How to tell someone about your depression – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

How to tell someone about your depression – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

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Hey everybody Today’s video is something very different from what we have done before. I have heard from so many of you that you struggle to talk with those in your life about your difficulties with depression. And how do we even start that conversation? And so what I’ve done today, Is I have created another video that will follow this one. That you can use and share with those in your life. Use this as a tool to tell them about your struggles. And hopefully this can help start the conversation. Because we have to work together. We have to try to talk about our problems and get the help that we need. Right? So check it out. Subtitles by the community

44 thoughts on “How to tell someone about your depression – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton | Kati Morton”

  1. Hi kati, could you maybe be do something similar with adhd/ADD? I'm always scared to tell me friends or even talk about because I think they will just say I'm stupid or exaggerating. Love your videos!

  2. Hey Kati why this is a proactive approach, in my experience there is no faster way to clear a room than to tell someone you are struggling, which I found only compounded the feelings of isolation etc.
    It has become the "new" thing to talk about depression and mental illness a lot of businesses and corporation are implementing this into their HS & E Policies – but not with in 2 mins of getting out of these meetings which inform employees on how to discuss these types of issues with co workers, managers etc, do the jokes and sterotypes start. 
    As you might thave guessed this is a battle I fight everyday, steming back to school days and PTSD. I guess its trendy now to be all warm and fuzzy about it, but when push comes to shove I have found everyone will well truely take a "at arms leg stance' about this issue. They talk and gossip to everyone else about what they can summise in regards to the issue, and that in all honesty is about as close as they want to get.

    Just thought I would share

  3. #katiFAQ Hi kati! I know its not friday yet and im not even sure if you are gonna see this but,lately i have been observing myself and im able to relate some of the symptoms for adult adhd/add. Im 16 and i dont even know if im the right age for being diagnosed with adhd. I have been noticing it for a long time now..its affecting my grades in school and i cant even concentrate properly. Its really hard to focus and i get distracted too easily. I take alot of time to complete my tasks which often leads to self loathing. I dont really know what to do. Im scared to talk to my parents and i dont know how will they react. I can talk to my school counsellor but i dont know what to say. Also i have maladptive daydreaming and have been self harming (though im alot better than before) . I was seeing a counsellor but have stopped now. I live in india where mental health is not taken that seriously. And im really concerned about my grades,i dont wanna fail. Please help! -thank you and btw love your videos 😊

  4. Do you think you'll do any other similar videos to this on other topics? Such as anxiety, eating disorder, etc.

  5. I was just thinking about something like this when I was walking home from school. Great minds think alike. Thanks Kati.

  6. How can you be honest to a doctor ??? I always end up lieing and not In a bad way just the preasure is so big I get really anxious and when I'm about to tell them lies come out instead … Please help ?!?

  7. I always end up acting like my problem is not as serious as I feel it is. I had an intake a couple of weeks ago and my parent were there too. Because I didn't want to hurt their feeling I said I have no suicidal thoughts and/ or plans etc. They did give me a diagnosis but it was dysthyme disorder (sorry literal translation from dutch), but I feel like it might be more serious than that. Do you have any tips on how to be completely honest with my therapist? thank you xx

  8. I always end up acting like my problem is not as serious as I feel it is. I had an intake a couple of weeks ago and my parent were there too. Because I didn't want to hurt their feeling I said I have no suicidal thoughts and/ or plans etc. They did give me a diagnosis but it was dysthyme disorder (sorry literal translation from dutch), but I feel like it might be more serious than that. Do you have any tips on how to be completely honest with my therapist? thank you xx

  9. #katiefaq i keep thinking about this but I'm not sure if I do. I'm always down and what not, but my parents make fun of people who self harm and have depression. And I don't know how to tell them I self harm and I think I have depression. P.s I haven't been to my Go in 7 years so I'm not sure if I have one anymore. Thanks

  10. @Kati Morton If we dream about love and being loved,does this mean we lack love,or at least feel like we do,in the real world?

  11. REally need to know what I can do. I am 22 and have had ED since I was 6. Been in and out of treatment multiple times but finally hit my rock bottom and (after a near fatal car crash two days ago) am ready to actually recover. Problem is, my mom had to come help with the medical issues of the car crash and since seeing me has determined to give me an ultimatum to be recovered by September or she is taking medical guardianship and having me commited. My mom and I have a long, abusive relationship history and she is very controlling. I know without my recovery being mine and with my mom wanting control, it could cause tension between me, my team, and her and I am scared she will not agree with the rate of progress determined by my team (which is slow progression in order for my recovery to be sustainable and psychologically tolerable) and thus will commit me. How can I stop her given our background? I am more than willing to set contacts determined by my TEAM, but my mom wants basically all the say instead and is wielding this power. I just don't know my rights and now that I want actual recovery, don't want my mom risking all my hard work.

  12. I tried to tell my mom and she just laughed. Then I tried to tell my friends but they ignored me and started talking about their own life problems.
    I don't understand my friends because I'm very supportive of them but they're not very supported of me. But if I say that I don't want to be friends with them anymore I will be lonely and only have guys for friends and I don't feel comfortable telling them about my depression. I'm only in gr. 6

  13. I've tried telling my friends about my depression but they just ignored me even thought I'm supportive of there problems. I don't think they really care about me. I'm to scared to tell my family and I don't know what to do.

  14. I'm scared to tell people I have depression because I don't think they'll believe me and think its just a joke. I don't know what to do because I'm only eleven, people don't think kids have these type of thoughts but we do, and it's hard to get help. Whenever people ask if I'm okay I always have to lie and say I am. I'm scared of what people will think of me. I used to draw to help me but then my moms girlfriend ruined all of my drawings and now I everytime I try to draw I just give up, I don't have anyone to talk to, not even my mom, I don't know what to do.

  15. I don't know how to tell my parents I've been hurting myself I stoped and I know I have to say something but I feel like if I do they will be disappointed in me and I just feel like I've caused them so much pain and I don't know how to stop can u give me any advice

  16. I tried I to tell my family that I have that but they laugh and that I am lying and now it has been 5 years so I tried calling my group chat and they said that "you are so funny" and thought it was a joke and I now I talk to a godly families and they will help me now 😭😭😭

  17. Not that my friends don’t believe me but when I told my friends they were kinda reluctant to believe me and we’re like, well how come your always making jokes and always have a smile on your face, and honestly I just didn’t reply. There are a couple of girls in my class that say they’re depressed for attention and make it out like they’re more privileged than everyone because of it and it really gets to me because they clearly have no idea what they’re even talking about💔

  18. I feel like I shouldn’t tell my friends cuz when I say I think I have depression it feels like I don’t even tho I’m always down even when I’m surrounded by good things and I feel like I shouldn’t cuz a few months ago my best friends brother took his own life and I don’t want any attention or drama

    I try dropping hints but they seem to just think I’m tired or something

  19. I’ve told my mum that I feel down and empty and sad all the time, but she says that ‘we all get sad sometimes’ and then just bring the conversation back to her. She dismisses what I say by saying that it’s hormones, and that just makes me feel even worse, knowing that my own parents don’t care. This morning at breakfast I was feeling really bad and I was just crying loads and she didn’t even care, and acted as though me feeling like this was a burden on her. She even said, “Do you think I enjoy it when you get all grumpy like this?” as though me being depressed is worse for her than it is for me. She doesn’t care.

  20. I was planning on telling my friend I was suicidal yesterday. I had it all planned out. We always have a free period during the third period. And just my luck she decides not to show up for school the entire day. I took all my willpower to plan this and I don't know if I can bring it up to try it again.

  21. I get ignored whenever I tell someone about it. I'm really tired and I cannot take it anymore. How do I know if I can trust the certain person I am going to tell, or how exactly do I start the conversation? Please, help.

  22. Whenever I try to talk about something serious with my mom, she just laughs or starts saying I’m ungrateful and I have no reason for being this way or something like that. And I have no friends to talk to so what do I do now? I need to talk soon the last time I had a depressing episode, it was the most painful experience in my life. Emotionally and physically( I don’t cut myself, it just hurts so much that it aches)

  23. I don’t have no one to help me my mom pass away my dad at a nursing home and my sister pass away too I don’t have no one

  24. Who can I tell if I have depression bad thoughts get to me and I worry pretty much and I cry pretty often when I feel like something is hitting me or feeling lonely and feeling that feeling that no one likes me

  25. Another way is to just make a little group chat with the people you know you can trust and text them. I’ve told 4 people an they’re supportive.

  26. I've been really depressed lately I feel completly useless and I can't talk to anyone I just lose my confidence level and end up crying, I don't know what to do anymore I'm in Grade 6 and I'm a common side of depression, I found out I had it afew days ago at School people always think I'm depressed I denied it but now it's true, I'm depressed my parents always told me to talk to them about something like this if it happens but I found out some stuff and I'm just scared to admit the truth I feel like I'll lose someone and cause drama so I keep it all inside just to let it break me more which is unhealthy and I know that it'll just make it worse but I don't know what to do I just feel alone at the moment in such a situation, it's hard and others have it like this too but I can't find the right person to talk to me and give me advice on what I could do to provide myself from not losing at depression.

  27. i have a problem that’s bothering me my girlfriend did a prank on me I don’t like by making me think she’s cheating on me and she never apologized to me and it’s been haunting me every night and day than she got really drunk and played breakup music and she’s talking to someone else and she said I’m sorry goodbye joe and I been mad at her for a couple months and I can’t let it go every time I talk to her about it in a kind way she says let’s not talk about it She don’t wanna hear about it she tried breaking up with me when I tried to talk to her about it I need serious help I can’t let this go I’m constantly crying every day and night I don’t know what to do with this anger against my girlfriend

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