How to Stop a Panic Attack (Episode about Anxiety  Attacks) – Teal Swan

How to Stop a Panic Attack (Episode about Anxiety Attacks) – Teal Swan

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The subject for today is: Anxiety attacks Any of you who have had an anxiety attack know
that it is one of the worst sensations you can have out of any sensation on this planet if you had a panic attack you know it it’s a very surreal experience
and it makes you feel like your life is
completely out of your control So, what is a panic attack
and what can we do about it? A panic attack is basically a sudden
intense episode of fear fear which is coming in response to
a thought which you’re thinking usually a thought which is
subconscious rather than conscious Whatever thought it is that you thought caused your body to react as if it was a life or death
situation your body was then flooded with
chemicals which are associated with fight or flight now, in that kind of a circumstance When fear is coming in response to a thought which doesn’t necessarily pertain
to the experience or your circumstance that you’re in, your body is flooded with chemicals like adrenaline those chemicals would be normal if
you’re running through the woods being chased by a bear or were in some other circumstance
that was a threat to your life however, when you have an anxiety attack most often those chemicals are being
flooded to your system out of context meaning, there is no immediate threat that you can perceive to your physical well-being but your body is registering
that there is The fact that these emotions feel as if they are out of context makes you feel crazy and makes you feel
like you’re losing control and that right there is really the
hallmark of the panic attack because the sensation becomes
what you start to fear you start to fear that you’re losing control
and you start to fear that you’re crazy (for lack of a better word) and so that fear on top of the previous fear that your body thinks
that is in a situation of life or death causes a level of fear to happen which is debilitating a lot of times you will fear having
other panic attacks as well because the experience is so intensely horrible it becomes something
which inhibits you in life you fear having another one to the degree where you may limit what you’re doing
socially you structure your life in resistance to the idea of having
another anxiety attack but that fear, in and of itself can cause
another one to come on and then we develop things like anxiety
or panic disorders to understand some of the symptoms which
might occur to you if you were having a panic attack I’m going to give you some
of these symptoms now If you’re having a panic attack
you may experience: A sense of impending doom or danger The fear of loss of control or of death You may begin to experience very rapid
heart rate You may start to sweat or tremble You may feel shortness of breath or
you may have a hyperventilation problem You may get chills or hot flashes You may feel nauseous You might get abdominal cramping chest pain a headache You may get dizzy
you may feel faint You may feel like your throat is closing up on you,
like it’s super tight and you have trouble swallowing You may feel numbness in your
extremities or you may have the feeling of
surreal reality meaning, that you feel like you’re
detached from yourself I want to reiterate that your brain has no way of distinguishing between the thoughts you’re thinking and the reality which it perceives This very principle, that your brain has no way of perceiving the difference between thought and reality can work to your advantage but in the case of an anxiety attack
it works to your disadvantage because your brain can’t really
distinguish whether the thoughts that you are thinking are real or not real everything is real to the brain
so if you’re thinking a thought which puts your body in panic mode your brain at that moment doesn’t stop
itself and say: “this is not reality” it perceives itself being in a life or death situation so it’s important for those of us who have
anxiety attacks to acknowledge the fact that we’re not going crazy the body and the brain are responding in perfect accordance to what our thoughts are. I personally don’t advocate any anti-anxiety medications that are available today unless a person believes that that is the thing which will cure them
because belief is the trump card for everything. If you feel like anxiety medication is the only thing which can help you release resistance to anxiety it’s not wrong for you to go get them but in my personal opinion your emotions are the compass which are leading you through life, they’re what’s telling you if
the thought you hold resonates with your higher self and that
what you truly are, or does not resonate with who you are and what you really should be doing So, why take out the compass that’s what we’re doing so often
nowadays in our medicinal practices is, we’re basically making an enemy of the
very thing which is leading us in the correct or incorrect direction and then we wonder why our lives have
become numb and we wonder why our lives have become
less than satisfactory In order to prevent anxiety attacks
you want to avoid alcohol and avoid stimulants like coffee and like sugar. Some of us have much more sensitive
systems than others I think this is a good thing, to have a
very sensitive nervous system means that you have a very very accurate compass It’s very hard for people who are
sensitive to go on the opposite direction of what
is right for them So it’s not a good thing to make an enemy of a
sensitive system but, it’s best if you can gear
your choices in life towards a diet and a lifestyle which will pacify your nervous system and nurture your nervous system so, create any kind of grounding
environments for your nervous system to flourish so you’re not bombarding it because your likelihood of having a kind of a panic attack or chronic anxiety if
you’re overloading it with stimulants is super super high Get regular exercise I know we all harp on diet, exercise
and sleep but exercise is really really good for
your nervous system joint impact releases chemicals in your brain which pacify your system they actually have a calming effect
which is why a lot of people with anxiety disorders are addicted exercise Get eight hours of sleep a day When you are allowing yourself to go to
sleep you’re releasing resistance you’re rejoining your Source Self perspective and in the absence of resistance well-being and health is allowed to flourish it will literally cascade naturally
through your body so you’re allowing yourself to reset when you allow yourself to sleep enough Find every way you can to reduce stress
in your life Stress takes a toll on your body It is basically, the heart every single
disorder and every single disease If you maintain a life of stress or a focus
on situations which make you feel stress your likelihood for an anxiety attack
increases exponentially the reason is because your body is set up for the specific chemicals that are
released within it What I mean is: If you’re a person who chronically
fuels stress the brand new cells that are made within
your body are made intact with receptor sites which
are specifically designed for the neuropeptides in your body which are associated with
stress and when those receptor sites get denied of chemicals they start to go
into a crave type of situation where they release all kinds of
information about them dying and needing
that same kind of chemical so then you get into this sort of locked in cycle where you almost need
to create stress because your cells are craving the stress chemical So, if you would like to live a
stress-free life you need to start practicing living a life of non-stress to such a degree that
the new cells within your body that are made come into this existence with new
receptor sites which are predisposed towards emotions (the chemical version of the emotions)
like joy rather than chemical emotions like stress In order to stop an anxiety attack you’ve got to find a way to get your brain
to stop sending the message to your body that it’s in a life or death situation,
it has to stop sending the emergency message Fear is your indication that your focus or
something you are paying attention to is in the exact opposite direction of your desire and your well-being and your higher self Panic and fear is one of the lowest vibrations,
it’s one of the most discordant vibrations in our universe In other words, when you feel fear your intention which is always
well-being is colliding with your current thought or action which holds a different resonance than that, entirely. So, what do we do about it? Number one Never force yourself through the action if you’re feeling a panic attack and never try to avoid the sensation trying to avoid a panic attack or trying to ignore a panic attack once
it has happened and force yourself through the action the panic attack has occurred
because of is the worst thing you can do it will not work So, What I want you to do if you’re having a
panic attack is: close your eyes and I want you to take five very deep deep breaths Breathe in to the extent where you’re
filling your lungs entirely up to their full capacity and then I want you to hold that
breath for eight to ten seconds and then release the breath. Remind yourself of what is going on you can tell yourself:
I am having a panic attack That will help pull your brain out of the
catastrophe thinking into the reality which is current, which
is: I am having an anxiety attack That’s way better than thinking
I’m literally in life or death situation Next I want you to do something very
counter-intuitive I want you to turn your focus in towards
all of those sensations Resisting the sensations will make the sensations worse because whatever we resist, persists. That’s the vibrational law within this universe. So, we want you to embrace and dive into the emotions and the sensations
of the experience of the panic attack. It may be the very last thing you feel
like doing but it will be your key to set in free of that panic attack. When you embrace and you welcome the
sensations of an anxiety attack it changes your point of power It’s a conscious change of your attitude towards the experience which then changes the chemicals which
are released in your brain. Those sensations are there for a reason they are meant to be acknowledged and they must be acknowledged if the experience is to be fully processed. Begin naming what it feels like for example you could say Sensation you feel heavy and stinging you feel like metal you feel like you’re trying to eat me I want you to name whatever
sensations you are feeling within your body Then, I want you to take it one step further I want you to invite the feeling
to become worse ask it to get more intense ask it to feel more This step removes all remaining resistance that you have
to the experience When the fear is no longer being fed by the mental
resistance it will dissipate What’s better than that is, your
confidence will begin to kick in it will tell you guess what?! you’re in control of the experience rather than
the experience being in control of you which is how panic attacks get you. They convince you that you’re
not in control of your own life Then I want you to ask the sensation
what it needs you to know what it’s trying to tell you Acknowledge those feelings and acknowledge the fact that you hear them
and you feel them and you understand them also acknowledge that you have gratitude
for them gratitude for the fact that your system is giving you totally accurate feedback to the thoughts that you’re thinking then I want you to look deeply to try to identify what it was that you
were focused on before having this panic attack Once you identify it you want to look for evidence and proof that
undermines that thought that you were thinking Then you want to begin looking
for thoughts which feel better to think so for example If I have a fear of going on an airplane and I’m
experiencing an anxiety attack as a result of being on an airplane I want to begin to come up with
as many thoughts which both undermine my thoughts which are aligned
with the fear of being on an airplane and support the idea that it’s an
enjoyable experience and a safe experience For example, I could think thoughts like: planes get safer and safer
every single year or, pilots are trained specifically for any
kind of emergency situation so I am actually in good hands or, all you hear about on the news is the
one plane crashes and not the millions and millions and millions each month
that takeoff with no problem If you have problems with negative focus
chronically or you consider yourself a worrier it’s a really good idea to bring with you something called “The positive aspects journal” What a Positive aspects journal is is basically a journal where you write down a subject so, if I have a fear of flying I could
write down flying on an airplane and then you write an entire list of all the positives which you could think
about the situation “flying on an airplane” any thought which makes you feel better. It’s a really good idea if you have a
chronic worrying problem and you know that you’re headed towards
a situation like flying and you’ve already made the decision that
you’re gonna go through with it to write down as many things like that
as you can possibly focus on so that during the experience you
already have a list to look at so you can be attuned in the get go, right out of the gate with positive emotions and positive sensations rather than running the
risk of spiraling downwards and getting yourself into a situation where you’re
experiencing a panic attack It’s impossible to have a panic attack
when you’re focused positively the reason is, is that your emotions
are your indication of the exact thought which you are holding So, if you hold a positive thought, negative
emotions can’t occur within your system The reason that panic attacks feel
like they’re “out of the blue” is because we move through life in a
first-person perspective Seldom do we ever step back and really watch
the thoughts that we’re thinking So often, when we walk into a situation like getting onto an airplane, we have so many negative thoughts that are rapid-firing and that we have no conscious awareness of when we get hit
by the panic attack we’re going: “I don’t know where that came from
it just came to me from nowhere” without acknowledging the thoughts which we thought leading up to that experience Sometimes taking an action like going someplace or meeting someone is not in line with our well-being That will come across as the intuitive feeling
of something not being right for you The problem is, when you have that intuition
of something is not entirely right for you often we start to pile really negative thoughts on top of it which spiral into fear and
spiral into panic attacks So once you go through these steps
that I’ve outlined and you pull yourself out of the
catastrophic thinking you can find that place
which is your thought stasis and once you’re in that thought stasis you can
distinguish whether that action is correct for you or whether the action is wrong for you. Once you have pulled those thoughts of fear away from the very root which is usually
an action that you’re thinking about taking you can ask yourself Is this action right or is this action
wrong for me individually? Is this action in line with
my highest good? If the answer is yes then you want to try
to pull your thoughts into vibrational alignment with the
decision you’ve just made if you make any decision, you want to start thinking
thoughts which lineup totally with that decision so you don’t experience any opposition
and any resistance If the answer is: no, it’s not right for me then don’t do it you cannot expect yourself to do something and just get used to it it’s not going to happen You can’t be living a happy life while simultaneously
going upstream all the time in your life Fearful thoughts can be like weeds
which grow around a flower a flower which represents something
which is right for you to do, or think, or be in this life. Sometimes fearful thoughts can be like weeds which
grow around poisonous mushroom the poisonous mushroom, of course,
representing things which are not good for you to do, and be, and have
and all of that in this lifetime But the fearful thoughts which are the weeds
have to be cleared away first, for you to decide whether that thing which
the fearful thoughts are obscuring is right for you or is wrong for you you never want to take action
until you take the step to clear those weeds,
clear the fearful thoughts off of whatever subject you have been thinking about You always know what’s right or wrong for you You always hold the power to focus positively or focus on something which causes you
to feel negative emotion I promise you,
as debilitating as panic attacks are it is totally within your power to be able
to stop them when they occur and they can bring very valuable insight
into your life and get you in touch with
what is really right for you Subtitles by the community

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    Also try to find the root. we need an insight into what is going to be better in our lives. Is this person or two people really important no matter how close you are. Just decide if you could move away from that person or people who triggered it first place.
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    I learned to retrain my breathing control center again, to breathe through my nose 24/7 again.
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    Search term: the Buteyko method.

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    Your mouth is for eating and talking, your nose is for breathing.

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  49. When I have a panic attack I feel like everyone is pointing at me and laughing. It actually happens to a lesser degree. That's why I tell myself it doesn't matter what other people think about me. In fact it is none of my business.

  50. When I had that panick attack was a time when one of my friends who I had a REALLY deep connection with moved to a different state after getting married & I was thinking " how could I survive without her!" So, at least I know what brought it on.

  51. my very first panic attack I didn't know what it was I started walking and racing around my apartment trying to get away from something cuz I thought something had just invaded my body I couldn't feel myself my heart was racing and I thought I was floating I thought I was dead..😧
    And to this day I don't know what caused it… ever since that first panic attack I have extreme anxiety that I've been seeing a doctor for 7 years for and only get medicated for it this video is going to help immensely thank you so much…💗😥

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