Item Hell Challenge with Rav3n | Tech2 Game Challenge Ep: 01 | PUBG Mobile

Item Hell Challenge with Rav3n | Tech2 Game Challenge Ep: 01 | PUBG Mobile

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Hey guys, we are going to play PUBG today, but with a twist Tech2 has given me a challenge called the ‘Item Hell’ challenge You might have heard of the ‘Item Heaven’ challenge in which you have multiple guns You can use any of them to kill your enemy So Tech2 has given me these six cards and after every kill I have to pick up a card So whatever weapon is written on the card, I can use only that to kill my enemy So let’s see what happens in this challenge My favourite place is Pochinki so I am going to go there, no where else So far I can’t see anyone near me I think I am alone, Pochinki will be empty. I can easily get all the items No, I was wrong , there’s one guy there. Ok, there are a lot of people, it will be fun Oh God! One just jumped on my head. With this I just got my first gun That’s an Uzi. Finally I don’t have to kill them with my pan So I got my first kill And now I have to pick some other card. So we got the shotgun.. Ok I love this thing in Pochinki. It’s damn easy. Let’s go kill them with the shotgun. I should get the shotgun as soon as possible. And I got the Shotgun. And I just found a guy in front of me. Oh my god Second kill is done, the shotgun kill. Now we have to pick up another card and I already have a guy who’s sitting on my head So it’s a Melee We have to kill someone with a pan now. It seems that guy is chasing me, so we’re not going to kill him. Let’s find someone else. I am running around in an open space I can be shot anytime. It’s kind of risky. Ok. I found a guy. I just hope they try hard now. Otherwise I am gone. So first of all we will locate him with TPP. Why do I feel that this guy is sitting on the stairs Well that guy had pulled out a DP. I was afraid when he swapped the gun. Ok, see this now we have do a kill with vehicle so yeah. For this we need to get out of this place. This place is not the best place where I can kill anyone using a vehicle Let’s find a vehicle… I remember few places where the vehicles spawn. We will go there first LOL… There’s a guy sitting in the vehicle. He’s running away with my car. He ran away with my vehicle. I will have to find a new one I thought he’s sitting AFK. I thought I will kill him easily. But all of a sudden he ran away with the vehicle. And I just found the vehicle. Now I need to find the players And the circle is about to get closed and a new circle will be built I can see a flare, I will go there because somebody must be there. So my plane is here. And that’s our flare So guys let me tell you one thing, If you’re doing anything crazy like this You should always boost up yourself because you don’t know when the other person will attack you. Even if you have one percent you will be able to survive if you boost up So always make sure you’re boosted. And I can see a guy. And the vehicle kill is also done. And we have completed another task So next we have to kill with the Pistol. I hope I get a P-18, because P-18 is the automatic rifle and it’s the best So let’s see if we can do a kill with the pistol. It’s going to be tough. And we got a pistol. So we’re all geared up. I just saw a guy. I think he hasn’t seen me yet. We will have to be super sneaky for this. This guy is camping And I just found him. Ok let me just trick him. Let me do some bot fire so that he thinks there’s a bot And we pulled it off. Bot fire never betrays you. I love it We will open another card. So guys…it’s a grenade kill. You guys know i am bad with grenades It’s going to be quite tough for me. I don’t have a grenade yet so let me go get it first After I got a kill, now I am getting a P-18 Game loves to troll me. There was a bot in front of me. I killed him by mistake with my P-18. So seems like grenade kill is not that easy So we kind of failed this one Let’s just move on to another one Let’s see what the last one is This is Swap Controls What is swap controls? And you want me do a kill with this This is one of the most difficult things And this is going to ruin my setup I won’t be able to kill anyone even with my well attached gun My shoot button is not working and you’re talking about any weapon This is damn difficult Normally my mindset is that I have to move from this hand and I shoot from right hand And all my movements are from my left hand side But now it’s in a completely opposite direction I honestly don’t know how I am going to survive this It is going be very basic game exactly like how I used to play initially It’s going to be exactly the same thing I am just gonna camp And see if someone is coming near me And well they are dead. Oh my god! Even my gliding has been changed I can’t glide This is crazy idiotic Where is the off button for my Auto run? Where’s the aim button? This reminds me of my season 1 and season 2 gameplay When I see someone my first instinct is to get off the vehicle and try to kill them That’s my first reaction and that’s what I did When I got off I realised that my controls are swapped First thing.. the person who thought of this idea is a devil Please don’t do such things because for gamers their optimized controls are crucial during gameplay Because we set the sensitivity and other things according to that And we practise with that the entire day And then you randomly say that you have changed my controls and I have to kill I was remembering my earlier days I used to play like this in season 1 and season 2 I was a hardcore camper The way I am moving now If anyone spotted me, they would think I’m a bot, I wasn’t able to move This challenge gave me a headache but it was too much fun And we have two more challenges …called the Tech2 ‘Real Shot’ challenge I was actually expecting that to be Kiwi! And with this my interview is also out there. Please go and watch that If you havn’t watched it yet and comment there. Tell us if you like it. I will defiantly read your comments And thanks a lot for watching Bye and see you in the next video

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  1. Saare noobs he maare.isne …like room me aake Banda Beth gaya and isko dekh Raha (itne me kill hojani thi ye).. secondly near the drop the player was so noob he didn't even landed one hit on her …these tasks are Soo easy to do in pubg mobile…try these same tasks in pubg pc and see where you stand

  2. Kya chutia logo ko bula rahe ho yaar interview ke lia …. Raven … Raka ….. Sab kuda ho gye hae raka se to game tak ni khele jate bass bekar ki bakvas and over smartness …… MAXTERN ko lao bhai maaza aaga he is entertaining

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