I Fixed Depression With This Simple Trick

I Fixed Depression With This Simple Trick

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Hey everyone, PushingUpRoses here, and it is time to read some emails. Dear PushingUpRoses, I follow you on Twitter, and read your tweets about depression. I just think…maybe you wouldn’t be depressed if you didn’t dress in all black all the time. It LOOKS depressing. Doesn’t it FEEL depressing? You look DEAD. Why not try wearing yellow sometime? Yellow is like the sun and the angels! Like God shining his light on EVERYONE! It’s a really happy color. Huh. Holy shit, I’m cured! Just kidding. I definitely, DEFINITELY still have depression. Because even though I look adorable in this ensemble, I find the things that help me the most are therapy and the pills in this little bottle, because without them I can’t function! That and I like looking dead…KAREN. Thank you for watching and special shoutout to my therapist. Can’t wait to talk to you about the comments section!

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  1. "Yellow is a Really Happy Colour" "Its Like the Sun and Angels"
    The Sun is a giant ball of Gas Karen, that's slowly eating itself alive. Soon it will explode consuming us all. And Angels went to war in Heaven and now most of them are in Hell.
    I'm really tired of your crap Karen. Put down your Glass of Cabernet Sauvigon and turn off your Real Housewifes of Who Gives a Damn

  2. Just wanted to say I love your vids Roses! I remember the days you used to play Pac-Man with PBG, and I love the Golden Girl videos you make now! I hope you're doing well despite your depression. Hang in there!!

  3. I hate that kind of bullshit. Actually I've always found black to be a comforting color as it's thought to ground your energy and protect from evil. I kind of like thinking my all black outfits are like armor. THAT helps my emotional problems a little (emphasis on "a little"), but that's just me.

    And I suppose all that's needed to cure depression, aside from yellow, is essential oils? And prayer? And underwater horse yoga? XD

  4. Please! Allow me to also offer up some choice platitudes!
    While comments like these are ever annoying, they stem from ignorance about mental illness and probably also the fact that it's nigh on impossible to describe things like depression or anxiety attacks to someone who has never experienced it. Most of the time, though, I think these comments come from a good place and genuinely trying to help. But as we know: Platitude #1: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" and after hearing suggestions like that, platitude #2: "Hell is other people", starts to ring all the more true.

    Keep on keeping on, Roses! (platitude #3?)

  5. You can seek therapy for the travesties committed in online comments sections? I didn’t think therapists had that kind of time ?

  6. ……..someone really thought it was OK to type up that email and hit send
    good on you for making something worthwhile out of it! ??

  7. IDK, wearing yellow always made me feel even MORE self-conscious, which led me to overanalyze EVERYTHING and spiral like mad.
    Wearing black and dark colors is my happy place, no matter how much of a hufflepuff I may be.

  8. If I had a dollar for every time someone said some stupid shit about my depression, I could retire. My advice for people new to this whole thing is to remind yourself that statements like this come from a place of ignorance and shouldn’t be taken seriously or personally.

  9. As someone who perpetually wears black, and to quote Morrissey;

    ‘I wear black on the outside cause black is how I feel on the inside’.

  10. I'm gonna try this incredible idea and wear yellow– oh wait, I don't have any yellow clothes. OH NO, I'M STUCK WITH DEPRESSION FOREVER wah wah wahhhh

  11. READ ME: https://books.google.com/books/about/Bright_sided.html?id=qR3qwimbnO8C&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button

  12. Seeing one of your vids… and especially seeing your lovely smile… makes me feel way less depressed. So any colour is good… for me at least! 🙂

  13. Wow. What an amazing and total jerk! This is like those people who think that the easiest cure for depression is to "just be happy." They have no idea what they are talking about and are so superficial that their depth can be measured only with a micron microscope.

  14. Absolutely love it. I've had similar comments and always thought "my manner of clothing has nothing to do with my mental state. If anything I'd be more depressed because I'm not wearing the clothes I'm comfortable in"

  15. You look good.. and.. weird.. and okay… and smart… and.. yourself.. – just – sometimes looks do not overcome the lifelong downside of depression, lost and suffercation that others never had, – but — those might look really good in yellow (but never tried black)

  16. I was surprised that helpful person didn't just reccommend asking the angels to cure you…does anyone who believes in angels have a brain?

  17. I can't imagine the guts it takes to read a comment section on one's material. I don't even have depression but could not begin to handle that. Good on you PUR for bravery and of course always being awesome.

  18. Help others,seek help how to help others .this will alleviate depression over time.try it for 90 days and see what happens.
    depression is still within me but it have gotten better

  19. Some people just don't understand that brain chemistry is a thing. Sometimes you need your grey lump to make the happy juice and it doesn't, so you need to get store bought. At least we can buy what we need, this lady unfortunately can not buy manners.

  20. It is not wonderful how people who have not lived or have never suffered cases of something as complex and profound as depression can demonstrate their total lack of knowledge of the subject by giving superficial advice, which does not help and simplify the complexity of a sickness with a simple color?

    Black, yellow … Roses, there are not enough colors to describe how interesting and special you are. From Spain, please recover.

  21. Everyone is different" shocker I know! Depression is different depending on who you are. It might sound silly, but the color of your clothing could help certain people, probably not many though. Others are depressed because of their circumstances, and its their mind telling them they need to get out of situations that they are in. And others were just raised by the wrong parents and it took a toll on them. We are simply all different, and need different answers.
    Not a doctor, just have formed opinions based on my life.

  22. I love to wear yellow not only because it's my favourite colour, but also I love the people confusion when I tell that I'm still depressed despite yellow clothing.

  23. Hey, been a fan for a while now. You're always great, especially when you're at your most candid – regardless of what color your clothing is.

  24. i think your beautiful in black and a beautiful person ??????? my mom tells me the same crap but i still do my thing you do whats best for you

  25. I mean, to be fair, some suggestions of combating depression that are often made fun of can to some extent have just a little positive impa- oh. Oh man.

    This sure is a lot of things, chief.

    But it ain't it.

  26. It's a weird thing I was diagnosed with it too, out of no where I didn't want to do anything, not even sit on my butt and play video games. Pills worked. Stopped taking them for like 4 days and went right back to being poo. I'll see if I have anything yellow to wear

  27. The one lil thing I do give people who make comments like that is that painting your room black will actually have negative effects on your psyche. Dressing in all black, however, will not. It does make you look rad as hell tho.

  28. The irony is that not only will wearing yellow not help your depression, being told "you look dead" certainly can't. Some people just don't get it. Sorry you have to put up with it. I've gotten similar comments about my anxiety. "Don't be anxious!" "You're so smart, how could you be anxious?" Doesn't work like that. There's no magic way to make it to away. Healing is a process.

  29. Firstly, you look awesome in black. Secondly, ignore those idiots. We can't wish away their ignorance any more than we can wish away mental illness.

  30. "What do you have to be depressed about?" – My mom 2019

    Thanks mom, really happy to know I have someone to open up to.

  31. That's it? That's the whole video about treatment of depression? I expected a full-on, in-depth analysis that defines depression and the different ways to control it, because there's obviously no known cure.

    Also, a wise old philosopher once said after mocking some teens shopping at The Gap as he strolled out of Hot Topic, "The clothes that you wear do not directly impact your character or value as a human being."

  32. The worst part is she used God as a Proxy to pedal her nonsense. Great to know you use God's name in vain while insulting her.
    I'm not religious but if I were I'd be questioning my beliefs pretty hard right about now if I said something like that in context.

  33. "Have you thought about wearing yellow?"
    "Have you thought about minding your own business?"
    he sounds like she doesnt vaccinate her kids

  34. "Like God shining his light on everyo"–murdered thousands of Egyptian children because their parents prayed to a different deity due to cultural circumstances. If that's light, you can have it.

  35. Your sarcastic and intelligent humor is very much appreciated. I hope you continue making videos, regardless of opinions.
    I also hope it brings you great joy to know that your videos are very entertaining. and also inspiring. By expounding the nuances of our culture, you're serving the people nostalgia, and solace. It's a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise stagnant platform.
    Keep up the great work! You're awesome! ????????????????

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