How to cure Headache naturally? Try these tips for instant Relief

How to cure Headache naturally? Try these tips for instant Relief

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Namaskar friends, in this video we will talk about headache There are many reason and causes of headache But in more than 90% cases it is due to tension headache You don’t need to take medication as it can be cured with simple tips and tricks You need not worry as in this video I will reveal few points around head & neck where if you give a slight massage using finger you may get instant relief And this video is all about this point. So, let’s get started Hello, I am Dr sunit, your very own physiotherapist and I request you all to subscribe us and press bell icon so that you will get a notification for new video & you’ll never miss it Friends, due to headache we get irritated and out of panic we take medications But you don’t need all these medicines as it can be cured by tips and tricks I am going to explain There can be many reasons for headache, it can be due to pollution, food, tumor But the most common cause is tension. 90% of headache is Tension headache Actually, the muscle on the back of neck gets stiff or spasmodic due to tension Due to stiffness, it causes irritation to the nerve that passes bay resulting in headache Also, it squeezes the blood vessels that are passing through and diminishes its flow affecting the blood flow around the head and neck there are 3 types of tension headache. If ti happens on back of head it is called occipital headache pain above ear is called temporal headache and in the forehead is termed as frontal headache So, take yur thumb and press on the point just below the skull, try to locate tender point around it palpate just below the ear at the bottom of skull to locate tender points At that tender point use thumb and give slight pressure & massage in circular fashion In each point give massage for 3 to 6 seconds and then shift to next point and repeat the process Repeat the procedure on both the sides by giving slight pressure by thumb and moving in circular manner This will help to release the stiffness of muscle thus improving blood circulation and pain releif Along with this perform stretching exercise. To stretch this side muscle use your hand this way Then stretch it like this, hold it for 1 minute and release it slowly Repeat the same process on the right side by using left hand and release it slowly Friends, often we also have neck pain along with headache For neck pain I Have a video which you may watch it by visiting this Like and share this video and if you are new to channel then consider subscribing us. Thank you

7 thoughts on “How to cure Headache naturally? Try these tips for instant Relief”

  1. I have headache at all the places in red at 0:15 , it doesn't happen at the same time but at different times. Sometimes it happen at the front for 30 sec sometimes at back for 30 sec – 1min.
    Should I do this exercise for all the pain points at front and back??

  2. Sir mere eyebrow se lekar ear k paas se hote hue gardan k piche tak bahut tej dard hota h koi upay btaye bina painkiller k thik nho hota

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