Imu’s Shiny Forehead (Senran Kagura Shorts)

Imu’s Shiny Forehead (Senran Kagura Shorts)

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[Hibari]: Hey, Imu. [Imu]: What is it, Hibari? [Hibari]: I’ve heard rumors that you have a shiny forehead. Is that true? [Imu:] N-no! Of course not! Who told you some dumb stuff like that?! [Hibari]: Katsuragi did. [Katsuragi]: ‘Sup, chrome dome? [Imu]: Ugh, of course YOU would, Katsuragi. [Imu]: You know, just because I think of Miyabi sometimes, it doesn’t mean that I have a shiny forehead. [Miyabi] (off camera): Imu? Could you help me find my contact lenses? [Imu]: Ahhhhhhhh~! [Hibari]: Agh! So bright! [Katsuragi]: I think I’m blind.

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