How To Treat A Migraine | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

How To Treat A Migraine | Living Pain Free With DR-HO’S®

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Hi, I’m Dr. Ho. Welcome to my show. If you like the content please press the button
below and subscribe. Now, how they treat migraine headaches and
tension headaches? One of the most important things you do is
to monitor the factors that activate your headache or trigger your headache. And once you can identify what makes your
headache worse or what can cause a headache to come on, you can start to eliminate or
reduce those factors to at least reduce the frequency of your headaches. Now, it’s very important to keep
your neck and shoulder nice and loose, because I’ve found one of the biggest trigger for
both migraine and tension headache is tension in your neck, which can cause a pinching of
the nerve which can trigger the headache and disruption of the circulation in the same
area. Now there are many treatment you can try on
the market. You can try chiropractic treatment, physical
therapy, ah, you’ve got massage, acupuncture, again, those therapy can definitely help you
with loosening your muscle and keeping circulation going. Now, on the market again there are a lot of
prescribed medication and over the counter medication for headaches, and your doctor
is the best person to recommend those type of therapy for you. But I do want to give you a head’s up that,
you know, headache is a chronic problem, and you have to monitor and beware of any ill
side effect from taking medication on a long term basis. Okay, if you identify any issues, please consult
your doctor. Now, one of the most important
thing you do on your own is to regularly exercise your neck and shoulders to keep the muscle
loose and maintain good range of motion in your neck so that the nerve in the upper neck
doesn’t get pinched. Now, I also recommend that you use a TENS
device to keep the muscle loose, to improve the circulation, and to relieve the headache
pain and also to prevent the headache from coming back. I find that with my patient group who uses
a TENS device often report much lower frequency of headaches and when they do get headache,
they’re able to reduce the intensity [inaudible dramatically right away. Okay, so try that. I want to thank you for watching the show. If you like the content, please press the
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