Ice or Heat for Headaches – Your Burlington NC Chiropractor

Ice or Heat for Headaches – Your Burlington NC Chiropractor

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– Hey, I’m Dr. Andy. What we’re gonna do today
is we are going to cover whether we use ice or heat for headaches. Headaches are a very
common symptom and problem that we find in desk workers and teachers because of the high levels of stress and impact of their job. So first, the most important
thing we need to do is we need to decide do we
have a migraine headache or a tension headache because depending on
which one of those it is, we use ice or heat. One or the other is more effective for the different type of condition. So migraine headaches
are typically one sided. They can last anywhere
between four to 72 hours. They’re typically very
severe, debilitating. Sometimes we can’t do our job. On top of that, we might
have light sensitivity, we might have sound sensitivity and nausea is very common as well. Everyone kinda says an aura is very common with a migraine headache. It’s actually not. We have a classical migraine
or a non-classical migraine. Non-classical migraines
don’t have any aura meaning there’s no kinda squiggly lines through your vision or anything like that. So even if you don’t have
squiggly lines through your vision prior to a migraine coming on, it’s possible that you still
have migraine headaches. If that sounds like you
then we use ice, alright, and the best place to use ice
is at the base of the skull, where the hairline meets the neck. So that is right here on Mitch and you take that ice
and you’re gonna place it and hold it right there
for about 20 minutes and you can repeat this every two hours until you start to feel better. Mitch, go ahead and relax. The other option is a tension headache. Think tension, think
musculoskeletal stress, alright, so muscle tension, muscle
spasms, muscle pain. So typically, that pain
is going to come up through the neck to the side of the head and very commonly behind the eye. Some people have said
that tension headaches are not as severe as migraine headaches but I can tell you that they
definitely can be as severe. So tension headaches. Just because your headache
is really, really bad doesn’t mean that it has
to be a migraine headache. It can be a tension headache. So very commonly, spin
that way for me, Mitch, this type of pain or this type of headache is gonna come a lot from the neck. So it’s gonna start down here
maybe in the upper trapezius. It’s gonna come up the sides of the neck, usually one side but it can be both and then come across the side of the head and then it feels like a
stabbing spike behind the eye. In that case, we’re
gonna use heat, alright, and the best place to use the heat is all along that pathway, right through the shoulder
up into the neck, alright? Again, same thing, 20
minutes every two hours until you start to feel better but the good news is tension headaches are typically shorter in length
than a migraine headache. You can go ahead and relax. I hope that is useful to you. If you have any questions, concerns, any other good advice for
anyone else watching the video, please leave a comment below and just remember to live
with passion, not pain.

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