Jeremiah & Gus Dinner Drama 😳 MTV Floribama Shore

Jeremiah & Gus Dinner Drama 😳 MTV Floribama Shore

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– That looks amazing. – Does everybody have a sake? Ready? – Ready. – We might fight, we might (beep), but we’re definitely getting
(beep) up, so cheers. – (laughs) I like that one. – I made that one up. (upbeat music) – She said we might
fight, we might (beep). Like damn, okay. (beep) – Oh, oh, oh the sake. Sake to me, baby. – Gus did say sake turns
him into a big ass flirt. – I mean, every liquor does. Let’s be honest. – Water. – [Kirk] I think the air turns
him into a big ass flirt. – [Nilsa] Candace, will
you come to the bathroom with me please? – I’m a pray to St. Pete because
St. Pete don’t know Gilsa and if St. Pete finds out
that Gilsa’s on the loose here all hell’s gonna break
loose in this house. – Candace, I’m a little drunk. Do not let me flirt with Gus. – I won’t. – Okay. – Just don’t, listen. – Let’s go in the men’s, oh wait. I’m just gonna use the men’s. – [Candace] Don’t (beep)
him, don’t (beep) him. – I ain’t (beep) him. I’m not gonna sit here and
let him only flirt with me whenever he’s drunk because Gus gets drunk and he just wants somebody to cuddle with. Not happening. – Thank you. (dramatic music) – Right when I see the checks come out, I’m like here we go. (dramatic music) – Oh miss, real quick. I was gonna take one of his rolls, his appetizer, and his sake. Not all of his rolls. – No, not one of the rolls. What are you talking about? – I’m taking one of your rolls, your soup. – [Gus] I’m not paying for the rolls. – Well, I’m not paying for them, dude. – [Gus] You lost. – I’m sorry dude, I’m
not taking care of it. – Well we’ll walk out and
I’m not paying for it. – If looks could kill,
both of these mother (beep) would be dead right now
at the dinner table. – He had two rolls, she had two rolls– – [Jeremiah] Well then somebody else can take care of it for you. I’m not paying your full meal. – Okay, well somebody else can
but I won and I’m not paying. Jeremiah’s got me all the way (beep) up. If you lose a bet and you say
you’re gonna do something, be a man of your word at the
end of the day and do it. (dramatic music) – [Mattie] Just put it on
my card, put it on mine. – So I’ll take the– – Did you eat one sushi roll? – I’ll take the salmon that he had. I’ll take his– – I’m not paying for
it, I’m telling you now. – [Jeremiah] Golden dragon. – [Mattie] Put it on mine. – Put it all on yours? – Not all of it. I mean, I ain’t momma bear
in this mother (beep). Put whatever he won’t get, I’ll get. – Yeah. – You’d rather let a girl pay for it? That’s awesome. – You’re gonna let a girl that stuck up for you this whole time pay for Gus’s meal because
you’re refusing to? That kinda makes you a bitch. – Made Kortni pay for her own date and then you wanna put
it on another female? That’s beautiful. (dramatic music) – I’m Gucci, baby. – Likewise, I won. I beat your ass in dodgeball. – Beautiful. We can run it back on some pool too, if you wanna play again. – Oh the non-physical sport, beautiful. – Oh you do wanna play a physical sport? – Always, baby. – [Jeremiah] Let’s get after it. – I’ve already tried you, bitch. You ran the other way. – Oh I did? I looked I ran right after you, buddy. – You ran out the door with Cole. You were scared (beep). – Sure I was. – Then you start yelling
from the third balcony. You ain’t about it. – [Jeremiah] I was ready to take you on. – Have you ever been in a
physical altercation in your life? – I’ll take you in the front door. – [Gus] Have you ever, have you ever? – I’ll take you in the
front door right now. – Right here, bitch. Right (beep) here. – Temperatures are rising. Blood pressures are boiling. These two are gonna kill each other. – Let’s get to the house. (dramatic music) – Please right now. Let’s go outside right now (beep). Let’s go outside right now. – (beep) is about to go down. – We can go outside right now. We can go outside right now. We can go outside right now. – [Nilsa] Stop please.

100 thoughts on “Jeremiah & Gus Dinner Drama 😳 MTV Floribama Shore”

  1. Gus is turning out to be a total ass. He attacks a guest in his house because he thought he was being disrespected when the guy said that Florida boys don't know how to treat women. So, the next night, he decides to flirt with Jeremiah's date (who Gus is not really interested in) just to teach Jeremiah a lesson. How is toying with a woman like a play thing being respectful to THAT woman? Gus has no respect for women at all. He flirts because it's fun and doesn't care if the females are getting hurt with his game playing. He's an ass.

  2. How’s MTV gonna let a 15 year old school yard bitch boy like Gus drink alcohol on aired television like that? Let Jeremiah take care of his pompous ass and move on w/it. Gus is acting like a Cali boy rather than a Florida boy

  3. Little bitch Gus must be catching a lot of heat for the way he's been acting. I noticed he's disabled comments on all of his Instagram posts. I love it!!!! I hope everyone is seeing him for the punk he is!

  4. Jeremiah is comming off as a bully because of the fact that he pushed gus and also defended a guy that was obviously bullying gus.

  5. Even if Jeremiah broke man code the night of the first confrontation, Gus is breaking it now but not squashing the beef.

  6. roommates are participating in the Bullying I really liked this show when It first came out and now I'm starting not to like it at all

  7. Petty Gus I am here for man a bet is a bet if the shoe was on the other foot I bet Jeremiah would have done the same thing

  8. I’m soooo disappointed in all the roommates here. They helped create that situation. They knew Gus was going to be petty and rack up the bill just to get a rise out of Jeremiah. They were fully aware, yet they sat there and did nothing about it. Even the way they split the tabs, they set Jeremiah up from the beginning. Now i fully understand why Jeremiah feels like an outcast. I’m even more disappointed in Candace, especially since she knows firsthand how it is to feel like an outcast in the house after fighting with Gus and Kourtini.

  9. Why didn't Codi put Gus soon his tab? All of them are trash for allowing this behaviour to go on. Every season is a new outcast

    Jeremiah, Candace and now Jeremiah again…. smh

  10. Just like with Ronnie and situation Gus will think he’s hard until we see jermerish get real mad just like Ronnie did froze when the situation got mad

  11. It fr fr pisses me off because EVERYONE knew that they werent on good standards && yall knew they would fight eventually, SO TO DISREGARD THAT , why didnt anyone take gus’s order ?? Yall wanted to see a damn fight && its sickening. && at the end of the ep they was like “ you’re gonna let a woman take his order wow” . YOU DAMN RIGHT ! After the shit gus said ab being a bitch and allat fuck no tell sb else to take your damn order . I love this show but this particular ep pissed me off

  12. Gus is a little bitch and needs to get over himself. And what Gus said about Mattie can go F off!!! What was that about. I guess if you don’t fall in line behind Gus he writes you off. Bye bye little baby! Gus go away!!

  13. I wonder if Gus used tampons or pad during his period 🤔 he just need some chocolate, a nice heating pad, and some Tylenol, make it all better

  14. Haha I love how he thinks he's a real man by winning Dodge ball my 4 year old niece can headbutt harder then him he wouldn't shoot his mouth off if the security guards we're not there he's just talking shit because he's protected by the security guards and Gus starts everything I wonder if Florida kicked Gus out for being such a pussy ass bitch

  15. And then nilsa wants to put her to cents in the problem I think she has enough problems of her own she needs to handle before sticking her nose in everyone else's business.

  16. Nilsas only sucking up to Gus how is Jeremiah a bitch and not Gus when he let's her pay for it too over some petty bullshit.

  17. Gus might be gay. Literally he has no idea how to act as a man. He’s acts like a uncontrolled little boy

  18. Gus has been the biggest bitch and pain in the ASS this season.. I’m SOO over his petty ness and starting fights for no reason but only to prove that he’s a tough when literally no one cares.. also all of the roommates are hypocrites for sayin they are over pettiness and drama but continue to let Gus be an asshole and petty and not say shit. They need to call Gus out on his shit for real

  19. Now I truly believe Jeremiah when he says no one has his back . The roommates are messy AF yet talk about not wanting drama . At the end of the day they should’ve never made a decision leading Jeremiah to have to pay for gus meal.

  20. Jeremiah will murder him. The size, strength, and ability to not lot emotions alter his judgment on a logical scale will prove victorious. End of the day, Friendship shouldn't be on the scales of balances only due to pride. Aint worth it, whoever is reading. Keeping life-long friends is more important than pride. How do you think our war vets survived with their buddies lol?

  21. Funny how he is a scared little b*tch on the challenge, and now he is tough! He hides behind his childhood trauma and his kiss ass roommates trying to act tough. He talks about loyalty but switched on all of them real quick when things went down with him and Nilsa’s guest. I had hoped for more from Kirk and Candice since they tend to be the rational ones.

  22. Gus is just a petty, over dramatic, selfish little bitch…trying to be waaaay too macho…when is he gonna come out of the closet??

  23. I don’t know if there is any mma fans here but Gus reminds me of Cody Garbrandt when he was undefeated. Talking all sorts of trash getting in everyone’s face till he got knocked out 3 times, now you don’t hear much about him anymore :/

  24. Please Gus you can’t act tough when you cry every other day about something I wouldn’t even cry about when I’m menstruating

  25. i never wanted to punch gus so badly than i did right now. he acts like a immature fucking child and it’s annoying. grow up. you act so hard when you know in reality you not 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  26. I don’t get why they split it like that anyways. They should of add all three of their tabs together and divide it by 4.

  27. Is anyone else bothered 😕 by the fact that Gus is saying wow 😯 Jeremiah a girl 👧 paying 💰 for your food 🥘.like what’s the problem with a women paying for a man 👨 plate

  28. Jeremiah I think is low key in the closet. I really think he is gay and doesn't know how to come out. I think he has a man crush on Gus.

  29. Everyone in house wanted to see this happen. Gus is just acting hard if he wanted to fight he would have already started throwing hands. Jeremiah has never been a fighter never tried to act hard and gus knows this. And this is why he is acting like this.

  30. These niggas are some deadass clowns fool acting like straight bitches talking bout you anit bout it white boi you anit on shit fool you the type of niggas that I be robbing dummy

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