How To Use Yoga Ball To Stretch Your Back & Relieve Tension | Clever Yoga


Hi, my name is Maryann and I’m here to show how to stretch your back and relieve some tension using your clever yoga ball. I’ve really love this stretch when I was a high jumper and a school this is one of the stretches we used to have to do before jumping the pit So taking your large clever yoga ball, I like doing this with my large one.. ahmm.. Your gonna sit on it on a comfortable position and you gonna take a minute to gently roll that ball up your back and once you get to about mid back here, you just gonna raise your arm out.. and reach.. woofs.. and you can rock forward into it.. stretching those legs out.. and just breathing deep into this position wooofs.. you can roll back up to relieve yourself and then roll back into it again.. This actually gonna help you a lot with your bridge pose. So if you want to you can walk your fit in.. pop into a bridge.. woofs.. as much as possible and then when you need to relax you just flop down onto the ball Its that easy and it makes is a lot easier to push up from the yoga ball height than from the ground height. So I hope you enjoy this click tip on how to use the clever yoga ball for the bridge pose and to stretch out and relieve your back.. To find out more please visit You can also search for them on amazon or click on the link below..

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