How to use QFIL to flash Qualcomm (QLM) firmware

How to use QFIL to flash Qualcomm (QLM) firmware

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In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to flash a Qualcomm Android device using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader or QFIL. In order to use QFIL, you need to have installed QPST. You also need to have installed your Qualcomm USB drivers. We have a guide on how to do that and of course you need to have the
firmware which you intend to flash usually in this format. Now, once you have all these in place, the next thing you’ll want to do is to launch QFIL so I’ll do that by searching for QFIL. If you have a desktop
shortcut you could also launch the shortcut and wait for the QFIL
dashboard to come up. Alright! Great! So I have this here. Now, I have no port
available so I need to connect the device in EDL Mode. Now, for this particular
device, to boot into EDL, I power off the device still with battery inside, hold both volume buttons then connect it to the PC via the USB cord. Alright! So that changes No Port Available to Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader. Now, the next thing you’ll want to do is to load the firmware which you intend to flash. The firmware I have here is a Flat Build so under the Select Build Type, I select Flat Build then I click on Browse. Now, in this Window that opens, what you’ll want to do is to navigate to the location where you have the firmware folder and then you open that
and select the loader file. its usually in this format and then click on Open. The
next thing you’ll want to do is to click on Load XML. Still in the firmware folder, you select the raw program file and then click on Open and then another Window will automatically open. You select the patch() file and then click on Open. Alright! So everything we need to do is in place so the next thing you’ll want to do is (still with the phone connected) you click on Download and that should start the flashing process. Now, to
be sure that flashing has begun ,you are going to have a blue bar loading. That is
confirmation that we have flash in progress okay? Great! So we have the blue bar loading right there so it’s very important you do not interrupt the process because if you interrupt the process that is going to cause your Qualcomm Android device to get bricked and then if you are lucky, you’ll be able to revive it by
retrying to flash it using QFIL and if you are unlucky, you have to find a
way to get the bootloader for your particular device, flash the bootloader
first before you talk about flashing the firmware and that could be a very
tedious process so to just avoid going through that headache, do not
interrupt this process okay? Just sit back and QFIL do its thing. So I’m at 7.21% okay 23.47% now Okay, so we are 83.83% and flashing
should be completing any moment from now still have to be patient , do not interrupt the process. Okay, flashing is rounding up right now. I should get a confirmation message anytime soon showing that flash was indeed complete and successful Alright! Download Succeed. I have it
right here Finished download so you can disconnect
the device and power it up. If you get an error message asking you to reset the
encryption data or encryption unsuccessful just reset the phone and that should make it boot up normally. So that’s how to flash a Qualcomm Android device using Qualcomm Flash Image Loader or QFIL

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  1. I have got error: Download Fail:Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer Fail:Process fail. EDIT: Now I have Download Fail:Switch To EDL FailFailed to Switch to Emergency Download Mode error.

  2. When the program is downloading the "userdata.img" appers this message then it stops: "Download Fail:FireHose Fail FireHose Fail: attempt to divide by zero"
    Could you help me?

  3. Hello, if the phone is "dead", no boot, no display output but when I connect it to PC (windows) is listed in Manage with "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008" (it's a LG D320N / L70) I burned the wrong bootloader in it….it's any chance to bring him to life ?

  4. heyyy plss help me already unzip the firmware of my lenovo k5 pro im using QFIL after that unzip the firmware and i open the QFIL browse it for FireHorse Programmer the folder of firmware is empty how can i solve this please thanks9:

  5. downloaded this firmware for lenovo k5 and unzip the firmware after that i open QFIL browse for FireHose Proggram when i open the folder for firmware its empty there no file for FireHose Program.. how can u solve it sir please help me thanks

  6. sir i have 4 raw file :
    which one i choose !! :/

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