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  1. Note that it's only being considered for partial legalization in the form of an expensive pill that drug companies can profit off of, rather than simply legalizing the fungi because people should have a right to grow and use as they see fit.

    Psilocybin is neither addictive nor harmful nor does it even cause anywhere near the potential for destructive behavior under it's effects as alcohol. In addition to being effective for depression it also has been shown to be effective in mitigating migraines. Like any substance a person should start with a small amount to know how they react to it and avoid a negative experience.

    There is simply no good reason for it to remain illegal period. Like so many other things of this nature, the primary obstacle is people's willful ignorance and holding to false and harmful beliefs.

    In fact, a more powerful and dangerous variety of psychoactive mushrooms are legal already, which contain completely different substances some of which are directly poisonous. These are known as amanita mushrooms and they can produce an effect great enough that the person consuming them can lose touch with reality and become dangerous.

    The fact that the harmless psilocybin varieties remain illegal while the harmful amanitas are not (don't get me wrong either I don't think amanitas should be prohibited either) demonstrates that the laws regarding controlled substances do not reflect the relative dangers of the substances.

  2. I wish society was more open minded. Sure antidepressants, anxiety and therapy meds did improve my situation, I'm not suicidal anymore. But I never recovered my energy nor my creativity. There a big black painful hole there.
    I would gladly try other options, but in my country even medical Marijuana is impossible to obtain

  3. It does wonders, and they only looked at it's effect on alcohol abuse, but i'm sure tht with the right conditions you could even treat other forms of addictions as well.

  4. Here’s what to REALLY know about psilocybin and magic mushrooms. We can’t get psilocybin to use on our own. It’s illegal. The end.

  5. This thing of depresion needs to stop asap.. it's consuming this society, and people only make it worse taking non prescribed drugs, my friend died of an overdose of opioids trying to stop his toughts and last month a woman threw herself from a 5 floor in the building i live near, this is madness.. i hope new treatments can help to stop this

  6. Dr. Marks I have a question; I used psylocibin many times as a teenager but always felt intense anxiety and paranoia while doing so, and thus stopped using psychedelics all together.
    Now as an adult, I have been diagnosed with BD II and take lamotrigine. Do you think I should give psylocibin another try? Also where can i buy this? Its illegal in most countries and buying it from a shady drug dealer does not seem like an option to me.
    Thanks for you help! 🙂

  7. Dr Marks thank you for your presentations. You are clear, informative and easy to understand. Very helpful!
    I am 66 and have suffered from dysthymia since I was 13. Does this fall in the treatment resistant category? Thanks.

  8. Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded a video of my own experience with magic mushroom and my first psychosis. I invite all of you to come take a look if you want another side of the story. Peace.

  9. I'm afraid to use mushrooms because I hear they bring up your deep subconscious traumas for you to face, and I'm very scared of that. I feel like it's easier for me to stay miserable and keep my trauma burried.

  10. The government realized that psychedelics like cannabis, psylocibin, etc… helped people open their minds, resist BS and recognize what is important like peace, love, community, etc.. made them illegal and ignored the things like alcohol and tobacco that contributed to dumbing down and dependence in society.

  11. What is your take on someone with bipolar disorder who experiences more of the depression side of it using this? I wonder if it would be worth it? And cannabis as well? I've been told mixed things about cannabis.

  12. I am glad to see you're up to speed… The "official" clinical trials are more widespread and there are more applications it's being tested for then you realize… It's pronounced "Sillo-sigh-bin"

  13. Early results show that a therapeutic dose is much higher than a micro dose. Micro dosing is really more for getting high and having a good time. Enough to be at a concert or festival or dinner party. ✌🏼🍄🐛🦋🌈🥰

  14. I have many mental health problems due to my upbringing and unfortunate life events which has made me emotionally numb, detatched, PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal (suicidal ideation), self harmer, my list continues. I have been put on many anti depressants most recent was vensir (venlafaxine) which made me worse and the result of this was i nearly killed myself. In the uk psilocybin is illegal yet I've had more positive and prolonged benefits of taking magic mushrooms in small and large doses than any drug prescribed by my dr. Magic mushrooms saved my life, yet i can go to prison for self medicating. Please do more research into this as it is greatly needed, For the greater good and understanding of the human mind.

  15. Having had to extremely negative reaction with Prozac and Celexa I hope this works out.

    My doctor said that SSRI‘s generally treat only the prefrontal cortex. While the rest of the brain can still be responding to trauma or negative affects.

    While the anti-psychotic drugs drug the amygdala which has the effect of being an flat affect emotional vegetable.

    What I believe is needed is a sort of reset along with conscious awareness of what is being reset.

  16. Ambien is an excellent medication. I have never had problems taking it. I sleep well and wake up happy. Why is this a schedule IV medication?
    Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote might be on the comeback since the USA really has huge levels of depression and szchophrenia.
    I just discovered this channel today. I'm subscribing.

  17. One dose is good for months? Wheres the profit in that? Opiods are schedule II? Isn't there an epidemic in this country? Meanwhile in Washington D.C…..

  18. I have taken various psychedelics multiple times. Here in Europe its easy to have access to them. The so called hallucinations are in my oppinion a byproduct of your brains tuning in to the astral world. If the dose is high enough you will experience things that are explained as hallucinations but are probably real. And its a good tool to get rid of political and cultural brainwashing.

  19. This is just another ridiculous
    drug company scheme to
    make money. People with a
    major psychiatric disorder
    should avoid psychedelics
    including marijuana. For
    them to get high every now
    and then is alright, but they're
    taking their chances with any
    drug that causes confusion.
    All psychedelics cause
    confusion and can aggravate
    any confusion and anxiety
    they already have. On the
    internet they said there was
    no proof that psychedelics
    are good for any psychiatric
    problem especially LSD.

  20. I have used a lot of drugs for about 2.5 years (lsd, dmt, shrooms, cocaine, weed, salvia, etc) and I can say that shrooms and LSD are the best for depression even if you have bipolar disorder but the issue is, you became into a state that you can't feel "bad" acts and your bad "emotions" are kinda missing, I mean, I "know" there should be a certain emotion like anger, fear, sadness but my mind is "normal", also I went to a psychiatrist but she told me that my brain was fucked up and also gave me a prescription of risperidona (i had some psychotics experiences with cocaine xd)

    but right now that i've been clean for months I can say that it is safer to only stick with shrooms and not other drugs because is not addictive and it doesn't have withdrawals.

  21. When this video is over, I know this woman gonna whip off that kerchief she got from 1973 and replace with M.A. G. A hat! She gonna hold her American flag and binge watch The Apprentice.

  22. Hi thanks for your non biased approach to psilocibyne. I wish more people from the medical community had this non prejudice approach towards it.
    I only want to make a small correction, if you allow me. Psychedelic doesn't mean hallucinations. The exact meaning of the word is that it makes the mind manifest. I understand that after the 60s the word psychedelic has been so attached to the hallucinations that in popular culture and even among educated people they work as synonym. But as we here are trying to push against its classification in the 1 category of dangerous drugs, we must demystify it and swap all the misconceptions. So more and more people get to understand that psilocibyne will do for you way more than just show you some funny shapes and colours. Anyway is probably that the word psychedelic is so much strongly attached to the 60s that we will never be able to rescue it. That's why i like more to use the word entheogens when talking about psilocibyne. It means the God inside, and even from a non religious standpoint it makes perfect sense, as anyone who has experienced psilocybine knows.

  23. I did hundreds of mushroom trips in my 20s, fantastic experiences .4:17 I think Codeine has a huge risk of addction, not sure why it would be sched v ?

  24. A number of corrections: Microdosing is when folks take a sub therapeutic dose for purposes of what they perceive to be increased mood or creativity.

    The trials are not microdosing. The trials are giving around 25mg to 40mg doses. That is about a heroic dose. You will trip and trip hard. That is why they have an MD and PsyD watch you for 8 hours.

    Schedule I is supposed to be most likely abused. However, psychedelics have the least use overall and least deaths per capita of recreationally used drugs.

  25. Wow! This is great news! I'm not aware of how open the pharmaceutical investigations are in implementing this sort of drugs, aside from the ones that are currently being used to treat depression, anxiety and other disorders of the like. But I'm really happy to know that these alternatives haven't been fully trashed out completely long ago.
    I know for example that there are still studies being held to know how psychedelics affects us, and other controlled substances, but contained within the cientific rigor and care that these kinds of studies need in order to take place.

    Fun things come ahead! Fingers crossed, as you said 🤞🤞

  26. I guess I'll go out in the woods and search for mushrooms then. Where do these mushrooms usually grow? Can you cook them or do you have to eat them raw? I'm already fairly libertarian so I'm curious what the next stage below that would be. I better just eat one mushroom a day just in case I guess. But yeah where does one find these magical mushrooms? Funny side note there is an episode of Cowboy Bebop that involves a bag of magic mushrooms.

  27. Saw a story on this on 60 Minutes last year. Doctors in a trial used to treat a severe alcoholic stop drinking completely (no cravings) , help a woman quit smoking, and helped a cancer patient remove her anxiety and fear of death. Amazing!

  28. The term "psychedelic" is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē (ψυχή, "soul") and dēloun (δηλοῦν, "to make visible, to reveal"), translating to "mind-manifesting".

    Psychedelic does not strictly mean that you have hallucinations. There are far more important implications for these compounds. Hallucinations are often mild and not as scary as they are made out to be. People who would greatly benefit from these compounds are being scared away because of the fear surrounding them.

  29. Are there any other clinical trials at this time? I’m desperate to find something that truly works for this. I feel like I’m living in a deep dark black hole of nothingness. Please help before it’s too late for me 🙏🏼

  30. Dr. Marks, You are "Black Girl Magic." Brilliant, supportive and a light for so many. Thank you for constantly creating content that helps people out of the darkness.

  31. Hello Dr. Marks. This is the second video of yours I've watched in as many days and both are excellent. I want to draw your attention to your definition of microdosing. Microdosing, rather than being a very small number of psychoactive doses of a Psychedelic, is when someone takes sub-psychoactive doses regularly, (often daily) generally for the purpose of improved mental health and well-being, creativity etc. I hope this is helpful.
    Your drawing attention to current clinical trials that are open to people in both Europe and the US gave a real boost to my mood, especially given they are going on here in the UK too. I meet neither criteria the trials require, but to be reminded this work is being done right now, and here, (where we rarely relax drug policy, the inhumanity of which played out recently and very publicly in a mother's fight to secure cannabis oil to severely lessen her son's terrible seizures) gave me hope and the knowledge that even though this is just a trial, people who have been suffering will actually experience deep relief from the terrifying symptoms of depression because of it.
    I hope for (almost more than anything) a new era of safer and significantly more efficacious (therapist-assisted psychedelic) treatments for people who are suffering from mental illness and also that "healthy" people can learn through these substances more generally given the support and guidance of a therapist in a carefully controlled setting would become widely available. It is my belief that judicious use of psychedelic substances offers the best chance of preparing ourselves as a species for the many existential challenges we face and may provide the upgrade we need so that we may find love for ourselves, each other, and all the other creatures and habitats our current mentality seems destined to destroy.
    Many thanks for your content, I will continue to peruse and enjoy it, There can be little doubt that your channel provides comfort and support for a great many people as the comments attest to. Great job:)

  32. I have to disagree with one thing. One or two treatments do NOT work for depression, and the Pollan book on mushrooms points this out. After suffering life-crushing depression for years, I did one high-dose treatment. It was like somebody turned the lights on for three weeks, but then it wore off, and I was the worst I had EVER been, suicidal. And my facilitator, who was glad to give me mushrooms when I paid $500 couldn't/wouldn't provide me enough to microdose. Said he didn't have any. I came very, very, very close to dying before I finally grew enough to microdose, and now I'm okay. But, people, don't listen that one or two treatments is an instant cure. Seeing what life can and should be like makes depression a thousand times worth when it wears off, and for some of us it does wear off and periodic doses are necessary. I cannot warn more strongly against this. Mushrooms saved my life, so I'm not saying they don't work. But these companies that are saying they can cure ___name your malady___ in one of two treatments are being dangerously reckless.

  33. If they market it and sell it,they will surely defile dilute it before it gets to "the people". They will get rich off people who are truly in need. Also mushrooms are great and all but there are such things as "bad trips". There should be some caution considered

  34. Thankyou for this video!. I am 64 yrs old and tried mushrooms in the 1970,s. It made me really happy, ! I have suffered from depression since my teens, but my depression got worse in my 40,s to present day. I have been on alot of different anti depressants, but feel like they are not working anymore. I wish they had trials for mushroom therapy in Canada, because I would sign up!

  35. I’m a Iraq veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD. I spent years with depression and anxiety. Psilocybin mushrooms changed my life. The effects lasts months. I felt a tremendous feeling of love and inner peace. The spores are legal to order online depending on your state and everything needed to grow them can be found on Amazon.

  36. I'm very interested in participating in this study. I'm in Chicago and they haven't started recruiting yet! Wish me luck! Thanks You for this info! 💛

  37. Hi Dr. Marks, my girlfriend is diagnosed with schizophrenia, but she "believes in" magic mushrooms…
    I know psychedelic tends to trigger psychosis for people susceptible to psychosis.
    How should I warn her?

  38. Guess what I'm gonna do about that ni??a assisted resistant depression? Bang, right in the Ni??a ophiocorticpes ant skull, honey. Any endogenous DMT? That shit is God's anti-evolutionary failure depressive treatment. I will eat a baby; get in my belly, Ni?let!

  39. Just hit on the main reason hallucinogens have been prohibited, it's purely political. We now inhabit a world ruled by criminal conservaturds and they're destroying anything they can.

  40. “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

    -Terence McKenna

  41. i am sorry but how could you advocate for the use of hallucinogens when its a known fact that people have killed themselves and others while 'tripping'? remember the 60's where people were jumping off buildings due to the use of LSD which this drug is really is!

    also, i dont trust the latest dsm-5 because among other things it states that some paraphilias as transgenderism are not mental illnesses when in fact it is a mental illness. shame on the medical community for advocating and fast tracking the use of hard drugs.whats next,make the use of crack cocaine as normal?

  42. So if we give magic mushrooms to antifa/socialists/liberals they’ll stop trying to violently enforce their stupid ideas on traditionalist libertarians like myself who just want to be left alone? Let’s do it!

  43. I admit I'm curious about this, but a lot of the people I know who have dropped a lot of acid have egos that can't fit in the room. Makes me doubt just how wonderful this drug is. And a lot of the societies that did psychedelics as a religious habit were pretty bloodthirsty, not better than us. I have to say that my personal jury is out on this, but it does seem interesting.

  44. Even taking the littlest bit of mushrooms can make your entire body hurt the next day. I have also seen many of my friends lose their mind and never get it back after taking mushrooms. If you want to completely lose your mind then go ahead and take mushrooms. Lol. You people are insane.

  45. I use psycodelics every time I need closure of some heavy emotional period of my life. Beneficial effects start when drugs ware off. U have feeling of release and resolvement.

  46. I used to micro dose mushrooms and it has been the only thing that actually worked for me without side effects, like weight gain or crashing. Anti- depressants don't work at all. It's a shame that I can no longer acquire them.

  47. I do ayahuasca it helped my depression massively but of late not been able to get hold of the ingredients and such it’s coming back and I’m depressed again it’s a god sent but you have to do them frequently for depression

  48. Cannot believe that I could be prescribed ketamine (I've stopped taking abilify)… but I can't be prescribed psilocybin. I feel like it should be my choice what I put in my brain. :/

  49. Wait a minute, stop da music. Are you talking about da mushrooms that was around in the 70s? Whaaa!!! Hummmm! Doc, you are interesting. U just solved political division. Send some of those mushrooms to DC with the info you want to push on a device and 'Presto'! U got em where you want em. Un- oh, I just thought of something. You sneak that stuff in the food of your significant other don't you? I bet you always get your way right?

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