How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) – Teal Swan

How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) – Teal Swan

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How to Stop Worrying In today’s world, everywhere you turn you are bombarded with things to worry about, and people who think you
should worry about them. The collective human belief is the dangers lurking
around every corner. Why is it that we’re so convinced
that we need to worry? It’s because we think that worrying allows us to see potential
negative outcomes and thus prepare for them. The problem is, we live in a
law of attraction based universe. and in a universe that is
based on the law of attraction, there’s really no such
thing as repelling. That means, that if you focus
at something you don’t want, the universe doesn’t hear
that you don’t want it, it’s only responding to your focus. And so, focusing at
something you don’t want, is as good as inviting it. The same goes for
something you do want. Focus at something you want, and the universe listens to your focus. And so what you want comes to you. The more all the story is, anything you focus on becomes part of your reality, whether you want it or not. There is no such thing as pushing something
out of your experience, in an attraction based universe. Here’s this funny situation
that happens with people. We worry about something happening, and then it happens to us, and then we feel justified and
validated for having worried. We say: “See I told you.” “I’m so incredibly glad
I worried about that, because it definitely happened,
didn’t you notice?” What we miss though, is that we by virtue of
living in this universe, which is managed by law of attraction, which is the byproduct of
the thoughts we’re thinking, we are the ones who have
created this experience. So we first create the experience that we don’t want to have happen, and then, feel justified about
having worried about it. Not realizing that the worry,
which is intense focus upon what is unwanted, is the exact thing which created
the scenario in the first place. You can’t prove, even if you don’t 100% believe
you create reality or not. We think that worrying
is good for us, because we think it allows us
to foresee a negative scenario and then plan for it, so it doesn’t have as
much impact on us. Because we fail to recognize that
in the process of focusing on it We’re creating that in our reality. Because we think
worry is good for us, we think pain is good for us. When we worry we
feel emotional pain. It doesn’t feel good to focus on
something that is unwanted. But we have to ignore our
emotional guidance system, in order to continue worrying. And just like I said in
my previous video, on why we’re addicted to suffering, we think pain is good. If I worry even though
I’m feeling that pain, I will prevent myself
from further pain, so pain is serving me. This is why we can’t let go of worry. But I think this is a fairly
powerless way of going about it. Why would we spend our time, waste our time really, focusing on a scenario which
we don’t want to have happen and thus create it in the process? Why not just focus on what
you would rather have happen? Or find any way you can find, to release resistance to
that worst-case scenario? Many of us, especially
those of us who worry, feel as if the universe is against us. And the universe seems
so much larger than us. So it feels as if we are up against
something we can’t win against. But nonetheless we organisms
of Earth, are survivalists, and so we try to win all the same. Our survival and basic
human need of certainty is at risk if we don’t win. So we use worry to try to
outsmart the adversary. And our adversary is the universe. Those of us who worry find it very hard to focus positively. It makes us feel like
ignorant sitting ducks about to get shot in a pond. We think there is going to be a
consequence for positive focus. We spend our time focusing on
consequences or potential problems. But what we do not understand is that focusing on consequences
and potential problems is much different than
focusing on solutions. It’s like those of us who
worry are headed off a cliff. We are so convinced that we are
headed towards impending doom and that doom is
what we deserve, that we keep focusing on the fall. We feel powerless to
our own realities, and we think we can’t
avoid that pain. So we spend our time
focusing on and preparing for that pain. In our minds, if we
know what to expect, it won’t hurt so bad. We focus on the fall, and not on the fact that we could
just get out of the water now, before we ever reach the
edge of that waterfall. This is a vibrational universe. Everything in this universe
is attracted to one another in this law of attraction based universe, by virtue of what vibration it holds. The problem, which is what we’re
focused on when we worry, holds a different vibratory
rate than the solution, so we cannot actually be
focused on the problem, i.e. worrying, and be a match to the
solution at the same time. It’s a vibrational contradiction. The solution cannot come to you if you are focused on the problem. This is why worrying
never feels good, and never leads to what
we hope it will lead us to, which is solutions. We use worry to inspire ourselves towards solution focus preparation. But once we begin to switch
our focus to solutions, we give worry the credit, when worry was the
resistance to the solution. It was the contrast. It was in no way responsible
for that solution. The focus on solution was
responsible for the solution. Worry is the opposite of
solution oriented focus. You see the idea of a potential
problem in the future, does not in and of itself, cause us pain. It’s just information which
hasn’t happened yet. What causes us pain is when we
think that potential future problem is impossible to avoid. It’s impending. We can’t escape it. We just have to prepare for the blow. And chronic worriers hold this belief. That no matter what, the things which they
foresee in the future, are inevitable. See if we only focus on a
potential future problem, like let’s say you’re getting
ready for a camping trip, and you think about potentially
getting rained on. That thought doesn’t cause you pain. Because the minute
you see that thought, you can do something
to prepare for it. Like, okay, if it rains on me, I’m just going to bring a rain
slicker to put over the tent. So that idea didn’t cause you pain. It simply inspired you towards what you would prefer
your trip to look like. Some sort of action to take to ensure
the outcome which you want. But when we are thinking: “Okay, it’s going to rain.” “I can’t do anything about the
fact that it’s going to rain.” “I am going to get wet. End of story.” That’s when we start to
feel a sense of pain, relative to future circumstances
which are unwanted. Those of us who worry, number one don’t believe
we create our own reality, even if we desperately want
to believe that we do. Number 2. Those of us who worry, believe deep down that we are not
good enough to deserve love or reward, and so we think instead, that
we deserve punishment. Number 3. Those of us who worry, believe that whoever or whatever
does create our reality, is the authority figure. And so we ascribe the personality
traits we associated with our primary authority
figure in our lives, over the traits of the universe. And we expect the same kind of
treatment from the universe, that we got from that original
authority figure in our lives. And most of us who worry, had an authority figure that
believed in punishment. And so we come to expect
the same kind of treatment from the universe, as
we got from Mom or Dad, or from whoever that
primary authority figure was. We expect the universe
to cause us pain. We have a love-hate relationship
with the universe. We expect the universe to hurt us. And just like we felt with our
primary authority figure as children, we do not feel like
we can escape the impending punishment
and consequences for not being good enough. Here is the most important
realization for worriers. We think that worry keeps us safe, or at the very least,
lessens our pain. But as long as I’m worrying, I’m not feeling safe,
and I’m feeling pain. So I will most likely spend my life never actually experiencing safety. Never actually experiencing enjoyment. And that does no good for me, because I’d be better
off dying now, and getting over with
the worst-case scenario, than living my life like that. Better off to die
and let others die, than spend my life using
them as my excuse to be out of alignment. Worrying keeps me and the
ones I love dead and injured. Why is that? Reality is what the mind perceives. My reality is whatever
my mind is focused on. It has already been scientifically
proven again and again that the mind does not
know the difference between what you
are thinking about, and what is actually happening. If you are focused on
the worst case scenario, the worst case scenario is the
only reality you can perceive. Even if the person you’re
worried about is alive and well. In your mind they are
already dead and injured. You are making them dead
or injured in your mind. Worrying is living the
worst-case scenario, so you may as well let
go and let it happen. You are already living it. If I worry about my
son dying every day, he is dead. Even when he is alive, he is dead. My emotions tell me so. That is why you have that
same sinking feeling when you look at him. I’m going to present a radical idea; By worrying, we can live out
the worst-case scenario without actually having to
live through it physically. Worry prevents us from seeing reality. It makes now not exist. It makes all that exists, a future that we can’t deal with. And should what we are
worried about not happen, we will worry about something else. Look at your life with worry. Why try to prevent that
calamity in the first place, if our life is nothing but preparation
for the next calamity and the next calamity? It’s not like life gets better for us. We have an option. Choose to die, or decide
that living this way is not worth preventing
the worst-case scenario. We need to decide that it is
better to be a sitting duck, in a pond for a few days
of bliss in that pond water, than a duck that lives every
day of its life panic-stricken, and looking for the hunter
to point a gun at them. What kind of life is it that
you’re trying to preserve? If we are chronic worriers there is no kind of life to preserve, so why are you trying
so hard to preserve it? Those of us who are chronic worriers, will feel better at the knowledge of this. Because this is a vibrational universe, the minute that you stop your
incessant focus upon something, you cannot be a vibrational match to it. And if you are not a
vibrational match to it, it cannot show up in your reality. So us stopping this incessant focus
on whatever we we’re worrying about, is the exact way to avoid
what we’re worrying about. We’re just convinced we live
in a backwards universe, where focus upon something,
ensures that it won’t happen. You aren’t going to release
worry all at once. And nor should you
expect yourself to. You’ve been practicing
a lifetime of this belief that worry is the very reason that
you and your loved ones are alive. You’ve been practicing the idea that worrying about
someone is loving them. So don’t expect yourself
to give it up all at once. But here are some
tips which will help you to let go of your worry. Do not worry about worrying. Acknowledge and observe your
anxious thoughts and feelings. Don’t try to ignore,
fight or control them, like you usually would. Instead, simply observe them as
if from an outsider perspective. Without reacting or judging. It will not work to try to think
positively when you’re worrying. The worry has to be acknowledged. So ask yourself this question: “Why is it that worrying
about something doesn’t automatically mean, that I am going to
experience that something?” It’s because some of
us hold the firm belief that if we worry about something,
we can outsmart the universe. and it’s less likely to happen
if we worry about it. And when we hold that firm belief, what we make ourselves
a vibrational match to, is not the calamity itself, but instead, more worry. This is more often the case
with chronic worriers. If you’re a chronic worrier, you are going to continually
manifest and line up with, more things to worry about, more circumstances
which cause you worry. This is why some of us who
worry about car wrecks, are always getting in near
accidents on the road, without getting into actual accidents. I’ll tell you a story about my son. Recently, we were a match to my son falling down
and breaking his arm. I tend to be a chronic worrier
when it comes to my son. I have to admit it. So, what happened is, he got his cast off, and the doctor told us that
because he did not have muscles around his bone that
were strong enough we needed to be very careful with
his activity for the next week. I instantly started to worry, because how easy is it to control what
a four-year-old does or doesn’t do, whether they fall or don’t fall? So he decided to go on a hike with someone who lived in my household. You all know Blake. I have a belief that Blake is not very
observant when it comes to watching what children do
or don’t get themselves into. So that created more
worry within me, And I told myself: “Quit worrying.” “This is just you creating the scenario
you don’t want to have happen.” I was basically telling myself to
shut up and quit focusing on it. When I was focused on it. So sure enough,
what happened is, they went on a walk and
he fell down, came home, and we were completely convinced
that he had re-broken in his arm. For about five hours I was in panic. Sitting in my room, thinking
that the worst case scenario had happened. The day he got his cast off,
he broke re-broke his arm. What ended up happening though, is that it was just a bone bruise. Why is it that I manifested that? Because I made myself not a
match to worst-case scenario, but like usual, a match to
more things to worry about. Because I did not bother to take time to release
resistance to my own worry. Which might have looked like, walking up to Blake and telling him, by looking him straight in the face: “You can’t let him out of the backpack.” That would have been all it took for me to release
resistance to my worry, so that I wasn’t the one
focused on it all day long, like I was. When it comes to worry, you are going to be focusing on
what you’re worried about all day. Even if it’s subconscious. So you can’t tell yourself not to worry. And it also does no good
to worry about worrying. That’s just adding fire to fire. And it’s also, you failing to realize that most of the time, the worst case scenario
does not happen, because all we do
when we worry, is make ourself a match to more
scenarios which make us worry. Step two, in order to give up worry you have to convince yourself that worry does not
serve a positive purpose. I understand that you can’t
give up worry all at once, but you will never give it
up if it still serves you. So really take an in-depth
look at worry in your life. Is it doing you any good? Or is it in fact, doing the
opposite of good in your life? Don’t resist your own worry
by trying to tell yourself or trying to force yourself
to stop worrying. Thoughts stopping,
as they call it, backfires because it forces
you to pay extra attention to the very thought
you want to avoid. If you tell yourself: “Don’t think about a plane crash.”
“Don’t think about a plane crash.” You will be thinking
about a plane crash. Because the law of attraction,
applies to thoughts. Including everything that’s physical. So, if you focus on the thought like you’re doing
when you’re saying: “Not plane crash”, you’re focusing on plane crashes. more thoughts that vibrate at the
same frequency of plane crash, will be attracted into your experience. You’ll be thinking an
endless chain of thoughts about plane crashes. Telling yourself to stop
worrying does not work. You can distract yourself or suppress anxious
thoughts for a moment, but you can’t banish
them for good. In fact, trying to do so, makes them stronger
and more persistent. So when you start to panic, apply the Byron Katie process called: “The Work” to each thought. Question that thought. Ask yourself: “Is it true?” Who are you with the thought? Who are you? What does your reality look
like without that thought? And then turn it around. “I’m going to be destitute.” Let’s say that’s the thought. We’ll turn it around to: I’m going to make myself destitute. Another turn around is: “I’m not going to be destitute.” Another turn around is: “They are going to be destitute.” And another turn around is: “I am going to be wealthy.” You want to find three scenarios, three items of proof, that will prove the validity of those turn around statements. You have to get way outside
the box for this activity and stretch your mind. And for anyone who
has an iPad or iphone, there is a the work app that you can download
and use in the moment which will guide you through this
process of questioning the thoughts that are causing
you to worry. The only thoughts that
cause a stress and pain are thoughts that are not questioned. Another good thing to ask yourself
when you start to worry is: “What would I say to a friend,
who had this worry?” Number 4. Keep a worry journal. Those of us who are chronic worriers have a mind absolutely cluttered with things that we
are worrying about. You need to express them and
get them out of your head. Writing them in a journal,
will seriously help you. Designate a time of day, not before you go to bed, and not first thing in the morning, to make a list of everything
that is worrying you. Beliefs, things you’re sure will happen, anything that’s causing you worry. Allow yourself to vomit up
these worries onto the page. If you’re a chronic worrier
you may need to do this at the same time each day, so you’re mind is less anxious
about when it gets to vent. Postpone worrying if it comes up until the time you have set
aside for this worry journal. If you absolutely can’t stop
fixating on something you’re worried about, write it down in that journal
and put it aside for later. Postponing worry, is effective
because it breaks the habit of dwelling on worries in
the present moment. Yet, there’s no struggle to suppress
the thought or to judge it. You simply save it for later. As you develop the ability to
postpone your anxious thoughts you’ll start to realize that
you have more control over worrying than you think. Then, analyze this list and sort out things
you are worried about that you can do something
about right now. Let’s call these productive worry items. For example, I’m going on a trip, so I’m worried about making
plane and hotel reservations. This is a productive worry because I can take action
right now by going online and making reservations. Evaluate the situation you
are worrying about, and come up with concrete
steps for dealing with it. And then, put your
plan into action. This switches your worry
from problem to solution. It is important to ask yourself: “Is the problem something
that I’m currently facing?” “Or is it an imaginary ‘what if’?” If the problem is an
imaginary ‘what if’, can you do something
about the problem which would make you feel better
about what you’re worrying about? This is a kind of vibrational
game that you’re playing. The game you’re playing is to come up with ways that
you can release resistance to whatever it is that
you’re worrying about. Those of us who worry,
like I said before, are not convinced that
we create our own reality so we can’t stop focusing on the thing
that we are the most worried about. So what is it going to take you, to stop worrying about that thing? See, if we believed we
created our own reality, there’d be no reason
to go wear seatbelts. But as an anxious mother when you strap your
child into the car, it would be very difficult for you
to stop worrying about car wrecks, if your child did not
have the seat belt on. So the vibrational game
you’re playing is: “What do I need to do
to release resistance to the idea of my child or
myself getting in a car wreck?” If the answer is: “Put the seat belt on.” Then put the seat belt on! Why? Because it’s not
about the seat belt. The seat belt is not going
to in and of itself, make it so that when you get in
a crash you’re going to survive it. It’s not going to save you
from getting in a crash either. But what’s going to happen is, putting that seat belt on, is going to be what it takes
for you to stop thinking about the potential of the crash. And because you have stopped
thinking about the crash, you cannot be a match
to it vibrationally. Because you are not
thinking about it, It is not a vibration which you hold. Because it is not a
vibration you hold, you cannot line up with it. So in this case we
can use our action, To cause our own minds to line up with the reality we want. To stop focusing on the
reality that we don’t want. When you are worrying
about something, make a list of all the possible
solutions you can think of. Make this true brainstorming. So do not get too hung up on
finding the perfect solution. It doesn’t have to
be a great idea. Just put down any
idea that you have. Focus on the things you
have the power to change rather than the circumstances and
realities that are beyond your control. After you’ve looked
through all your options, make a plan of action. Once you have a plan and start doing
something about the problem, you’ll feel much less worried. Unproductive unsolvable worries are those for which you can
see no corresponding action. So it is important to realize that
you’re not doing any good by worrying about those
things, at all, it is a dead end. Those of us who chronically worry, just keep trying to get that dead end to turn into something, when in fact, we are lending energy to the very thing we
are worried about. 5. Those of us who worry have a very difficult time providing
certainty for ourselves. Most of us feel very Incapable of providing ourselves with
that basic human need. And because we
have a difficult time providing ourselves with the
basic human need of certainty, we struggle with uncertainty. We can’t stand it. And we’re convinced that
worrying about something, will make something more certain. Chronic worriers can’t stand
doubt and unpredictability. We need to know with a
hundred percent certainty, What is going to happen. Worrying seems like
a way to predict what the future has
in store for us. a way to prevent unpleasant
surprises and control the outcome. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Thinking about all the
things that could go wrong, doesn’t make life any
more predictable. You may feel safer
when you’re worrying, but it’s just an illusion. Focusing on the worst
case scenarios does not keep the bad
thing from happening It will only keep you from
enjoying the good things that you have in the present. So if you want to stop worrying, start by tackling your need for
certainty and immediate answers. Start by finding healthier ways to provide yourself with
a sense of certainty. Uncertainty is a better place to be in, than certainty that the worst
case scenario is going to happen. But it just so happens that those
of us that most chronic worriers, have never really realized that. That uncertainty is much
more comfortable, than the thought of the
worst case scenario. Which is what’s keeping
us awake at night, which is what is causing
us this amount of stress. It may help if you’re a
real catastrophe thinker, to make a list of all
the times in the past that you’ve been convinced
of a worst case scenario, and it hasn’t happened. Your brain needs proof to believe that what it
thinks, is not true. So as you look for these scenarios and keep proving to yourself
that, “Guess what?” Look at this time, and
this time, and this time, I thought the worst case scenario
was going to happen and it didn’t. the Brain will look at
that proof and say “Oh guess what?
I can’t actually believe, that what I think is
impending, is impending.” that will help you to move
from the place of catastrophe, the place of uncertainty, which I promise you is so
much more comfortable. 6. Stay focused in the present moment. When we are worrying we are
projecting ourselves into the future, we are projecting ourselves
into the past, we are anywhere, but here,
in the present moment. And so, if you focus in
the present moment, you will notice something interesting. Nothing is wrong with this moment. Everything is a future potential
you’re bringing into now. or a past thing that’s happened
that you’re bringing into now. So a good practice is
present moment practice. Meaning, bring yourself
back to the room, take a good look at your hands, at the lines on your hands. Feel what sensations you’re
feeling in your body. What things are you hearing in
the room and the environment? I may be worried about a plane crash, but what’s the reality about now? Because nothing else
exists, but this room. The reality about now is: “I am sitting in a room.” I am not in the plane crash. I’m sitting in a room. I can feel my breathing. I can hear the sounds in the room. Nothing is wrong with right now. 7. Realize that you are never
going to get everything done. and it’s impossible to
get this life wrong. People who are chronic worriers, are obsessed with having
to get things right, and obsessed with having
to get things done. But neither is a possibility. Because universally there
is no right or wrong. So you can’t get something wrong
if there is no right or wrong. Also, you can’t ever get it done. Because that is the nature of expansion. The minute that you reach
a point of perspective, that perspective that you now hold, will give rise to new desires. And when you have new desires, you’ll have new things to do. So there will never be
a point in your life, where you will ever reach that
finish line you’re trying to reach. The minute you reach it
there will be another one. So it’s not about reaching
the finish line, it’s not about getting things done, it’s about the enjoyment you have
while moving in the direction of that, constantly receding finish line. 8. Many of us are worried about
what other people think of us. But guess what? You can’t worry what
they think of you, when you’re thinking about
them, instead of yourself. So play a little game, which
I call the alien game. Focus all of your attention,
on understanding them. Think of them or observe them
like an alien observer would. Not like a vulnerable human peer. Write a list or make a mental
list of your observations. This will take you
out of worry mode. Then think about expressing yourself instead of trying to portray yourself, so as to control what other
people think of you. I promise, thinking about
expressing yourself, instead of controlling other
people’s opinions of you, what you want them to perceive
when they look at you, takes much less energy. And it causes a lot
less stress ironically. And, people will think better
of you, when this is the case. Because you have
released resistance to what they think or don’t think. Right here and now, pretend you are a Martian
gathering data on humans. As you notice what they do and say, without focusing on your
fear or their opinions, you will feel less self-conscious, and they’ll feel the
non-judgmental attention, they’ve always wanted from you. 9. Play a Little game called: The Zoom Out Game What the zoom out game is, is whenever you’re worrying
about something, zoom out, step back, and take a snapshot of
the world in general. A bigger perspective on your worries. What in this world
would be a bigger worry than the one that you hold now? For example, you may be worried that your midterm won’t be done
on time, or that you’ll get fired. Zoom out, and look at a bigger
problem within the world, such as the problems that other
people have in third world countries. There are people starving, whose children are dying
in front of their eyes. There are people who are refugees
trying to escape persecution. You will stop worrying about whether you have all the place settings you
need for tonight’s party, when you remember
that it is lucky that you were worrying about
that and not something else that people face every
day on this planet, like losing loved ones. This technique will help to ground
you in reality very quickly. It may even help to think
about potential outcomes which might have been
worse in your own past. We tend to get swept up
in our day-to-day lives and forget that we faced
really difficult things. Much more difficult than
what we’re facing right now. When we’re stressed about
these trivial things in our life, maybe it will help
think back to a time when you might have been going
through something much worse like losing a loved one. And think about how lucky it is that
you’re not facing those kind of worries. Number 10. If you find yourself having a full-fledged panic attack, I want you to look up
the video which I did, called: How to Stop a Panic Attack. Allow yourself to follow through, with the process I
present in that video. 11. Because those of us
who are chronic worriers, do not believe we
create our own reality, we have to prove to ourselves
that we create our own reality. This means, take note
of synchronicities. Most of us who are intent on proving that we create our own realities, keep synchronicity journals. This is the place to record anything, that is a pattern within the universe, based on what you have
been thinking about. For example, I’m about two days away,
from flying to New York, for my next synchronization workshop. So Blake and I have been
up to our ears and details. That usually happens before
we’re about to make a trip, but we’ve been focusing
on, New York. So yesterday, Blake decided to take
a break and go out to a movie. At this movie theater,
there’s an arcade. And he was playing this arcade game, and the claw mechanism, which you’ve seen in those little toy
games which they have for children, he was playing that game, the claw goes down, and what it grabs, and eventually drops into the drop
box for him to then pick up, is this little clip pin thing,
that says New York City. That’s a synchronicity
you want to take note of. Which will help your
brain to understand that whatever you’re focused on,
you’re a vibrational match to. And thus will manifest
more of that thing, in your life. You also want to play
a visualization game. Where you want to set the timer, for 10 minutes, that’s it, no more than 10 minutes, any time during the day
you want to do this, and during that 10 minutes, you want to focus on something, whatever it is, that you
don’t really care about. The reason it needs to be
something you don’t care about, is because you have a lot of resistance
to the things you desperately want. Meaning you might want
a lover in your life, but you may have
all kinds of beliefs that make it difficult
for you to believe that you deserve it,
or that it will happen. That’s resistance. So you don’t want to think about
anything you have resistance to. So think about something trivial. Like chickens or bunnies or pins. Something that you
don’t care about. And I want you to sit down and for those ten
minutes every day, I want you to focus
on that one thing. So if I’m thinking about chickens, I’m going to sit down and
I’m going to visualize them, I’m going to imagine
stroking their feathers, I’m going to make that visualization
of chicken so real to me, that when that buzzer goes off, it’s difficult to pull
myself back into, the reality of where
I am here and now. And then I’m going
to forget about it. I’m going to go about my day, but I’m going to watch for how chickens show
up in my experience. Because, it is universal law that if you focus on something, it must show up in your reality. So you may see chicken bumper stickers, you may see chicken pattern plates, chickens will begin to show
up over and over again. In a multitude of ways. Paying attention to this, the fact that your thought
is now dictating what you’re a match to in
your third dimensional reality, is what it’s going to take for
you to prove to yourself that you create
your own reality. And you will feel a
sense of empowerment. So you won’t worry so much about
creating the worst-case scenario, if you know, it’s in your
hands to create it or not. I understand that this is a
very frightening universe that we are living in, when we’re convinced that we
don’t create a reality which is ultimately out to get us. But the more you come to
realize the universal truth that it is your thoughts that
is creating your reality, the more control you will understand
that you have over this. And the more control
you have, the less worry you’re going to have
about being blindsided. Worry will cease to serve its purpose. Worry is a habit. And I can promise you that every single habit that
is formed, can be broken. So try out these steps, and have a good week. Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Worrying (Ask Teal Episode on Worry) – Teal Swan”

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  7. Actualy 9, thinking about other people dying in other places in world and being happy that i dont have those kinds of worries doesnt makes me happy it makes me actualy even worse,i think its something that will increase my depression or anxaety in a moment.Instead of that im trying to focus on thought that everybody is in a perfect moment in their life where they need to be right now for some bigger reason.Its working out for me 🙂

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  16. You all are silly, believing in a hack. You can get this info elsewhere, in many other places. Why are people so gullible? She sounds like a moron. She lies about her abuse. She is recycling information and passing it off as her own wisdom. I get this stuff from my mental health workers. I was actually abused (not in ways she claims) and actually have issues stemming from that. She should piss off the people who believe in her and drive them away. She disgusts me.

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  33. This was the one of the most mind blowing and life changing videos I’ve ever seen, wow!!! I’m new to Teal Swan, I’ve never heard such an accurate impression of worrying. Thank you so much 💖 My worry is all in my stomach and I get such bad cramps that I can’t control, it’s very painful. I wonder why that is? I’m going to keep watching the videos until it all sinks in 🙏🏻

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  37. Love you Teal but sometimes we worry about something happening because we actually had a premonition that it was going to happen. Not everything is in our thought control. We cannot control things outside of of ourselves that involve others and their actions.

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