How To Relieve Stress | Tips for Better Management of Your Stress by BV Pattabhiram

How To Relieve Stress | Tips for Better Management of Your Stress by BV Pattabhiram

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I am Dr. BV Pattabhiram. We are discussing about soft skills. Actually, what is meant by attitude? We shall discuss about how a person can go
from the current position to higher position. Pattabhi Ramabaanam. Greetings. The subject that we are going
to discuss is stress management. Which means stress and how to manage it. Stress means when two forces from two sides
compress an object which is in between them, It is subjected to certain stress. Then the type of discomfort it undergoes, Exactly in that way, all of us would be
facing different problems, On one side it could be financial problems, On the other side, it could be ill health, On the other side,
it could be family issues. We would be subjected to stress
due to these kind of forces. Earlier, it was not considered as
science or even as a disorder. Because in India,
there was no stress earlier. Because whenever there were problems, Family members, elders,
grandparents used to resolve them. It came to light in recent times. At one point of time, according to the
statistics of World Health Organisation, The most number of deaths were
caused by cardiac problems. The next cause was AIDS. And nowadays, it is stress. Stress is not really
a dangerous condition. You have to identify stress first. If you observe anywhere in the world, It is always called as Stress Management. It means that there should be
stress and you should manage it. There are no classes called
‘how to reduce stress’ anywhere. There are no such classes called
‘how to avoid the stress’ anywhere. Also, there wouldn’t be any classes
regarding ‘how to escape from stress’. There are classes only on
‘how to manage the stress’. It means that you should have stress, And managing it efficiently is the
intention of stress management. All of us would have stress. Right from high school
student to President of India, All of them should have stress. At the time of thinking about
the work to be done, One has to be subjected to certain stress. Students come to me to attend
counselling regarding stress. I would tell them that it has to be there. However, it is a risk when it
rises beyond the limits. Suppose, when the trainer is gently
caressing the neck of the tiger, It would listen to him and stay still. If he grabs its hair,
it would revolt against him. They say that the stress is like a tiger. They say stress is like a tiger, As long as you tame it, that is your slave. Otherwise, one day it kills you. In the same way,
I have to convert stress into energy. In the ancient times, Even the caveman used to have stress. In those days,
what they used to tell was, ‘Fight or flight.’ Fight. He has been to a forest to hunt an animal. Then the animal suddenly attacked him. Then he is left with only two options, Either he has to fight or run away. They call it ‘fight or flight.’ In those days it was possible
either to fight or run away. But nowadays, it is not possible
either to fight or run away. Suppose, there is a father and
his son is not studying well. His son would say, “I won’t study. “You have joined me in the
field(subject) which I dislike.” If the father fights with him, He would do something terrible
like running away from home. Or if it is flight, If the father runs away from home, What would happen to the family? Hence, under current circumstances, You cannot fight or flight. So, in order to overcome
this kind of stress, In order to efficeintly
manage this kind of stress, What should we do? You cannot avoid stress. You cannot escape stress. So, you have to deal with it. You have to face it and learn
to efficiently manage it. Then we would have a
chance to be overcome it. However, how to manage it? We have to manage lifestyle. We have to change our lifestyle, Earlier I used to be agitated,
tensed and worried about everything. It is unnecessary to feel worried.
Right? I will do whatever I can. For some people, they would face tension
until they reach the railway station. Or they would face tension if the train
doesn’t arrive when they reach there, Or they would face tension if
they couldn’t find the seat. We have to ignore all of
these small disturbances. Ignore them. So, we shall discuss about
the stress and its effects. In order to manage stress,
there are some small tips. Actually, we have to know the
reasons for getting the stress. I have named this in Telugu as, ‘Aa Aaa, E Ee, U Uu’. Aa means Anarogyam(ill-health). Getting sick very often and you would
blame God why it is was happening to you. If you spoil your health for that, No matter how many medicines you use, This stress will keep
increasing. Then what you have to do is, In order to reduce this, Firstly I have to take control of my mind. You have to realise the truth that
‘worry is waste of mental energy.’ Aaa means Aardhika
Ibbandulu(financial problems). My ill fate, why did this
happen to me? Why don’t I have a proper job? If I bring change in my way of thinking, And if I set a proper goal, My financial problems… Not every man was born rich. Bill Gates says, “It is not
your mistake if you are born poor,” “But it is your mistake if you die poor.” So, you have to take the required steps
to overcome your financial problems. The third one is ‘E’.
Illu- samsaram(Home-Family) These are unavoidable for anyone.
Home and family, they Right. Even if you are not married, You will have parents and siblings wherein
you will be having adjustments with them. Instead of thinking that they
were not as per your mentality, Why don’t you think that you have to
change your mentality as per them. Because we can change our
friends and other people but, You cannot change your parents. So, instead of deserting
them as you don’t like them, We should learn to adjust. The other person is foolish
and he would be like that. But I am not a fool; right? You have to deal with the
home and family in that way. Then, here comes ‘Ee’
which is a very important point. Eesrshya-Dweshalu(Jealousy-Hate) One of the reasons for
getting stressed is jealousy, If you would observe, Some students, Because they didn’t obtain more marks or
other students scored more than them, There are students who jumped to
death from building tops due to jealousy. There are people who died because the other
person got more profits than them in business. Jealousy means, Actually, instead of appreciating, Due to the development of
jealousy at that time in you, You are distancing yourself
from that person. It is said that jealousy is
the naked form of appreciation. Instead of being jealous of a person, Learn to appreciate his greatness. Jelously-hate, they are negative emotions. ‘Aa Aaa, E Ee’ are completed. Next comes ‘U Uu’. ‘U’ means ‘Udyogam'(Employment). Employment not only means
that the job you do, Whatever it is, Even if you don’t do any work
it is also called employment. If you are idle, it is also employment. It will also create lot of stress. But usually, the job I am talking about is, We don’t have satisfaction in our work. Or my boss doesn’t feel
satisfied with my work. Some people come to me for counselling, There are people who changed
10 jobs in a span of 5 years, And it is literally true,
they have changed 10 jobs. When I asked him why he changed, “That boss was a bad person.” “He was jealous sir.” He is this type of person sir…
My madam used to be like this… They might be foolish but you aren’t; right? When you have changed 10 jobs, The 11th employer would
hesitate to employ you. So, adjustment is very important.
One has to adjust. Then, finally ‘Uu’. ‘Uu’ means ‘Uhinchukunna
Bhayaalu'(Fears and Phobias) Fears and Phobias. I might get a heart attack. There would be some TV
programme regarding some disease, And you would fear that you might get it. If it has to come,
it would definitely come. Right? Due to unnecessary fear, We would be subjected to
anxiety at the end. And ultimately, we would
get into depression. Medicines are be used when
one gets depression. If you observe the medicines that
are used to treat depression, They are not related to
a particular disease. There are medicines for the
diseases related to the body. And coming to the medicines
precribed by psychiatrists, They are used to relieve tension. Those medicines are good and
they would relieve the tension, But, why don’t you think
‘prevention is better than cure’. Start thinking positively. By thinking negatively, Fear of crash when travelling in a aeroplane
and other kind of such phobias, If it is going to crash,
you aren’t the only person to die. There are also many other passengers in it. Hence when you imagine the fear,
immediately say ‘stop’ in your mind. Divert your mind.
Right. Try to sit in a ‘Vajrasana’
or ‘Namaz’ posture. All these things will help you. So stay away from ‘Aa Aaa, E Ee, U Uu’. We have discussed about stress. Then, in order to manage stress, Should a doctor be consulted? Or is it that pills are to be taken? Nothing is needed. One can manage their stress themselves. There are 4 techniques to manage stress. 1.) Physical Relaxation. 2.) Mental Relaxation. 3.) Emotional Relaxation. 4.) Spiritual Relaxation. Actually these are known to us. And there is no need to go
specially to a teacher for this. Firstly, physical relaxation means, Besides doing excerise and yoga, You have to stay busy physically
for the entire day. When you stay idle,
sometimes even due to laziness, You would feel,
“I am lonely”, “No one understands me.” “Why was I born?” “Why is my use?” As told by our elders,
‘idle’s man brain is devil’s workshop”, When we are idle, we would be
subjected to this kind of stress. Physical relaxation means do some job. Do some job. Be it, women or men, make yourself busy. If you are idle, Then you would get unncecessary thoughts. The second one is mental relaxation. Mental relaxation means, Here, what you should do is, Some mental exercises, Like watching your favourite visual, Or watching the panoramic view by
sitting at your favourite spot. If you cannot watch such view, Watch it on the geographic channel
or any other channel of that kind. Watch some animals. It should be peaceful to mind. Similarly, there is yoga,
meditation and hypnotism. Mental relaxation means you should divert
your mind from this routine for some time. The third one is emotional relaxation. This is a wonderful process. It means spending time with family. Spending time with family. Or you should spend time
with the people who like you. In whose company you feel happy, You have to spend the time with them. Especially, what psycologists
would suggest is, Hold babies and spend time with them. When they touch you or
when they talk to you, You would unknowingly become a child. So, we should have emotions. Hence, they would mostly suggest
us to spend time with children. When we listen to these
type of suggestions, We would say,” Would these
things really manage the stress?” “Isn’t taking a tablet enough?” If you take tablets then
it is a different issue. And finally, it is spiritual relaxation. Spiritual means, Spend little time to God even
though you are a busy person. If you don’t believe in
God then choose nature. Otherwise do some service. I suggest to people who come to me
stating that they don’t believe in God, “Go visit an orphanage.” “There you will find poor children.” “Do any service to them.
Teach them alphabets.” “Or buy them cadbury
chocolates if you have money.” “Watch them when they are eating,” “The happiness in their eyes
would do wonders in you.” You need not go to God or any
other sacred gatherings and do bhajans. If you have a chance,
then you do it. Generally why it is advised to visit
temples for spiritual relaxation is that, Those who visit temples wouldn’t
come with cruel intentions. All of them who would go there
would have positive vibrations. No one would go to a temple
to commit a murder. You would find that only in movies. No one would come to do terrible things, As there would be positive vibrations,
hence People visit a temple
or a church or a mosque. You might have heard that
when Sikhs visit Gurudwara, The people there are assigned tasks
according to their serial number. That task will be unknown to the devotee
or to those who assigned it. At one time, when Zail Singh was
serving as the president of the India, The task given to him was, When he visited the temple, he was
given the task of polishing shoes. He felt so happy Now, Sikhs consider it as a good
fortune to polish the shoes of others. A lot of IPS officers would ask, During the polishing time, They would even polish the shoes of
the constables who work under them. They feel it happy. The constables would hesitate to give
them their shoes. But they will do it. That is service. So, do the service. Service to humanity is the service to God. So, if you do these 4 relaxations, You will be totally free from the stress.
You can manage. Stress management. Stress and management,
both are known words. It means, stress and its management. We came to know
how to manage it. Now, what is the level of your stress, It is necessary to know about it. Now, I will tell 12 situations. 12 situations. To every situation,
there would be 3 responses or 3 answers. Out of the 3 options, whatever
the option you feel it as correct, You need to mark a tick. What you should do is, Take a white paper, Write 1 to 12 numbers on the white paper. 1, 2, 3, 4… just the numbers. Right? After writing the numbers, I would tell the options A, B, C
and in front of numbers, Write your answers accordingly, Write A, if your answer is A, Write B, if your answer is B, Write C, if your answer is C. At the end, I would tell the score according to the
number of A’s or B’s or C’s that you got. So, you have taken the paper. You have taken the pencil; right? If there are 2 or 3 persons in your room, Sit with some distance between you. Some people would look at
the fellow mates score, The husband would try to
look at the wife’s score. The wife would try to look at the
husband’s score or son’s score. You are ready right. The questions are very simple. You need not worry as if they
are the examination’s questions. So, I would read out the questions, Write the answers for 1 to 12 questions. The first question. When the deadline of
your work approaches, Suppose the deadline for exams
or sending a report is nearing, How would you react? A.) I will become more anxious and
there would be sweat on my forehead. B.) My brain doesn’t work. C.) I would do whatever
I can and move on. 2.) When I remember my problems, A.) I would feel more tensed. I wouldn’t know what to do. B.) It would be worried. C.) I would try to resolve
one after the another. 3.) When I reach the
office or college late, A.) My heart beats rapidly. B.) I would be nervous thinking
what answer should I give. C.) I will go bravely. 4.) When I attend any meeting, A.) It would be worrisome and anxious. B.) I would be thinking what to do. C.) I would cheerfully meet everyone. You have to write correctly. Don’t think marking all the
good things in this is great, Both kind of answers should come. How should they come and how
many such answers should come, I would tell you in the end. 5.) When I attend the tests,
be it educational or medical, A.) I would be very tense, anxious
and my hands would turn cold. B.) I would imagine
something and feel tense. C.) I would go boldly. 6.) When I am talking to
people who are elder than me, A.) I wouldn’t even tell the known things. I would fumble very much. B.) I would feel that I may
not be able to speak to them. C.) After thinking deeply, I would tell
them what I have decided to tell. 7.) Whenever someone
questions me about anything, A.) I would sweat. I would be worrisome. I wouldn’t know what to speak. B.) Even though I know the
answer, I cannot tell it. C.) I can tell the correct answer. 8.) After I wake up, when I
remember the work to be done, A.) With great difficulty,
I would start the work with tension. B.) I cannot understand which work to do. C.) I would plan and do the work. 9.) When someone questions
me in front of some people, A.) My tongue would go dry. I cannot speak and the rate
of my heart beat increases. B.) I cannot tell the answer
and I would be worrisome. C.) I can tell the answer slowly. 10.) When there would be a
situation to question my rights, A.) I fumble as I cannot find the words. Finally, I won’t ask.
I cannot ask. B.) I would overstate my grief. C.) I would ask and take what I need. 11.) At any moment, when I have to
deliver a speech or do speak publicly, A.) I would be very tensed and worried. B.) I would have a fear that
I might not be able to speak well. C.) I can deliver the speech
by writing down the points. Finally, 12.)When I clash with anyone, A.) I cannot speak and
my hands would tremble. B.) I would be deeply saddened for
some days about what had happened. C.) I can give a proper answer. Ok. Now, you make the total of the number
of As, Bs and Cs that you have got. However please note,
do not show to your neighbors. Right. You alone should know your
score and it will be genuine. You might have observed the
speciality in it by now, All A’s are called as
psychosomatic which means, Those which are related to
brain as well as the body. Things like sweating
are related to the body. Psycho means mind and soma means body. All of the A’s are psychosomatic. All of the B’s are
psychological which means, By changing the behaviour
we can change them completely. C.) Normal. It means that there is no
issue with the behaviour. Which means stress free. However, everyone should have a
little stress like I said earlier, I wouldn’t consider any work as
serious if there is no stress. ‘What would happen?
Let us wait’, this is what I would say. Hence, how your score should be is, The people whose age is under 20 years, They should get one A. Two B’s. And nine C’s. 1, 2, 9. Those people whose age is above 20 years, They shouldn’t get a single A. They can get two B’s. And the C’s should be ten. But it is alright to get plus or minus one,
here and there. But under any circumstances, You shouldn’t get more than 3 A’s. And C’s shouldn’t be less than 6. You have noted it right. However, what should be done if
I get those forbidden numbers? Try watching these kind of programmes. Physical relaxation, Mental relaxation, Emotional relaxation and, Spiritual relaxation. You try to do one of these,
that’s enough. Do a single process sincerely, You will be free from stress, And you will lead a peaceful life. Ok.
Thank you. Don’t get worried by seeing the score. It might seem one way if
you do it in the morning, It might seem another way
if you do it in the noon. Don’t be tensed. It would be varying Ok.
Farewell. I am going to present these
kind of things every week. Subscribe my channel without fail. After watching this programme, If you have any doubts,
comments and suggestions, If you write your opinions
in the comment box, I would definitely be able
to answer your questions. Farewell.
Your Pattabhiram.

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