“Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry’s Near Death Experience


(clapping) – Our next guest is a
clairvoyant to the stars and his recent sit down with Tori Spelling had everyone on the Internet buzzing. Let’s have a look. (hip hop music) – Hello. – Hi. – Hi, I’m Tyler. – I’m Tori. – It’s very nice to meet you.
– [Tori] Nice to meet you. – Oh my gosh, thank you for having me. – My name is Tori Spelling. I’ve been on a lot of reality shows so he probably will recognize me. – Oh, I love your house. This is adorable.
– Thank you. We just moved so we’re a little– – Oh, I love it. – In limbo a little bit.
– Awesome. – I don’t get star
struck with like actors, I’ve met them all. But like reality stars
I get star struck of because that’s the shows I watch. (laughs) So, I feel a little star
struck meeting him right now. – Okay, well, thank you
again for having me. I’m really excited to do this.
– Thanks for coming. – You mentioned your name was Tori? – Yes, T-O-R-I. I think Tyler did not know who I was. – Tori introduced herself as just Tori and I realized the only
notable Tori that I know is Tori Spelling and it was
like, “Oh, I think that’s you.” (clapping) – Please welcome Tyler Henry to the show. – Thank you guys. – So, I want to ask you. How does what you do work? How do you connect and the whole process? Because I am naive to it. – For me, really in a
reading, I just communicate what I see, what I hear, and what I feel, and it’s as simple as that. What I do isn’t like The Sixth Sense. I don’t see dead people walking around when I’m sitting in an audience of people. I just basically sit with
the person, I scribble. And I have to be aware of the impressions that I’m picking up on and
that could be a vision. It could be a voice. It could be a physical
sensation that corresponds with how someone passed but
I basically have to package all of these feelings
that I’m going through in the process of a session, deliver them, and then get them
validated from the client as actually being correct. This all started for me
at the age of 10 years old and I grew up in a very
conservative household. One night I just woke up
and knew without a doubt that my grandmother
was going to pass away. And I describe it as like a
memory that hadn’t happened yet. And I went into the room to tell my mom I felt we had to say goodbye,
I just couldn’t explain why and moments later we got the phone call that my grandmother had passed and from there it just naturally evolved. I didn’t pick this, I
really think this picked me. – You also have written about
a near-death experience. Tell us about that. – When I was 18 years
old, I had a headache and initially I woke up one day and didn’t think much of it. I went throughout my entire day, was gardening and
noticed that the headache started getting progressively worse. I thought this could
be an allergy headache, it could be anything. And then I went to my mom after a few days of this not subsiding and I
said, “Mom, I think my brain “is swelling and I want
you to believe me.” And she didn’t know really
what to think about it. She thought, “That’s kind
of a random thing to say.” You know, you have a headache,
you’re being a drama queen. – You’re such a millennial. – Right, exactly, yeah. Well, shortly thereafter
I was hospitalized with hydrocephalus due to
an arachnoid brain cyst. – Wow. – That had basically caused
the pressure in my brain to really increase and
the cerebral spinal fluid wasn’t able to go through so I was put into emergency brain surgery, which I thankfully recovered
from really quickly. And it went from there. – So do you get these senses or intuitions about other people as well? – Absolutely and that’s
actually something I touched on in the book, something you see in the show is that I do these readings. I never want to scare anyone. I always encourage
people to go to a doctor, doctor knows best in this case. But I always think people have
to go with their intuition. I think often times people know
something is wrong with them before they ever even go to a doctor and that’s important. – That’s a good point. – Do you have a mode
that you turn on and off? – Absolutely.
– In other words, you’re not getting vibes or senses now. – Right.
– You have to– – Kidney pain over there! No, I’m kidding. – Drew is nervous right now. Quite frankly, so am I. – If you could read my mind right now, it’s like a mix of Justin
Bieber and Hannibal Lector. You’d already be gone. – [Tyler] I’d be running out the door. (laughing) But you know, I think I never
want to make people afraid. I tell people basically
what I feel they intuitively have the susceptibility to. I give them that information in the hopes that if this is something
that they do develop, if they show symptoms, that
they’ll go to their doctor and they’ll get medical
advice and be able to say, “Hey, this is something
that someone told me “I might have a susceptibility to,” and they can get that resolved
before it becomes a problem. – And there really is some
real life applicability to this, we have our own intuition
when we’re not doing well we’re not feeling well, and
something is truly wrong. And I think Tyler you
highlight if that happens, go get it checked out. Tyler has a book out. It’s called Between Two Worlds. It’s available at bookstores now. The best part, everyone in
our audience is going home with a copy of his book. Hollywood Medium with Tyler
Henry returns in 2017 to E!. Tyler, it’s been a pleasure, my friend. – Thank you.

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