How to Cope with Bipolar Depression

How to Cope with Bipolar Depression

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Hey guys, it’s Hannah. Coping with depression when you
live with bipolar disorder. Depression freakin sucks. And it’s good to prepare yourself and have techniques and methods, even though they might be small, to get you towards
getting into the light when you’re in the darkness. So first off, you want to give
yourself some time and not beat yourself down. Listen, this is what
we go through when we live
with bipolar disorder. Okay. So stop beating yourself up. Give yourself a couple of days. And then, get back into
the routine of things. One major, major thing, and I got my bag
of goodies here, that I do is I love to write. So journaling and writing fiction. Stories. Poetry. Writing down affirmations and quotes are life-saving for me. I can’t say it enough. Reading self-help books, novels. Anything to get
your mind to refocus. Highlighting things
you find in these are absolutely huge. It gives you inspiration, motivation and, again, it just
refocuses your mind onto something better. One major thing
that people use, and it may seem
childish to some, is coloring. It’s a way to be artistic with your emotions. And for a lot of people, it helps. It also helps me. It’s art therapy. If kids can do it,
so can we. One thing that I
always believe in is I always always, always have hope for tomorrow. Okay? I always believe in tomorrow. And people will
email me and say: “I have bipolar disorder and I was doing so well and then I got into a depression.” Okay? This is the name of the game. This is what we live with. Just like anybody who
lives with an illness. So you constantly
have to prepare yourself. And it doesn’t mean
you’re not in recovery. It means you live
with bipolar disorder. So learn to express
your emotions. I also take on hobbies
during these times. I collect vintage love letters and vintage books. And I did that during a
really depressive episode. It helped me regain confidence and rebuild myself. And one day, I just kind of got out of it. When I first started
swimming lessons and went to the ocean, the person told me that if I ever got caught
in the current, I had to swim
with the current in order to survive. That if I fought with it, I would drown. And that’s how I look at these highs and lows. If you fight with these emotions and really go against them you’re gonna exhaust yourself and you’re gonna drown. That’s why building
these techniques to cope with depression, when you live
with bipolar disorder, is huge. And I want to hear
your suggestions. Your advice for books. Anything you have to say. Please leave that
in the comment section. I look forward to
seeing you guys next week. Bye.

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  1. i love your videos Hannah, they always help me ❤ i love what you said about the ocean. hope you have a great day!

  2. Love your videos Hannah! I have a self-care box filled with items for the depressed days. I keep aroma therapy, my favorite lotion, mandalas to color, favorite photos, a book of poems (including yours from Amazon!), and chocolate. Something for each sense that I can use to refocus my brain. Thanks so much for everything you do!!

  3. Love you Hannah, being diagnosed with bipolar depression is tough but fighting through by keeping myself busy and getting support with Thearpy and family and friends rocks. Thank you Hannah for expressing the great side of having a mental illness ???

  4. I can totally relate with the depression side of bipolar disorder, and I agree that it totally sucks, especially when the extreme irritability mixes in with the depression. Hope all is well Hannah and God Bless 🙂

  5. That quote about the current really struck a cord with me. ❤️

    My biggest advice for dealing with bipolar depression is to make yourself go OUTSIDE. For me that means just going to a park, walking next to the river (I live in Ohio haha) and just watching the current.

    I make myself take what I call ‘visual breaks’. I’ll close my eyes and visualize the world around me without sight. It surprisingly keeps me in the moment and forces me to be more aware.

  6. Good advice, but I struggle to even lift my hand when I have depression.. It's like my whole body has shut down.

  7. I go on my calander on Google (I use Gmail) and plan out my bed times/what I am going to do with my free time for the week. I make it so the activities have a notification a little bit before I intend to do them so I have a reminder to go and do things such as walk my neighbor's dog, or any hobby like pottery. It's a fairly new thing that I've been doing, because I'd always have a physical planner but it's something that has given me a little push to do SOMETHING instead of sit and do nothing while thinking of my probs.

  8. Hanna you are doing a real good job helping people thanks but people need to always remember it is a decease of the brain the most important organ in the body it is not like other deceases if something goes wrong with the brain people can get hurt. the prison system is full of people is mental disorders. it has to be taken very seriously by the person with the decease. in todays world you see a doctor he makes a diagnosis sends you home with meds you are own your own it is like playing Russian roulette it is insane. ps miss the hoops

  9. Among other strategies, I keep a gratitude journal. What I do is watch through the day for things which lift my spirit then write a short description at the end of the day. Not every day gets an entry, but it keeps me always focused on spotting something positive.

  10. Hey Hannah. I love to write too, I wouldn't be here without it.
    Could you do a video on how to recognize a co-morbid disorder without falling into doubt over your bipolar diagnosis?
    Thanks again for all your help. ?

  11. Some really great info here. The depression can effect your energy level, your relationships with people. Writing is a big one. I'm putting a journel together for my 8 month old…hand written and plan to give it to her when she is grown.

  12. I am suffering from bipolar Disorder now in acute depressive phase. Taking divalporex sodium 500 mg once daily, quietiapine 200 mg once daily, clonezepam 0.5 mg and propanalol 20..once daily. Recently feeling awfully bad. Feel like quitting.
    My doctor is in India where I can go only in December. Now I am staying in Nigeria as my wife the sole wage earner lives here. Psychiatrists are not good in Nigeria. Medicines are not available. Psychiatrists fees are practically unaffordable. How do I manage in the interim. My email address is [email protected] and WhatsApp no +2348144408979. Please advise. Abhijit Ghosh

  13. Thanks for this I was doing good and then boom depression hit me hard this morning but I have four children who depend on me so I need to try some of these techniques to help me manage this episode of depression. I have a 5k charity run this Saturday and I hope I am feeling better to do it as right now I just want to hide under the bedcovers having bipolar sucks for sure ❤

  14. thank you so much for the tips, i never really thought about coloring books but now that you mentioned it i'm going to start doing that so thank youuuu(:

  15. Ur 2 tips helped me alot,
    That is hope for tomorrow
    And Art therapy ..
    I personally prefer gym ..
    And my episode was lasting for 6 months , I fought with it and I am back in routine..
    May god bless u and HAPPY CHRISTMAS..

  16. Thanks Hannah for this beautiful video. The last couple of days has been rough and beating myself up has been a cornerstone for me. With this video though it gives me hope and a better understanding of how to handle my lows. The always feel so good and you probably can agree. Its only when we hit the lows when things seem to matter. Thanks again ?

  17. I’m currently in university full-time and am working as well, so it’s really hard for me to take time to use certain healthy coping mechanisms. I’ve become very dependent on the company of my friends. However, I know they aren’t going to be able to be that crutch for me 24/7. I’ve been really struggling lately as my workload has gotten more and more intense, and I’m not really sure where to go from here.

  18. The best way I cope with bipolar is to get drunk and tap dance naked on my neighbors kitchen table! They enjoy it as do the cops!

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