How Much Heat Can Your Body Take Before Killing You?

How Much Heat Can Your Body Take Before Killing You?

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It may be hot in the summer where you live,
but here’s a question: how hot is too hot? Like, at what temperature does your body ACTUALLY
start to break down? That escalated quickly. Well, so have the world’s seasonal temperatures. In Death Valley, one of the hottest places
on earth, the average temperature for July 2018 was a whopping 42.3 degrees C. That’s
the warmest single month that’s ever been reliably measured. In the WORLD. Seasons are getting more severe, especially
summers, which are accompanied by heat waves that can be seriously deadly. In the U.S., extreme heat now causes more
deaths than all other weather-related hazards. Heat waves around Europe have been killing
record numbers of people, most notably since 2003, when unprecedented summer temperatures
resulted in the deaths of over 70,000 people across Europe. And it shows no signs of slowing down, with
all-time high temperature records being broken across the world. A new study is the first to project heat-related
mortality into the future. The conclusion? If we don’t adapt to climate change, deaths
due to heat-waves will increase all over the world. But how does heat actually kill you? Your body normally cools itself down by transferring
body heat to a cooler environment. We do this one of two ways: our blood vessels
dilate, bringing warm blood to flow close to the surface of our skin where the heat
can be transferred to the air*–this is why some people may appear flushed when they’re
hot. Alternatively, we lose the heat by sweating–the
liquid we release as sweat helps cool off our skin and takes some of our body heat with
it as it evaporates. .
But our internal body temperature sits at around 37°C. If the air surrounding us is as warm or warmer
than we are, we can’t transfer our heat anywhere outside our bodies as we warm up. If humidity is high AND temperatures are high,
sweating doesn’t do as good a job at cooling us off because it can’t evaporate–the air
around us is already too full of moisture. And when these conditions occur, as they do
in heat waves, it’s kind of amazing how fast everything breaks down. If your body is starting to overheat, the
first thing you may notice is that you stop sweating altogether . This means your hypothalamus,
the region of your brain that controls heat regulation, has been compromised and has stopped
working properly. You now don’t have a way to give off heat,
and your body temperature may be rising. You may be feeling fatigued, your brain telling
your muscles to slow down, and you’re at high risk of dizziness and even unconsciousness. Past 41°C, your body starts to shut down
in earnest. You may experience seizures or fall into a
coma as your tissues stop functioning properly on a cellular and even protein level. Your organs start to leak toxins into your
body, and if left unchecked, this process leads to multisystem organ damage, then failure,
and swiftly thereafter, death. And the thing is, temperatures don’t even
have to be that crazy–they just have to be significantly greater than what that area
is typically used to. A 105 degree day in Arizona may not be that
different from the norm, but a 90 degree day in Scotland could be deadly. Heat waves are also magnified in urban areas,
whose asphalt and metal buildings soak up and store more heat than surrounding areas,
making cities even hotter than the heat waves base temperature. And the places in the world that are hotter
to begin with will be hardest hit with the highest temperatures–new projections estimate
that by 2100, countries in South Asia may be too hot for people to survive. So could we adapt? New studies say probably not. If the projected warming does take place,
the amount of land rendered uninhabitable because it’’ll be too hot for the human
body to handle could dwarf the amount of land lost even to sea level rise, another huge
impending climate change concern. Just to reiterate, this means that some parts
of the world will eventually be so hot that we can’t live there because our bodies will
actually break down. Things are undeniably heating up. So, how do we get our way out of this one, guys? Let us know what you think in the comments
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  1. (July 26,2016): Kuwait saw its highest temperature on Thursday, July 21 with 54 degrees Celsius breaking the record for the highest temperature recorded in the eastern hemisphere

  2. Temperatures that will kill people will kill crops and livestock. Water may be in short supply. Even if it rains the ground will dry quickly. The world may take notice how drought areas and Australia handle the heat now. Pole facing underground homes, possibly communities might be the norm.

  3. I truly worry about the future of humanity with respect to the climate. We aren’t doing enough, and the future generations will hold us in contempt for it.

  4. Learn some basic heat survival skills, like do not wipe sweat off your body its cooling you down, a wet cloth on your face and a fan works also, stay in the shade if in the open, avoid non essential exertion, a cool pack wrapped around the wrist will help lower your core temp. a bit. We have survived 46.8 deg. C here in Penrith last summer.
    The killer number is 35 deg. C at 100 % humidity, seek air conditioning, evaporative coolers wont work, good luck you will need it.

  5. Well I'm glad you asked Seeker lady because I've been sitting on this for a minute.
    The solution is actually pretty simple. I propose that we all leave our fridges and freezers open until it comes back down. ezpz.

  6. I live in dubai and most of summer is above 43 degree C and no one dies from heat, i think people can adapt to heat although it is not comfortable but it is possible.

  7. Well I mostly just think it's because I;m on earth.. kill me guys i'm just too hot and i'm causing too much harm to this planet.

  8. This video is very educational about the drastic measure that need to be taken yet it has just over a 100k view. Hmmmm. In a business dominated industry. I don't know the answer.

  9. Maybe we can lay down flooring (sidewalks mostly) in urban areas that have lesser latent heat of fusion.
    Or we can shift to other countries and lay solar panels in South Asia.

  10. South Asian will definitely evolve as they have evolve now at this very moment,breathing dust, eating junk food and hence keeping 70yrs average life expectancy.

  11. The problem isnt humans, if insects go, we go too….if animals and fish go, we go too. We are too narcissist amd stupid to understand , we are going extinct within the next 2 years….

  12. 42c is a record? my barometer said its 41c here most times (philippines) + humidity, never even broke a sweat.. oh wait..

  13. i have an idea mut it's too expensive. We could make a chanal like river through the deserts and connect the oceans, it will rise the humedity in the air and probably will rain more in those regions, more green, less co2, no more deserds. But i dont know what changes will acure to the earths climate and how much it will effect how air and clouds normaly travel. Need semulation for that

  14. A challenge from a Pakistani 53C very day during summer season from May to June every year challenge is that live here for at least 7 days during these summer days
    Be note one think there is no winds in Pakistan due to seasonal low pressure no rains due to drought cilmiate no electricity due to lack of sources no water due to disert
    This is a challenge to live 7 days in Pakistan so who is the brave to accept my challenge

  15. My people if we Arabs can survive 40 Celsius daily,you guys should try to learn from us so you could live longer and actually survive our stupidly hot future. Thank you my brothers and sisters for reading my comment 🙂

  16. Buy a generator to run your home, or solar wall of a reflecting cell tower, send waves back to the tower.

  17. During high temperature use wet clothes around head. Take shower at regular intervals(2hr) . try to cover your self under shade ( tree or house)

  18. They say the heat in Death Vally is the hottest,, these people obviously have not visited the deserts of Iraq. Ask a soldier who packed a full compliment of armor and weaponry during the months of May through September what he or she believes is the hottest place on our Earth,, go ahead, we dare you.

  19. The actual way to stop your body from overheating is to adapt. An experiment of volunteers has showed that working out at +37celsius will actually adapt you to the heat and your summer will be perfectly normal. Workout for 20 minutes and have a 10min cooldown. Do this for 6 days and you will start feeling better 🙂

  20. We need to sit down and go through meetings with other countries and show the studies of how Global Warming is killing the earth and convince them to stop polluting because USA did there part and you guys are just blaming it on Trump because he wasn’t the person you wanted in office. Now stop whining like crybabies, buck up and make the earth great again!

  21. Whats funny is that uu said can we ADOPT instead of if we can STOP using gas cars and stop our human air waste …we may be able to reverse this heat problem..but no …its more like uu human monkeys would rather burn to death than give up ur gas cars…SERIOUSLY…. Like for real…. Wtf….. $$$$$$$$$ for this piece of shit INVENTION $$$$$$$$$

  22. Put something around the earth that controls the amount of heat that comes from the sun hence ozone layer 2.0 new and improved so if less sunlight ,lesser the greenhouse gases capture hence lesser heat

  23. everybody is talking about them just because 37 degrees we in Saudi Arabia 40degrees is just normal can you imagine

  24. There could be a well wished for international peace congress where all the significant states cooperate to create an enormous cloud of flying solar panels high up in the stratosphere that is fully autonomously relocating to constantly cover the actual hottest spot on earth and that never needs refueling and is completely environmentally friendly. Technology permitted they could create power to different industries to speed up the shift towards a carbon neutral economy.

  25. Ninja turtles fast forward predicted that the earth was going to get hot and humans have turned in to mole people who started to live underground to survive

  26. We ABSOLUTELY NEED to end the pointless reasonless unnecessary social stigma of shorts being somehow "unprofessional"

  27. Awww…you find 42°C hot ? In Delhi it touched 48°C this May, and even 51°C in the deserts of Rajasthan.

  28. Am I here to listen what is the maximum temperature I can survive or to heard your shitbal warming theory?

  29. Climate change needs to be stopped an reversed fast.
    No It’s not impossible. Get your head out of your ass and start looking for solutions.
    “Our planet” is incredibly informative and explains how and why we should save the world.

    They also released videos called: how to save (our frozen worlds, our forests, our ocean, etc.)

    We need to really hurry up. Every year countries are reaching new heat records. We don’t have 50 years to fix this.

    This is extremely serious and extremely dangerous. But If we act soon enough we can stop a reverse it.

    We need to give land used for agriculture and livestock back to nature and gewild the earth.

    We need to move to renewable energy. Not only will its last forever unlike fossiel fuel. It is clean and will create many jobs.

    Plant trees. We gotta plant way more. They hold soil together, give oxigen, store carbon, retain water, provide habitat, reduce heat.

    Leave the oceans predators alone. Tuna, sharks, Wales, dolphins and many more are extremely important to the oceans survival. Plankton near the surface provides us with atleast 50% of our oxigen. Ocean predators make sure the plankton stays near the surface by swimming and feed the plankton with their feices. The plankton feeds kril and smaller fish wich are food for the predators and the cycle continues.

    Eventually most If not all products should be made to last a lifetime/forever. These products exist but you as a consumer should choose them over singles use or fast use products for it to become bigger.

    Oh yeah, and change your Damn mind set. If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. If you do something it will have an impact. Consumers shape products.

  30. There was a time where I managed to withstand 43℃

    But most of the time. I usually have low heat tolerance. This does seem to be counteracted if I’m focused on something though.

  31. We need a big ass shade something to block the sun I don’t care what effects it’ll have it is just too damn hot

  32. if everybody on the earth throws to ice cube's like a month or something then you can say goodbye to global warming because there will be a lot of ice (preferably two or three big ice cube's)

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