pull up. Like this squeeze
push in and out, push in and out squeeze into it. In the front you can do this. Push into it,
in squeeze into it, in into it. The back squeeze into it squeeze squeeze squeeze and then once
you feel that you are relax enough, you do this to end it. One two three like this. It’s
like push it in and snap, push it in and snap. And the third technique is to rub into the
eye area around the orbit or the circle here. Use your finger pad, same thing just do circular
movement around the eye and on the side too like this and if you have throbbing pain going
this way just put pressure into it and maybe rub at the tight muscle and then let go, repeat
it. put pressure into it to the tight muscle and let go or just put pressure
and just hold then you’ll feel the tension releases. On top of that you can also use Topricin which
is a pain relief cream for pain and aches. Thank you very much for watching. I hope that
these techniques help you release your headaches and if you like this video please share it
with your friends and if you have any questions please leave it in the comment box below and
don’t forget to visit my blog at http://www.StressedOutStressFree.com and I see you in the next video.

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  1. I got Headche on lesft side of my head ,i went to hospital they scanned my head and they said one water drop is their thats way u got headache like that and they gave medicine for that i used that madicine.After that up to 6months its ok after 6 months again i got same head please give me some remedies for this.

  2. Thanks for posting this video! I found your technique works pretty well, I used it along with acupressure to trigger points on the back my neck and upper shoulders.

  3. it really works…☺☺thank you so much sir..I just did it now!almost everyday I suffer headaches…so thank you thank you…

  4. I have a friend who gets frequent migraine headaches. Between this and the reflexology techniques, I'm hoping to give some relief. Thanks for posting

  5. Thanks God…my headache's gone!you helped me a lot..oh thank you!!and thanks for the info about Tension Headache…

  6. Thank you I had a headache for about 3 days you helped me a lot thanks so much and Goodluck with YouTube your helping alot ?

  7. it worked it went away a little the other videos were fake i thought i was going to die of the headache thanks very much

  8. This is like my a hundredth headache vid trying to help my headache… Ive tried showers, lemons, resting, ice packs, foods, water… This works pretty well actually. For a few minutes.

  9. Hi I had this cluster headache last night couldn't even sleep I had to take some medicine feels abet ok but I can still feel the eye pain any help

  10. My 21 year old daughter has an optic nerve glioma (brain tumor in the optic nerves). She is legally blind and suffers from tension mug rain headaches daily. She looks like a model and it kills me to see her in constant pain in bed or at doctors and hospital. No doctors seem to be able to help alleviate the pain, they actually seem to be frustrated by her pain complaints. We've tried so many things that don't play well in the realistic way we live our lives today. I spend countless hours just massaging her head and face just to help alleviate some level of pain. Thank you for this video I'm hoping to incorporate this technique to help her live a better quality of living. Thank you and blessings always. Melinda

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