How To Stress Test your CPU with Prime95 & IntelBurnTest

How To Stress Test your CPU with Prime95 & IntelBurnTest

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Hi and welcome to this short video on how
to stress test your CPU. I’m going to show you two applications that
are able to put maximum load onto your CPU. This may be useful for testing your system
stability after overclocking your CPU or if you want to see how hot your system gets under
load for example. First the popular and more traditional software
“Prime95”. Unfortunately it usually has to run much longer
to thoroughly test the stability of a system. A quicker way would be the second software
“Intel Burn Test”. This software only has to run a few minutes
and will stress your PC much more. It’s used by Intel to test their products
before sale but it should work on AMD CPUs as well. Make sure your PC is properly cooled and ventilated
before doing either of these tests. To keep an eye on your CPU temperature while
testing, you can use the optional software “Core Temp”. The links to all these programs are in the
video description. First I’m going to install “Core Temp” to
monitor the temperature. During the setup, make sure to uncheck the
adware options. I’m going to just leave “Install additional
language packs” enabled. I am recording this in a virtual machine so
the software won’t be able to read any temperature values in my case but you should see your
current CPU temperature here. We will start stress testing by using “Prime95”. The software doesn’t require more than clicking
“OK” in the first popup. You can now check “Core Temp” and the Windows
Task Manager to see if your CPU is under full load. You can launch it by right clicking on the
taskbar and choosing “Start Task Manager”. Switch to the “Performance” tab and look at
“CPU Usage” in the upper left corner. It should be constantly at 100% during the
test. To cancel the stress test, go to “Test” and
click “Stop”. To start another test go to “Options” and
choose “Torture Test”. Then leave “Blend” and click “OK”. As I’ve said, you would have to run this test
for several hours before you can be certain that your system is stable. The quicker alternative is the “Intel Burn
Test”. Just like “Prime95”, you just have to click
“Start” to launch the stress test. For this test specifically, make sure your
CPU does not get hotter than 80 degrees Celsius for an extended period of time. Modern CPUs usually throttle their speed or
shut down completely before any damage to the hardware occurs but be careful anyways. Usually 10 Outputs is enough to call a system
stable. Currently it’s at 1 of 10 completed. To stop the test earlier, just click “Stop”.

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  1. This was a fantastic video, it really showed an awesome piece of software that really helps. I appreciate it alot, well done

  2. Intel does not use this to test anything. If this was internal-use software, it wouldn't say "by AgentGOD" and have a PayPal donate link on it.

  3. Hi Censi. I'm using StressMyPC (version 3.31 to check my PC's performance under heavy load.. Is it good enough? Thank you

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