How to Kill Parasites : Human Intestinal Worms : Parasite Cleanse – VitaLife Show Episode 177

How to Kill Parasites : Human Intestinal Worms : Parasite Cleanse – VitaLife Show Episode 177

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Welcome to the VitaLife Show . I’m doctor Janine Bowring naturopathic doctor and today we’re talking all about how to kill
parasites so human intestinal worms a huge problem for everyone so this
isn’t just a few travel to different countries this is you know if you live anywhere in the
world you have been exposed to parasites and ninety-five percent of us at some
point have picked up a parasite question is
what are you doing about them what are you doing today naturally
killed them and get rid of them because unfortunately what people don’t realize is that these
parasites are causing a lot have these health concerns so
whether it’s chronic autoimmune disease cancer it
could also be you know aches and pains digestive
issues bloating inability to lose weight losing too much weight so many causes due to these bad guys
that are in our intestines I am gonna show you exactly
what they look like so stay tune right to the end the video don’t get scared of what I’m gonna be
showing you it’s important that you know you know what they are and more importantly how to kill them
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ready for this this is what’s lurking in the intestines they can also be in
your liver in the blood in you know where other organs your brain
as well as lungs I mean it’s crazy and these are
the most common parasite that we see worldwide and let’s take a look more in-depth
so the roundworms and the problem with the round worms
unfortunately that you know whether you eat meat if you’re eating fruits and vegetables
this is in the soil so gardeners people that are working
outside if you have a farm you are exposed to these roundworms this
is really important you know this and more importantly we’ll share
with you how to get rid of them if we take a look here at the hookworm. The
hookworm very nasty if you take a look at these fangs basically they hook onto that’s
why it’s called the hookworm they hook onto the intestinal walls and start to rob you of your essential energy so they eat
your nutrients this is one the reasons why a lot of
people have a low iron level and that’s because of having these hookworms
so really important that doing something proactively and actually
to kill them now flukes as well so there’s been a lot
of theories and scientists are working looking at
the cause-and-effect relationship between having these flukes whether the liver in the blood in the other
internal organs and the development of cancer and
autoimmune disease so again the question is what are you doing
to kill these guys you don’t know that you have them they could be making very tired you may
not know that you have them at all you could have had these parasites for
twenty years and not know it let’s take a look down here the tapeworm
so the famous tapeworm you know notorious for basically using her suction cups which are on
their head to suck on your intestinal walls that’s why normal movements of your bowels and the intestines does not let them
allow them to dislodge and these guys unfortunately each segment
that they have can lay up to a thousand eggs so just think about that if you
have just one tapeworm how you know they can multiply replicate so easily in your
system again robbing you of your energy
especially your b12 levels so that’s important if you have a low b12 it could be because in these guys protozoa so things like giardia
are common you know all over in the world from
contaminated drinking water and water in general and unfortunately
what they have is a protective mechanism coating outside of their body which allow them to bypass the chlorination so
chlorine treated water these guys can still get in there so that’s
getting more and more common day care centers as well causing diarrhea but also you know the malnutrition and failure to thrive especially in
children so this is really important to treat these guys into doing naturally and last but not least candida so candida cause yeast infections cravings for sugar alcohol all the wrong
foods gas and bloating special distended abdomen is caused by Candida thrash so
they’re right calling on your time to take a look at your tongue after this video and see if there’s a
white coating it could very well be thrust this is important you know
from candida standpoint that you’re killing this in doing it naturally so the question is how do we do this naturally
first and foremost try not to feed these guys so you know any type of food that is not
natural so it’s a process food especially the
high refined sugars and things feed these bad guys really important
that you try not to feed them as much but kill them and more importantly that’s
why I actually formulated the parasite cleanse from VitaTree this is a comprehensive candida cleanse
parasites cleanse to kill those nasty guys do it safely and effectively the dosages
two capsules twice a day you gonna do this for at least two weeks you
want to repeat this at least three cycles so we do you say that you take a
bit of a break in between bottles but you don’t need to a lot of people just
go you know straight onto the next second
third fourth fifth bottle depending on you know how much infestation you have
you may not even know it this is especially good for gardeners
this is good for if you eat lot of fruits and vegetables especially
vegetarians if you eat sushi you absolute you need to do the parasite cleanse if
you travel a lot. I mean its a no brainer Parasite Cleanse this is your defense mechanism
but also you want to the seasonally because you never know when maybe you eat out maybe you get a contaminated
fruit, like a melon or whatever and has parasites wouldn’t know but your body will start to tell you. So thanks for joining me
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detoxification why it’s so important to detoxify all the internal organs and your blood
goes hand in hand with using the VitaTree Parasite Cleanse here in the middle all about probiotics why its so important
to put the good guys back into the
digestive tract for your immune system but also to
protect you from this parasite down the road and down here all about facial exercises to help to tone the facial muscles so that you
look your youngest and your best you. Thanks for joining me

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  1. Thanks for the information. Really helps.
    Just so you know the video is overly processed tell the tech guy to go easy on the sharpen edge filter.

  2. I hate when they tell you certain things to eat theses parasites absorb and will eat healthy if that is all your feeding them ,so at the end of they day we need a cure not lecture. Thanks

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