“I’m So Stressed” Song

“I’m So Stressed” Song

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I’m so stressed
I’m so stressed If I get a “B”
I’ll be depressed. Please help me be less stressed. Glad you called
Live and lol Just laugh and you’ll lessen your cortisol.
Come on and have a ball. Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha Ha ha-ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha I’m not stressed
I’m not stresssed Cause now that I’ve laughed I can be my best.
I won’t be beat by stress.

59 thoughts on ““I’m So Stressed” Song”

  1. :watches this video, takes a gun to his head.. and scratches his temple:
    hmm.. pretty disarming if i might say so.. 😀

  2. A friend sent this link. At first, I was like "WTF?" The yellow guy started off as strange/annoying. When the hippo appeared, my jaw dropped, and as the video went I started LAUGHING! I had no idea what was going on, but it was the funny sort of strange video that you can only find on the internet. I re-watched it again to "get it" – and then I realized my stressed out mood had evaporated! This is an AWESOME video.

  3. I said I was stressed on Facebook, and my friends shared this video with me. I re-watched this video ten times, and then realized I really did feel so much better!

  4. Yes, I will have dreams of rainbows and a hippo, which will come when I nod off despite the stress of needing to cram for finals.

  5. It sucks that you're still stressed. Try laughing aloud with the yellow dude – especially if you're listening with headphones and you're in a public computer lab.

  6. okaaaay very weird but kind of funny, i liked it cos i returned a favor 🙂 but i don tregret it LOL look at my youtubechannel and subscribe  subcscribe!!! 

  7. Well done – 29 seconds to entertain, amuse and educate all in one. Better than a three minute song that gets turned off at 2.10 seconds.

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