How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Do Scalp Calisthenics for Headache Relief

How to Reduce & Relieve Headaches : How to Do Scalp Calisthenics for Headache Relief

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Hi my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf
of Expert Village today I am going to tell you how to recognize and how to treat headaches.
Now in this clip we are going to talk about scalp calisthenics and I am going to show
you a simple technique that you can do in the privacy of your home whenever you feel
that you have a lot of stress, pain, and pressure in your head or you feel like there is an
oncoming migraine onset and this is just one of the many ways that you can help yourself
in reducing the severity or intensity of the pain from that headache. Now to do a scalp
callisthenic what you do is just find a place that is quiet and I recommend that you put
on some relaxing music and this may help. Basically you should feel that you are not
having any distractions and just relax your whole body, specifically the neck and head
region and then what you do is very simply this, what it entails is to use all the fingers
of both hands and basically use the soft fleshy pad of each of the extremities of your fingers
and you can just basically massage the whole of your scalp. When you do that, when you
massage your scalp, you should do that on a regular basis too, it also besides reducing
the tension on the muscles around the skull area or the head area, it also increases the
blood circulation and delivers more oxygen to the brain and that will also help to reduce
the occurrence of the tension headaches. What you do is stretch our, the fingers and then
bilaterally on both sides of the skull you just work it slowly but what you do is you
have to do circular motion when you are pressing on your scalp. I turn my head this way so
just look at what I am doing and you just press on both areas of the scalp so that with
medium pressure you just do the circular motion on both sides of the scalp so you are working
your way with a circular motion with sort of medium to hard pressure all the way around
your skull meticulously and it’s good to do it slowly and sometimes besides the circular
motion is to do a long sweeping action around the skull. You need to use your thumb as well
because your thumb can apply a lot of pressure as well so do the long circular motion all
the way around and then little baby circular motions all around your skull and while you
do that you are not talking of course but just relaxing with your eyes closed. So that
is a scalp technique that actually can help you to reduce the tension headaches or the
migraine headaches.

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  2. try using different amonts of pressure. for me i use alot of pressure. it helps get rid of the headache more. a friend of mine has a softer skull though, so she uses lighter pressure. it all depends

  3. oh my head already feels better, the sweeping motion actually hurts my scalp so i dont use that one, i just apply pressure to different points

  4. ive had headache everyday…for 6 years now and yes am serius am getting massage every week but dosent help that much

  5. I swear… every video I see from "Dr." Jewell pisses me off more and more.

    Why tension from bad posture and stress placed across the brachial plexus isn't addressed, I don't know. Scalp massage is fine, but neck massage is necessary to relieve the pressure across the scalp and mandibles.

    Tight muscles on the brachial plexus will cause all kinds of bad shit, including clenched jaws and tension headaches. If you're patient, go watch mgaft1's video on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

  6. i watched this video. im going to take a shit and sit down there and do this massage and it'll hopefully work

  7. @TheAbrasiveBastard um… why does that even matter?

    obviously she grew up in england and thats why she has the accent… duh.

  8. hey guys, i have a massive problem with my head when i work out. does anyone have any ideas hot to get rid of it. every time i lift weights my head hurts massively and i cant do anything about it. If someone could help me out that would be great. Thanks.

  9. I recently hd 2 rt canals through #3 and #5 gold 3 unit bridge, one acute process with advanced bone disease, TX prognosis is good but I hv had persistant headaches …onset in the frontal, 10 hrs duration borderline incapacitated with nausea I went to the VA todayLOL. Im told the dental did it hard to believe the trigeminal nerve has nothing to do with the frontal any help??

  10. @BlueDragon4484 Oh please, I was only giving an example and a tamed one at that. It's not like I went into great detail.

  11. I should have listened to my doctor about taking my sinus infection meds. Cause now I'm in a world of pain with sinus headaches and pressure on my temples and head.

  12. @DayLight95 Does your mommy know you play on youtube??

    You wouldn't know the meaning of humanity if it crawled into your bed and spooned you.

  13. a doctor not knowing what finger tips are? it takes her 20 seconds to explain. also salp massage does not increase blood circulation to the brain

  14. When you have a migraine as bad as mine right now you're willing to try anything. I've even hit my head with a frying pan a few times just in case one of the other comments below this wasn't meant as a joke. I hate migraines. I don't understand the evolutionary need for them, why do we have them? My whole day has been wasted.

  15. Well if you really try it not just say you tried it and it didn't work you will see it kinda works. I tried it and it worked.. wel except I can't do it all day xD

  16. I shall give this a try!
    I always was afraid of doing this vecause I somehow think I will spasm something

  17. Let me sum this video up:
    Take fingers.
    Rub head with fingers.
    (Results may vary)
    Side effects my include: still having a headache.

  18. Thank you so much…I sure from migraines and was feeling one coming on…This has given me some relief

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