Is This Your Family On Christmas?

Is This Your Family On Christmas?

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(calm Christmas music) – This looks fantastic, Mrs. Johnson. – Yeah, it almost looks as good as Mom’s. – Stephanie, Carroll worked
extremely hard on this. – Oh, this? I just threw together a simple recipe. (smoke detector sounds) – Oh! (bleep) Oh Holy! (bleep) Ah! (calm Christmas music) – This is almost perfect. If only Kyle could have made it home for Christmas this year. (knocking) (door creaks) – Merry Christmas, Dad. – Kyle, what a Christmas miracle! – Anything for you, Dad. (chuckles) – Can we go a different
route or something? Why are you even going down this street? This street is terrible
at this time of day. Can you double-time it? Can we just get a little faster, man? I’m kind of late for a flight right now. Literally 15 minutes, I’m stressing out! Have you ever tried to
check through security during the holidays?! (cars honking) This is freakin’ nuts! Can, you turn up the AC? (calm Christmas music) (silverware clanking) (flashback) – Okay remember, we can’t
bring up the Asian thing. – What Asian thing? – Shhh! – Can’t I say “Asian” in my own home? So James, I had some
Thai food the other day. It was to Thai for. – Oh! (laughter) Oh, honey. (Carroll wheezes) (flashback) – My dad, he’s not a racist, but he might tell a bad joke or two. – Wait, what? – Don’t worry about it, just ignore him. Dad! Daddy! (flashforward) – I’m Chinese. (sighs) But I do love Thai food. – Yeah, and we like Chinese food too. – Oh yes, yes! – Yeah. – Maybe you could cook some for us. – Okay Carroll, we’re done. – Don’t they all cook? – I’m sure Chinese people cook. – [Carroll] He said he’s Chinese do you think he doesn’t know… – I don’t know much about him, I just met him also, so. – Alrighty then, we normally
do Christmas presents after dinner, but I
just can’t help myself. (calm Christmas music) – Thank you – Woah, the new G Phone 6-7s, Dad! – Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Daddy! – How’d you get this? They’re sold out everywhere. – A magician never reveals his secrets. (flashback) (baby wailing) – [Intercom] Attention shoppers… (alarm sounding) (glass breaking) – Ah! (automatic rifle firing) – I saw it first. – Well, anything for my kids. (chuckles) – Ho, ho, ho! (drunken sigh) It’s Santa, everybody! It’s not your brother,
the big disappointment, Greg! (flashback) – Johnny, look I know this has been a hard year for you with
the divorce and everything. But I think for Christmas,
we’re just gonna do our family. I hope you understand. – Oh yeah, Merry Christmas.
(hangs up) Nobody loves Johnny. (inhales) But everyone loves Santa! (flashforward) I’m just sayin’ we should
give Trump a chance! (silverware crashes) (claps) – Okay, I think it’s time to take our family Christmas picture. – Great idea!
– Yeah. – Yeah! (sigh) – The family’s all here. – James, get in the picture. – No, no I don’t think James
should be in the picture. – Daddy, that’s not fair! – It is fair! This is a family picture. James is not family! – Oh my God that’s so rude! – Well I’m not family yet, but I was hoping to change that tonight. – Oh God. – Steph, will you marry me? – Yes! – Absolutely not! – Daddy!
– Greg. What do you think you’re doing? – [Greg] You hardly know him! – You barely knew Carroll
when you married her! (everyone shouting) – It’s not different, she
was Mom’s funeral director! – One, two, three. (camera snaps) (happy Christmas music) (whooshes) (creaks) (electronic dance music)

100 thoughts on “Is This Your Family On Christmas?”

  1. My family is so not like that we party all night,we eat when we want,we eat anywhere, we party,play,play the pool table,Adults get drunk,watch tv so everyone is in different places kids in the room,teens in the living room watching tv,moms in kitchen, and dad/adults in the other living room play on the pool table
    We don't even let Santa come to our house because we sleep like at 2 or 3 in the morning

  2. This is, by far, the most honest representation of a family during the Christmas season I’ve ever seen. Bravo Buzzfeed, bravo ?!

  3. Yep, if I went to Dad's place for Christmas with a black or Caucasian boyfriend, this will definitely happen. Dad's wife seems practically tame in passive-aggressive compared to mine, and probably Dad is… meaner than mine. That is about it. My brother will probably act the same way.

  4. My family are like this to my husband because hes a british born chinese but dont believe hes british. because his family are originally from Hong kong but hes born here in uk making him British Born chinese. My family are racist and said I should be with a white man instead. They are horrible towards him and thankfully I didnt listen to them as we have 3 beautiful children together.
    I do not like racist people at all it doesnt matter what colour or race you are with its the heart that counts.

  5. Is having a heated argument the secret to perfect photogenic family pictures? Because when my family stands still for a pic we end up looking like Halloween costumes.

  6. That is not my Family …I have not spent Christmas with my extended family in about two years….It is Just Me,My mom,and my two brothers

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