I’m The Principal’s Daughter And I Got My Dad FIRED

I’m The Principal’s Daughter And I Got My Dad FIRED

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Hi! My name’s Lilly. When I was in high school, my dad worked as
a principal there and I thought that it was the most horrible period of my life. But later he was fired, and when he found
out that I was the one to blame, he didn’t want to be my dad anymore. My mom died two years ago, and it was decided
that it would be better for me to live with my grandmother for a little while. But pretty soon it became clear that it was
hard for her to look after a teenager. So, when I had only one year to go till I
graduated, I moved to live with my dad. From the very first day, I understood that
it was going to be a tough year. You see, my dad was of that type of a man,
who was always very strict and merciless, so to speak. He believed that only severe punishment could
change somebody’s attitude. So, nobody liked him as the principal at my
new school, and some were even scared of him. As for me, while teachers were trying to be
nice, my schoolmates were far from being friendly. Nobody wanted to join me on school projects,
and I would sit alone in the cafeteria during lunchtime. As well as that, for some reason, they thought
I was overdoing it, while I was just a good student. I didn’t want my dad to know how badly I
was treated, ‘cause if he got involved in it things could get even worse. That’s why I knew I had to deal with my
problems myself. At first, I tried to look, you know, less
smart, and summited poorly done work on purpose. But the only thing it influenced was my grades,
which got lower. When my dad found about that, he began reprimanding
me for being inattentive, and even assumed that I had fallen in love and that it was
depriving me of being able to study well. In reality, he wasn’t totally wrong. For real, there was one guy – Tim – who
really made me feel nervous whenever I passed him in the hall. But he belonged to that group of guys who
usually mocked me the most, so I definitely had no chance to grab his attention, in a
romantic sense. And that was another important reason for
me to get rid of the “principal’s daughter” label. You know what they say, where there’s a
will, there’s a way, and while I was scratching my head about what else I could I do to realize
my plan, I happened to appear in the right place at the right time. One day, I got punished for my poor grades
and I had to clean the classroom after a few chemistry labs. But as soon as I got up to the door that was
cracked open, I heard some voices, that, I was pretty sure, belonged to Tim and the other
guys from his group. Even though they were whispering, it was clear
that they were discussing a prank they were gonna play on the principal – my father. Suddenly, the door swung open, hitting me
on the forehead so that I fell to the floor, and I saw Tim. For a few seconds we looked at each other
eye-to-eye, and these were the most beautiful eyes that I had ever seen. But then the rest of the group appeared. One girl started saying that I heard everything
and that I was going to tell my dad everything, and that they would be punished and even offered
to teach me a lesson for eavesdropping. Suddenly it hit me. This situation was, probably, my last chance
to blend into the crowd. I promised that I not only would I not tell
anybody about their plan, but also that I was willing to help with anything that I could. That girl looked at me suspiciously, and Tim
winked at me as if he wanted to say that it was a deal. The very next day, we began to implement our
plan. My task was to send a few texts from my dad’s
mobile phone to Rebecca’s number – one of the girls from the group. And the message was supposed to be obvious,
you know, something like, “I like you and I can help you improve your grades” and
other stuff like that. And then, after a few of these texts, she
was supposed to go into the principal’s office and start a scandal, having a camera
in her purse, you know, to record his stunning reaction. Was I thinking about what I would do if my
dad knew everything that was going on? Not really. I was too focused on hanging around with that
group of cool guys at school. In addition, Tim said that I was extremely
brave for taking part in this and that that immediately made him interested in me, so
I was so excited about everything. However, our funny joke turned out to be far
from the way we saw it play out, or at least definitely not as I had intended. When Rebecca was already acting out her injured
innocence scene in the principal’s office, his secretary walked in. Rebecca couldn’t admit that everything was
just a joke, ‘cause she was afraid of being expelled. Dad’s secretary has always been quite an
unpleasant old woman, and she took this and ran with it and promising to not keep quiet
about it. So, long story short, after the hearing in
front of the disciplinary committee it was decided that he would step down as principal,
so that the story didn’t really go public. Dad was devastated. He couldn’t find another school job in neighboring
towns and cities, ‘cause there were no vacancies in the middle of a school year. And since the town we lived in was too small
and there were simply no other schools there, the only job he could get was at a construction
site, which apparently was quite different from the one he had gotten used to. I felt really sorry for my dad, especially
since I knew exactly what had happened, but at the same time, I was no longer the principal’s
daughter, which definitely made my life at school easier. Even more, Tim and I began dating, and he
continued to admire me and that made me feel happy and inspired. Several months have passed since these occurrences,
and I graduated from school and was already packing my stuff to go to college, but I still
couldn’t get rid of that bad aftertaste from this story. You know, dad couldn’t even show up at my
graduation after all that. I think he even got more grey hair on his
head. But at the same time, I couldn’t come up
with an idea of how to tell him everything. And, once again, the perfect chance came all
by itself. Dad and I went to the store to buy some stuff
that I was going to take with me to college. And right there, between the parking spaces
in front of the store, we came across Rebecca and her father. Apparently, they were there for the same reason
as dad and I were. My dad immediately expressed his intention
to go up and talk to Rebecca, but her dad was not aware of the situation and, believe
me, nobody wanted him to be. I noticed that Rebecca was trying to drag
her father the other way and I followed her example, but my dad was like, “Come on,
I have to ask her to tell me the truth” and I had no other option but to tell him
that I could also tell him the truth. I don’t know, I just burst into a stream
of words and told my dad how hard it was for me at school at first, and then how I heard
about Tim’s and the other guys’ plan, and how I took an active part in making it happen. I was sorry for having ruined his career,
but at the same time, I was glad that I had an opportunity to spend my last school year
having friends and a boyfriend. I was only able to look into his eyes when
I finished talking. Dad looked shocked and angry at the same time. I noticed that the veins on his forehead had
gotten swollen and that his hands were shaking. He didn’t tell me anything, and just put
the shopping basket on the floor and left, leaving me alone. Honestly, I felt relieved after having dumped
the load of that secret off of myself. I understood that he was insulted, but I was
sure that he wouldn’t stay angry for long. I got home much later that day, ‘cause after
the store, I had to meet with Tim and the guys to say goodbye before our departure – my
flight was scheduled for the next day. It was dark everywhere, and when I switched
on the light I almost cried out from the surprise. I saw my dad sitting on the sofa, and judging
upon the odor, I felt he had been drinking. That made me feel nervous and a little bit
scared, ‘cause he never ever had any issues with alcohol. I tried to talk to him, but he just told me
to go to my room. The next day when I went downstairs with my
whole life packed in two huge suitcases, dad was already in the kitchen and still didn’t
want to talk to me. I, once again, tried to apologize for what
I had done back then, but he only put his arm forward showing that he was not in the
mood for any conversation. We were still silent while he drove me to
the airport, and I felt really uncomfortable being in the car with my dad with all that
tension around. I guess it was right then when I truly realized
how badly I had hurt my dad, while I was trying to set up my own life. Dad didn’t really accompany me; in fact,
he didn’t even walk out of the car. I was standing there with my huge suitcases
waiting for at least a hug or something, but dad didn’t even look at me. I heard the emotion in his voice when he said
that this was the last time we would see each other and that he promised to pay for my education
under one single circumstance – that I would never ever come back home. Can you believe that? He abandoned me. My dad didn’t want me to be his daughter
anymore. There are no words to describe what I felt
back then. I was crying during my whole flight. At first, I was hoping that when I got to
my destination and called my dad, he’d already be fine, but he didn’t even pick up the
phone. Nor did he answer my calls during my first
week at college, when I kept calling him and leaving him messages several times a day. Since then, actually, the one and only time
when he did call me back was right before my break, when I left him a message that I
wanted to visit him at home and had already bought a ticket. He almost immediately called me back and said
that I was no longer welcome there. That’s it. For now, guys, I have already graduated from
college, found a cool job, met a nice guy, and we are going to get married. But something tells me that my dad will not
walk me to the altar, because after all these years he never forgave me. If you liked this story, don’t forget to
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100 thoughts on “I’m The Principal’s Daughter And I Got My Dad FIRED”

  1. I get that the father was upset and he had every right to be annoyed but to go as far as to break ties with his daughter is going too far. Before you all come at me let me say this, based on the father’s reaction, what did he value more, his child or his career? I’m not a parent but Ik when you become one, a good one you need to have unconditional love for your child. Meaning no matter what they do you will still choose to love them. The father clearly valued his job as a principle over his daughter. He valued people’s perception over him over his relationship with his daughter. Life is tooo short to hold grudges against one another. When he’s on his deathbed, he’ll wish his daughter was by his side but he just shut her out of his life.

  2. A lawsuit like this could ruin a man’s life. That must of broke his heart that his own daughter was capable of committing such viciousness. He’s a person first before he’s your dad.

  3. I can't see any sincere apologize from her. She just said "sorry" then followed with those blames on her father that he's the cause of everything.

  4. I really agree that blood is thicker than water at which there are differences….you can always live without having friends and maybe parents too….but the hurt in that person is like a stain of not having a parent….you can never get over that feeling…which is why although the girl did wrong to her dad… it's a short life…and her dad ain't getting younger and certainly not happier by taking the decision he did….as a dad and her daughter bad things will happen….fights , disagreements and all that….sure maybe he could kick her out of his house but maybe he could've forgave her… anyway at least then their lives won't keep on taking them back to the bad scenarios…. you can never fully live your life with grudges especially a bond between a dad and her daughter… they are family… and families stick together

  5. She was surprised when her father abandoned her wow she really is a DUMB MOTHERTRUCKER MAN. SERIOUSLY IF I WERE THE DAD I WOULD'VE WOOPED HER *SS DON'T CARE HOW OLD SHE IS

  6. How dare you ruin your dads job.. imagine your dad still taking care of you and buying your needs when suddenly you just ruin his job and now he cant get money… What a greatful daughter 😒😠

  7. You're the worst. You ruined your dad's career for friends and you think that saying sorry is gonna fix everything you've done?

  8. Daughter:*going to ruin my dad’s life for mine to get better expecting forgiveness at the end*

    Me: watching the video girl you wanted forgiveness after being that selfish?

  9. you for not using him to get grades and your father for not giving you grades are the reason why there is no such thing called society anymore

  10. This girl is actually stupid. She's mad that her dad abandoned her, but she literally ruined her dad's career. smh

  11. Doing what she did just to impress classmate that would have dumped her as friends was wrong. She had only a short amount of days before college and she should not have been a part of this because now her dad shut her out of his life. Hopefully he can forgive her and welcome her back, but until then she needs to live with this.

  12. 9:33 – Her dad didn’t abandon her. She broke the relationship by throwing his whole career and his reputation down the toilet.

    For a pair of “pretty boy eyes” and the chance to be accepted by strangers.

    She broke the man’s heart and trust. He may be able to forgive her in time, but certainly not right away. And trust can take a long time to build back up.

  13. You deserve it cause you destroyed his career basically his life just for a boy friend I hate you ,you are selfish 😠😠😠😠😤😡

  14. Look you shouldnt have done that but disowning your child is harsh. This story made me sad and i feel sorry for you.

  15. Tbh I'd do the same thing Ife every single person in the school hated me for being the child of a very strict principal

  16. This is super bratty of her she ruined her dads life, could have gotten him in jail. Did it for temporary friends and a love, her friends didn’t stick around and she’s getting married to someone different. On top of that she’s upset her dad disowned her and won’t talk to her when her dad is getting that money for her college out of blood sweat and tears. It’s hard to be a construction worker and her dad is probably getting old and he’s not as strong as he used to be so working in a job like that is hard. Even if by some chance he forgives her she will just forget about him since she will have her own family and will just be glad to have a babysitter if she has kids. She doesn’t deserve her father because a bunch of sorry’s and calls about how she feels bad isn’t going to repair the damage she has caused. If she cared she would have told the truth and helped her father get his job back. She should understand what she did was wrong and accept he doesn’t want to talk to her. And for all you people that want to say he was mean to her and she was pressured because she was being bullied. He didn’t even know she was getting bullied and he was strict because he wanted the best for her. Teenagers always think what their parents tell them to do is wrong and what they say is right when they are just acting like children. Your parents have way more experience than you with stuff in your life because surprise surprise they were teenagers too. A dad or family members is also never temporary just your relationship with them if you screw up and just say sorry. The girl knew exactly what she was doing and she helped people who bullied her destroy her dad instead of being on her dads side you know the dad who paid for her college and was most likely going to pay for her college necessities. She should be grateful to her parents she’s even alive and has grown up with a roof over her head and food to eat. Instead to repay them she betrays them because of her own selfish reasons. I understand she is upset her dad won’t speak to her but she doesn’t understand the big picture and all she did for her.
    and to all the people out there, if your being bullied tell someone before you go out and do something you will regret. It doesn’t make you weak and if the girl had just talked with her father this situation could have been avoided. Family is forever but if you mess up your relationship isn’t.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you have a good day.

  17. She shouldn't have taken action in that stupid prank. Instead of trying to fit in the crowd, she should have just been patient and showed herself as a kind and fun girl if everyone expected her to be just as gloomy as her father. And as for her father, he should have been more loving towards her and more friendly to everyone. If he wasn't so cold, maybe she wouldn't have done that to him. And maybe, no one would want to pull that prank off on him in the first place. so if both of them were wiser, more friendly, and open, her dad would still have his job with everyone would think of him as a great principal, and she would have the friends she wanted.

  18. I really think that’s too much for his daughter after all it’s his daughter.. I understand he lost his job and all of that but she was only a teenager she didn’t had her father support after her mom’s death and she did what she thought because of the age she had in that time… but to abandon your child that’s too much it’s his blood his own daughter and she is getting married and he isn’t going that’s really exaggerated.

  19. You deserve to get that….you such a horrible child…I dont understand why you choose to get your OWN FATHER fired from his work for your own good?? 😑

  20. While I was listening to this I was hoping that he never forgave you, deserve every bit of hate you should get.

  21. I think you're both to blame in the situation but your dad more so because at the end of the day yes you f*** up a lot of things but I don't think I don't think he believed that you had wanted all this happen and after so many years of him still not talking to you he's basically being child to specially if you knew him in that Rebecca girl can somehow come forward and prove his innocence in the whole entire thing yes it's still going to be a stain on his reputation But ultimately you should fix things and that fact getting married if he's missing all these extremely important moments in your life is kind of sad ending because yes he lost his job over something trivial he's stupid but ultimately he's losing out on multiple grant opportunities he'll never get any other time of his life

  22. girl you got your dad fired. you ruined not only his whole career, but also his dignity, his image. still, he never completely abandoned you. he still paid for you college tuition. if this were my parents they would have left me out in the cold and pretending i don't exist anymore. they'd erase me from our family registration card. you are damn lucky.

  23. Dear girl never ever betray your parents. You know you had an amazing dad who took care of you provided you the necessity but mine just abandoned me when 1 was 5 after my mother died for my step mom. Now just go back to him and ask for his forgiveness again and again just do anything because I know one day he would surely forgive you. We have to expect our family members as they are not after changing them. I hope your dad be there for your wedding.

  24. Ur a really bad person he has the right to ignore u I would do the same tbh.
    I mean as u can see in the end those “friends and bf” left u and surprisingly ur dad paid for ur education I wouldn’t even do that.🙄

  25. I don’t blame the dad you ruined his life for your own selfishness you’re lucky that he still pays your education fees if I were to be him i wouldn’t

  26. It was his own blood that betrayed him. And it hurts the most. No wonder then that he doesn't want to see her any more.

  27. There are certain things that are unforgivable and this is one of them if I were him I would’ve done all that and also paid for college either I won’t use paying for college as a bargaining chip if I don’t want somebody in my home they’re not going to be there. If somebody screws me over that bad they do not have a right to be in my life and that’s that.

  28. Luckily he found a job at the construction site, he had a good job with a good pay to pay for you. He was working hard to get money in which 75% of the money would have been spent on you.

  29. So basically you just ruined your dad's career only to impress a guy? Wow! What a sick kid😒😒. I cannot blame your dad from abandoning you, to be honest. Such a stupid reason!

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