19 thoughts on “I Tried Socializing Without Alcohol For 30 Days”

  1. I’m a recovering addict and have really bad anxiety (generalized anxiety disorder) & OCD. I’ve had to socialize without alcohol for 6 years! Alcohol wasn’t my favorite thing to abuse, but I don’t touch it because I know it’ll lead to me doing drugs again, eventually. It sucks how normalized the constant consumption of alcohol is, in our society. It’s everywhere— it can be really hard to avoid

  2. I think these experiments are fine, but I’d say typically people who don’t drink aren’t gonna be found in bars and clubs anyway? Like they may be into health and fitness so they’d be at a gym rather than in a club which is designed for getting drunk etc?

    I get the attempt but as an addict I’ve been in bars and clubs and not only is it triggering, but it’s extremely boring being the only sober one in a scenario where everyone is so excited and hyped up.

  3. Haven't had alcohol for about 130 days so far and have quite a few months left of not drinking because I'm pregnant and in the beginning it was really hard when we didn't tell people yet. Because I was constantly asked why I wasn't drinking and if I wanted a drink and actually judged for not drinking and it really got on my nerves because why isn't it legitimate that I just don't want to drink? Why do I need an excuse?

  4. I don’t drink because of my religious beliefs but I would much rather go get coffee with friends then get a drink any day

  5. alcohol, the gateway drug to lesbian feminism… put down the booze girls and push down a few babies for humanity please, thank you. that is unless you're a zionist. peace on earth

  6. I only recently started to cut back drastically on my alcohol consumption, because the hangovers became unbearable. I felt like I was both sick and having a mental breakdown, similar to coming down from an upper. It’s sad that it takes that level of physical inconvenience to stop doing something that is bad for you anyway. It’s such a tricky substance. I still feel like I can’t really have fun and be uninhibited without alcohol and in a way that messes with your head as well, because it feels like life is not worthwhile without subtances to make you feel present and connected to the moment. As bad as that sounds. Maybe it’s just a transitional phase.

  7. I honestly don’t like socializing with other people who are drinking. The smell nauseates me ever since I had my son. I was never much of a drinker mind you, I enjoyed a glass of bubbly every now and again, but now the smell bothers me so much.

  8. You were wise to do this because you were drinking for all the wrong reasons/excuses. I’m 30 year’s alcohol free and my life has been amazing! I don’t go to bars, who needs it to have fun, but I am now able to be around alcohol and don’t need it to feel “normal”. Alcohol for some of us is poison. It can destroy ones life if it is abused or for the wrong reason. It sounds like you would be wise to not place importance on alcohol in your life. I hope you’ll consider this as a friendly caution.

  9. Why do people drink anyway? Alcohol tastes nasty and makes you feel horrible when the hangover kicks in. Plus, you might not even remember the experience of whatever you were doing and do things that you might regret.

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