Indianapolis Migraine Treatment and Headache Treatment and Relief

Indianapolis Migraine Treatment and Headache Treatment and Relief

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>>DR. DAVID DUNHAM: Hello, I’m Doctor David
Dunham. I’m a doctor of chiropractic and a

doctor of physical therapy at HEALTH 1st Physical
Therapy of Indianapolis. I’ve been practicing
and treating patients with headaches and migraines
since 1997. I’d like to discuss some of the more common causes of migraines and headaches
that I see in my office.
Many times people come to me that have had
neck injuries, that have spinal misalignments or have had other types of damage to their
spine. Many times that spinal injury damage can trigger pain that people can suffer with
needlessly for years and years. I encourage you, if you’re having migraines
or headaches and you’ve suffered a neck injury. I urge you to call my office and see if the
chiropractic care, the physical therapy or
the interventional pain management that we
offer at our office can help you relieve your pain. Please, call today and see if my office can
relieve your pain. [music]

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