How To Stop Knee Pain While Cycling | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

How To Stop Knee Pain While Cycling | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

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– Faster than a brand new kilometer record at sea level, it’s here again. The show where you ask and we answer your cycling related questions. It’s ask GCN Anything. Now first up we have
this question from Marcus who says, “@gcntweet I
love the show, keep it up. But how do I know when I need a new chain? Are there performance benefits
to a more expensive one?” Now, first off, yes there
are some performance benefits from a slightly more expensive chain. They can be a little bit lighter and a bit more harder wearing. So, generally speaking,
they will last just that little bit longer
over a cheaper chain. Before we get into the detail about how to recognize a chain
that’s starting to wear out and not performing quite as well, it’s really important as we
head into the winter months. And this is why this is a
particularly timely question to keep your chain as clean
and as lubricated as possible. Because if it’s exposed to grime, to dirt, to tiny particles, and corrosive
salts at this time of year, it will really accelerate
the chain wearing out. So keep it clean and keep it lubricated. Now how to spot a worn
chain, well basically, you’ll hear it first because
there will be a little bit of a rattle, a little bit
of a chatter on the chain. It won’t sit quite as
snugly on the sprockets and also need to take a
look at the chain close up. So take a close look and there’ll be a little bit of play in the
links, you’ll even be able to see slight gaps if
your chain is over worn. With normally a new chain
all the links will sit nice and snug and tightly together. And there’ll also be in
a slack, loose chain, lateral play as well. And this particular subject,
Simon tackles in this video. – Can be quite rudimentary,
essentially just a piece or metal or plastic that
you pop on the chain and if its worn out, it will
sit flat with the chain. This one here tells you
exactly how worn out it is. If it’s .5 then you’re okay to keep going just, but you should think about it and if it fits in .75, then it doesn’t. – Well next up we have this
question from Andrius M, who asks, “What was John’s FTP increase after the training for the Haute Route? Which training plans in
Trainerroad did he pick, and how much did he train?” Well thanks very much for
this question, Andrius, I mean John really did enjoy
his Haute Route experience, although, as he will
testify, it pushed him to the absolute limits of
pretty much everything. But I think he’s come
out of the other side with his eyes wide, and I’m
sure he’d kinda wanna do that sort of thing again. And I for one, although I
was only briefly involved, really did feel for him. Now in terms of the training that he did, he primarily did sessions
on the turbo trainer, primarily trained indoors. He’d wracked up between five and six thousand kilometers in total. Now he did certain intervals, he did a lot of over under sessions, so basically pushing
himself beyond his FTP, holding it, and then going back under. He also did a lot of 20 minute blocks, building his endurance and his power. Now, when he did his first FTP, before embarking on the Haute
Route, it was 202 watts. And then it built, over those six months, to a rather impressive 250 watts. So some pretty heavy
gains there from John, so fair play to him. And, well, here’s a
look at the ride itself. It really is quite something. – I’m at the top of the
Col de la Madeleine. I’m 15 minutes inside the time limit, so I made up a fair bit of
the time on the climb which is very good. Just tucking into some nice bread and ham. And then I’ll be on my way again. – Its time now for the rapid fire round. Stefan, count us in. (beeping with voice) – Good beeps, here we go. First up is this from
Youtubesyclism, who asked, “Re crank length, I shortened up my cranks on my tt bike to allow me to get lower without closing down
my hip angle so much.” That’s pretty cool, ’cause that is what the British team pursuit squad did. Shorter cranks, actually more aerodynamic. Next up is this from Shane Burgel. “Just wanna say thanks. I was able to do a full
11 speed conversion thanks to your maintenance videos.” Thank you very much, indeed. Next up is this from Manan daboss. “I have a 14 28t free wheel on the back and a triple 44, 34, 24 on the front. Is that good gearing to
be starting out with? I’m about six months into cycling and I have a Foxter 2. zx.” Well Manan, that is absolutely fine. Don’t see a lot of people using
triple chain sets these days it’s mostly compacts, but
what you got on board there should get you up pretty
much any climb in the world regardless of your
fitness and, well from me, enjoy your cycling, that
should be absolutely fine. Next up we have this from Wei Ting, who says, “Will pro bike
sponsors roll gravel bikes out at Paris Roubaix in 2018? I’ve never thought a that. Let’s wait and see. There’s a few bikes, I
know a couple of bikes now Specialized in particular,
the geometry on their bike on the Specialized Roubaix is very similar to a gravel bike, so who knows? We shall see, we wait with bated breath. Next up is this from Larry Hillyer, “What videos does GCN have regarding sprint interval training?” Well Larry, thanks for getting in contact. Just type in sprint intervals into GCN, and we’ve got a wealth of
different sprint videos there for you, hope that helps. Next up is this from Benjamin Knudsen, “Why not make some more and new
videos about track cycling?” Very very good question indeed. We’ve got a few videos on track cycling. One in particular we did with Chris Hoy a couple of years ago. We also have particular videos explaining all the different track events, but perhaps that something
we’ll look at in the future. And finally, is this. Now there’s a few of you got in touch with me mixing up the bones in our legs, and really I should know
about this, shouldn’t I, although, I’m not trained
in any medical issues, really I should know what the bones are. So, this is from Jamie Greenhough, “The femur is your thigh bone.” I fall on my sword, I’m
sorry, I got it wrong. Well rapid fire done and dusted. Take a bit of deep breath
and slow things down with this question down
in the comments section, from Mohammed Ilham, who asks, “Hi GCN, I’m an Indonesian cyclist, and I injured my left knee
ligament not too long ago. I’m still riding my bike
at least once a week with a distance of between
40 and 60 kilometers, but sometimes the other half of my ride, my knee starts to hurt a bit. Have you got any tips on a
training method to prevent that? Thanks very much.” Well Mohammed, sorry to
hear of your knee injury, and thanks very much
for getting in contact. Now, a lot will depend,
in relation to recovering from your injury, on how
occurred in the first place. Was it something acute? Was it basically the result of a crash and an injury sustained in a crash? Or was it something a
little bit different? Was it due to the position on your bike? Was it over training, for example? Or was it something as simple as having your shoe
plate in the wrong place, which can cause, obviously, knee injuries. Now, what I’d suggest you do, if you haven’t done it already, is if you can, go to see a specialist. Give them the circumstances
of your injury, pinpoint what the problem is, and they’ll look at the root cause, and perhaps give you some exercises and some more expert advice
on trying to sort it out. If you can’t get to see a specialist, then what I would do was take
a very very patient approach. You say you’re going out on your bike for a little while and
it’s causing you pain. Basically, ride as much as you can. As soon as you feel any pain at all, that’s when you need to
really knock things off. I’d go home and basically
rest, rest, rest. The most important thing
with any joint injury, including knee injuries, is patience. I’ve been there many times myself. Sometimes it takes
several weeks off the bike without any riding at
all, in company with some specific exercises to
keep the muscles working. But most of all, you need
to show a lot of patience. And hopefully, in time,
it’ll rectify itself. Now in the meantime, well you’re watching a bit of GCN on Youtube. And to help prevent something like this potentially happening in the future, how about watching this video here. – First place you should
start is by looking at your saddle height and position. Now, get it too high or too low, and you’ll be putting
considerable extra strain on your knees. Now, talk to fellow
cyclist, and with one look they should be able to tell you if there are any glaring
errors in your position. But you can of course,
do it yourself as well. – Well that’s it for
another edition of Ask GCN. Please, do keep firing your questions in, down on social media, or
in the comments section, using the hashtag #Torqueback. And if you haven’t already subscribed to the Global Cycling Network,
you can do so for free, by clicking on the globe and that way you won’t miss another video. Now speaking of videos,
we have two more for you that I think you might like. As we head into the winter months, we all sometimes need a
little bit of inspiration. So how ’bout clicking, just here, for our top ten
inspirational cycling quotes. Now, a lot of us ride
indoors during the winter, so how ’bout clicking just down
here, for a training video, where I rode along with Team Sky.

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  1. #Torqueback… Hey GCN I am a Namibian cyclists and I want to start a cancer fund raising strip through 7 big towns and 3 village town. It's over 800 km in total but problem is that I am not a fast rider, on average I go 28km/h on a very heavy MTB, which is the only bike I have. About 80% of the road is flat and 20% is short hills which are easier to climb… The other problem is that the road is not so big and there is always heavy traffic… Any advice

  2. Hi Gcn, I am new to cycling and have not been doing it very long however i ride and race for school. I had my first win on Saturday and so my mum thought about pitching in for my own bike mainly so she can have her Colnago back! Any bikes you suggest? #Torqueback

  3. So I was riding and my wheel bent for some reason and now I’m determined to make my on wheels but I wanna know which wheels would be the best

  4. Top tip. Instead of worrying about your chain in winter get a belt drive. My Gates belt is nearly 5 years old and and all I have to do is wash it with water every few weeks. Just use up the the last of your water bottle each ride and you won't need to do any other belt maintenance all winter.

  5. Hi Gcn! I'm going away to Majorca with my club in March next year – on that camp they do 80 miles at 15mph. I'm currently at 45 miles at 15mph! Any training tips? I don't have much time and race Cross in the winter! Keep up the good work #TORQUEBACK

  6. Just wondering if there is anything out there to replace the metal chain / cassette? How much weight could be saved with something so much lighter? #torqueback

  7. The last time I had knee pain was while I was re-adjusting to riding on the road after a winter in the gym this last spring 2017. For a couple years before, bicycling was the only real leg work I did. Then I started going to a gym in august 2016. I used a Treadmill. And a stair climber. And a "summit trainer" which is an interesting machine that can be used to focus on the glutes with a positive shin angle. It's like a hybrid between a nordic track and a stair climber. And no, I don't mean an elliptical; your feet move in straight lines. Oh, and I also used the gym's bikes. I did some killer intervals, sprints, and cascades. That's where I got my cardio in. But I had also done curls, extensions abductions and adductions, and just before getting back outside, a leg press. I did all the weight lifting in the world, on my calves, thighs, hips, back, chest, shoulders, arms, etc.

    I started getting back on my real bike regularly by April this year, and it hurt because I had seriously reorganized my muscles. I had to change my setup. I had to fiddle with raising the stem, moving the saddle up and down and back and forth, foot position, muscle engagement and rhythm…. I made progress, but not enough, so I was even considering that I needed experiment with crank length. And at that point, that's literally everything you can change besides the frame itself, so I may be looking at a new bike entirely, with a pro fitting.

    It was a tough few weeks, when cycling outside felt foreign almost like new. But then things suddenly clicked. No more pain in the knees and feet, no cramping, no anything. Immediately I was cutting off 10 minutes or more on routes I was doing fall 2016, and improved steadily from there. I was even less hungry and thirsty. Overall I've kicked 2017's ass.

  8. Knee ligament problem? Which ligament? In general, riding is one of the best exercises to do prior to knee surgery so that you maintain that muscle mass you need during rehabilitation. Keep on moving, but use your common sense if something hurts – avoid hills and high speeds. For specifics though, see your sport medicine physician or a sports oriented physiotherapist !!!!!!!

  9. #torqueback Do the pros run the same tire pressure front and rear? Does it vary by the weight of the rider? What pressures do you see in the pro peloton?

  10. Unknown obstacle in cycling. I have a MTB and I found out when I have the bigges gears while run fast I felt some obstacle from my feet. It comes seasonal when I pedal. It feel like pedal one and a half then I will got some resisitive feeling. I wonder is that some problem with my bicycle axle or my chain(the chain did not too old).

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  14. GCN, you might be interested in a new movie about cycling that is coming out called Wonderful Losers. Thanks for answering my previous question. Got one more question for #torqueback. After putting the wheel I often need to slightly adjust the brake caliper because the pads are not aligned symmetrically with the braking surface. What am I doing wrong? or is it normal that the wheel is not in the exact same position as before?

  15. I have been road cycling for a little over 3 years now and have had two bike fits.I used to regular go out at cycle 20-30 miles twice a week, but this year I have only been out a few times and have now developed a pain on/in the outside of my right knee.  I can cycle about 10 miles then it will hurt and for a period off the bike just walking then the pain goes.  When Matt says see a professional does he mean a cycling professional or a physio professional?

  16. Hi Guys, I thought that it might be neat to see you all actually racing. Any chance we can get a video of race clips from your pro days? Also, any thoughts of getting a Zwift club or racing team together?

  17. Hi GCN. I've been riding for a couple of years and am currently looking to upgrade from my first road bike. Given that I don't weigh that much anyway (about 64kg) how much difference will I notice from a lightweight bike which is a couple of kilos lighter than my current one (about 9.5kg with an aluminium frame)? I've signed up for the etape next year which will be my first time riding in the mountains so a good bike for climbing will be an important consideration for me. Thanks. #torqueback

  18. Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is one of the most common overuse injuries among runners. It occurs when the iliotibial band, the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin, is tight or inflamed. The IT band attaches to the knee and helps stabilize and move the joint. One can read this as injuries among cyclists as well. Stretching and chiropractic treatment work in conjunction to relieve this problem.

  19. Hello, I am a fresh cyclist who had just been into cycling recently. My question is why is cycling addictive? #TorqueBack

  20. #askgcn Bike fit, I fall in between M and S sized frames (frustrating) but I have a hard time working out which way I should go. Long and low or short and high. It's impossible to slam a small frame and be comfortable with a high seat post. With the medium frame size I can be slammed but with not much seatpost extension ( not cool). Which way should I go? I am more a hill climber than a full gas flat road guy, so comfort on the tops and hoods is essential. 174cm, 66kg btw. I also want my bike to look PRO. I also want to build the bike myself (I don't trust bike mechanics). right now I have a M size Scott Addict RC Highroad, without me aboard it weighs 6.2kg. I'm looking for a lighter alternative perhaps a Yonex Carbonex

  21. The mistake I was making with my knees was that I rode hard till they started hurting, and then I left them passive till pain was gone. And then repeated… That was the worst thing to do. The proper way is to do more lower-intensity efforts and warm-up and warm-down properly. When knees still hurt after coming home, don't just sit and lie around, do light exercises to keep the knees in use. Long-term, find a good fyzio and identify the source of the issue. Could be anything from your feet, hips, or even your core and back causing the problem.

    Hope this helps someone to avoid my mistakes.

  22. Hey, Does water damage my bike a lot? I need to train thru the winter and really want to get those precious km in however i am scared of my bike getting damaged. For the record they haven't started putting salt on the roads so water really is my biggest issue. #torqueback

  23. Thank you for another great video, GCN and Matt! I was wondering what the difference was between straight-pull and J-Bend wheels, and which ones, if any, were better? #torqueback #askgcn

  24. I'm in the midst of an advanced chain replacement technique. Last time I replaced the cassette, I also bought 4 chains and am swapping (rotating) them (chains) every 700 miles. I'll check them for wear as I go and if one exceeds the .5 it will be removed. Trying to see if and by how much life I can get from my cassette (expensive dura ace). Last one made it thru two chains and the third started skipping on the two most used rear cogs. Also making an effort to stay in the small ring unless I know I'll be going over 22 mph. (12-27). Hoping to reduce wearage on big ring as well.

  25. Hello GCN, thanks for your amazing content. My question: what are your thoughts regarding Virtual Reaity Glasses that display real-time data to your lenses while riding? Such as these: Note: I'm not an affiliate. Thanks, George #torqueback

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  28. A question from a novice #torqueback!
    I never owned a road bike, only MTBs, but I'm fascinated by their sexiness, speed, lines… everything!
    I've been thinking about buying (finally) a road bike. It appears that the future for road bikes are (in order of time proximity): disk brakes, tubeless tires, wide tires.
    So why should I buy a road bike and not a gravel bike (that has these features already)?
    (ok the geometries are different, but maybe for a novice like me a gravel bike is more forgiving?)


  29. I regularly train with GCN on my indoor trainer, love your workouts. I don’t have a power meter but train with heart rate and HR zones based on my LTHR. Is there a method for determining what LTHR percentage or HR zone I should target based on the RPE used in your training videos?

  30. #torqueback Winter Recovery question – after a 3-4 hour ride or 1 hour intense ride I always have a recovery shake afterwards. As the winter nights draw in I am stuck with the turbo trainer in the week. My Turbo sessions range from 20 mins to 1 hour (GCN training videos a great help) and are nearly always pretty hard going. Do you think it is beneficial to consume something to aid recovery after a relatively short session compared to a road ride? Taking into account that I usually do these sessions before bed, and also my goal at the moment is weight loss, love the channel…keep it up

  31. Hi GCN. Love the constant videos. I always get a saddle sore in the same place on the left side of my seat. Could it be to do with my left hamstring being shorter than my right as I have had issues due to my short left hamstring before? #torqueback

  32. Hi guys, I love the channel, kudos to you for the great content!
    I am starting a project with and old Peugeot frameset and I was thinking about using new tecnology, I'm pretty sure I saw something similar on the channel: A rider used to go to the signing ceremony on a vintage bike with new components… The thing is I don't remember who that guy was, or his team, or which was the race he was on. Could you help me find it??

  33. #TORQUEBACK 2x linked questions. First – to glove or not to glove – some pros seem to use gloves, others not – personal preference or is there another reason? As a reformed motorcyclist I was taught that no gloves is not an option (unless you are nuts) since the nerves and tendons in the inside of the wrist are where you are likely to land in a crash, risking major long-term issues. Second question – i have some ulnar nerve damage (form riding not crashing) – are there gloves out there designed to alleviate this problem or at least stem the rate of deterioration?

  34. What's the rule of thumb of how long you can get out of your carbon frame, also would you guys make a video of how to test your carbon frame for wear and tear? Love the show. #TORQUEBACK

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    P.s Si deserves a belated wattage bazooka for his assault on the area's climbs last year.

  36. why road cycling shoe doesn't come with rubber sole like MTB? Is it in the name of lightweight? it be so much more convenient and practical for amateur cyclist who will walk on their cycling shoe… i assume #askgcn  #torqueback

  37. I have another question regarding an injury. I have lumbar stenosis, which has taken my lumbar vertebrae out of alignment for undetermined reasons progressively across several years and, sadly, it needs surgery to be corrected. It's painful but I can function mostly fine and I'm not sure when I'll be able to have the procedure done on me but, in the meantime, I keep training on my stationary bike from half an hour to an hour five times a week.

    Do you know if training on bikes, stationary or traditional, is recommended and beneficial to the back? I hope you guys can help and thanks.

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    Great indoor training videos by the way!

  40. #torqueback #askgcnanything A question for Matt and Dan really. At what age does training merely slow your performance decline, as opposed to the young whipper snappers who improve their performance with training and haven't yet hit old age and decrepitude? Julian of Rugby approaching a certain vintage, but still wanting desperately to be fast 🙂

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    I got into cycling to help my knees =and their 7 surgeries due to football). Cycling works wonders to make my knees feel better.

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  47. Hey I love the show, but how much of success in cycling is down to genetics, for example the genetic differences between Jason kenny and Chris froome

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  49. #torqueback About bike weight: is a kilo a kilo for everybody? I weight 80kg.. if I ride a 8kg bike, that´s the 10% of my weight.. a 60kg rider would need a 6kg bike to reach the same proportion.. am I right?

  50. #torqueback Hi, my name is Nathan, I’m trying to balance school with cycling, I’m only 16 but want to take cycling seriously. I’m finding it so hard in the winter months because I can only fit in a 30 min ride after school because of daylight hours. I currently haven’t got a job but, would you recommend that I invest in a turbo trainer or something like that? If not, are there any other ways I can train hard in the winter?

  51. I'm getting ready for a "arthroscopy" (little surgery in my knee) Does anyone have any experience or advice for getting back on my bike?

  52. I've just bought my fourth chain this year (11 speed, used for a 40km commute approx four or five times each week)! I'm a bit fed up of buying a new chain so frequently. Why can't chains be made so they are more robust than plasticine? When did a chain become a disposable item? #torqueback

  53. Hi GCN! How do I know whether my front derailleur needs indexing? Also, do you have any videos on how to do so if need be? Thank you! #Torqueback

  54. #Torqueback – I have ridden thousands of kms on my current bike/wheels/tires/tubes with no problems. Recently, I have had four separate flats in the rear tire (at least three different causes or areas) – I have cleaned the tire in/out and also the rim. Thoughts on what would cause so many sudden flats? Rubber still looks in reasonable condition and not significantly worn out.

  55. I'm 45 years old I've cycling took up 12 month ago been cycling between 60 and 100 miles a week started getting early signs of hip arthritis I don't want to stop cycling any advice

  56. Boy that's the truth. Cycling is so much fun! So was this right..

  57. I love your videos.I watch your videos over and over. You guys; ROCK !!! As a spin instructor; I like to study all your videos done on the road as well as in the studio and incorporate them into my spin classes. Keep up the fantastic work; guy's…

  58. At the age of 41 I destroyed my knees for doing 2,000 miles on a 20kg bike. Obviously a bike in steel resistant but low price. Now I pay the consequences … I am morally destroyed the bike I miss it a lot

  59. Hi GCN Team.

    Im going for 1000 km cycling in next month. Pls let me know how to prepare for daily 100km ride. It's Road ride.

    Want to know which cycle will be good. I have full Mtb but I think it's not good option.

  60. HI #GCN, have resumed cycling in India after 6 years. Doing 20 km each day and its been good. However, lately, I've noticed something going on with my patella / knees. Something looks not right. Can you advise what it may possibly be and which specialist should be consulted to take a look. Thank you! #TORQUEBACK

  61. Despite 6 months consistently following GCN HIIT training session… My endurance capacity still bottom pit… Any advice Matt?

  62. Knee pain check list.

    Saddle height cyeco
    Patella massage
    Clamshell exercise with exercise band.
    It band stretch or it band massage with foam roller.

    Result knee pain will go away.
    If not see a specialist and let them know what you have done already.

  63. I rode the whole season outdoors with no problems. But as soon as i start riding zwift on my wahoo kickr in having some petellar tendon discomfort. It cant be my bike fit can it? I had no issues all year.

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