Jeremy Zucker “all the kids are depressed” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Jeremy Zucker “all the kids are depressed” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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So I just graduated from college and it was
basically like my senior year, moving into a house with my friends. Living with people on a day to day basis,
waking up at noon like on the weekends and then my friends have already been up for like
3 hours because they have to wake up and fucking take antidepressants in the morning. And so the moment that spurred the writing
of this song was basically the realization that like half my friends at school are on
antidepressants. And like how many people mental illness is
actually affecting and how little people actually talk about it. I hope that the people that hear the song
just know that they’re not alone with whatever it is they’re dealing with. Nobody talks about mental illness. Nobody has at least like until like a couple
years ago. Logic’s song really did a lot for mental
illness in general but like one song isn’t enough to like get people talking about this. I was an RA for one year so I was like involved
in this tight-knit community of like ra-ra college spirit like go-getter people. They were always so smiley and so happy to
see me. In the beginning, it’s like, “Okay I have
energy for this.” But like after a couple weeks, it’s like,
“How are you still like this?” How do you have the energy to come at me with
that huge smile? And I just don’t have the emotional energy
to return that so it’s like… Are you actually that happy? It must take a lot of effort to put that huge
smile on your face all the time if that’s not how you’re actually feeling. I feel like there’s a certain kind of person
that’s just like in their head, overthinking every single thing to get on with their day. And then like that night, we go out and we
drink to like get out of our heads. Like it works for that night and it’s fun
and like you wake up the next day, and you feel like trash. And you start all over again. It’s like you’re not getting to the root
of the problem. So like, somebody that’s dealing with depression,
a lot of people just look at them like they’re sad or like they just dealt with something
that was hard to deal with. And they look at you and they’re like, “Dude
just like don’t worry about it.” “These things happen in our life.” “You’re just sad.” That line’s just basically about people
not believing that you’re feeling the way that you’re feeling. Depression, anxiety, mental illness is something
a lot of people deal with and I feel like the older generations are gaslighting us. When I look back at all the decisions I’ve
made to get me here, it’s like, okay, I was calm. I was rational. I was thinking about what I was doing when
I made these decisions and that’s why it played out for me. As soon as I get careless or like I do something
stupid on a whim, or like don’t think something through as much as I should, I’m confident
that like everything’s gonna turn out okay. I don’t feel like I have the right to really
weigh in on it especially cause I’ve never taken antidepressants or anything. There are people who need that shit to function
on a daily basis. And I think to say that they shouldn’t be
taking that is wrong. Some people need it. Some people don’t need it. And some people might need it sometimes.

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  1. Im really done with this society, everyone cares about what they want and not appreciate what they have….talk about what they should (example how this video is literally about how little people talk about depression and thats exactly how the comment section is) I wish I could just go to another "dimension" where people won't care about trends and being relative, where everyone just appreciate what's been given and just enjoy the moment ya know?

  2. Can we like stop talking about how he got big and you’re all proud and actually confront how awful mental health is nowadays?!

  3. like literally no one's talking about depression and other mental illnesses. I just came to the comments to see how other people felt and everyone was just talking about the video. I'm 14 and im on anti depressants. that stuff keeps me going. and I just wish more people weren't afraid to speak on that stuff. it's hard

  4. honestly so many people around me talk about depression and how they feel depressed and have suicidal thoughts and how they feel that they don’t want to be that drama bitch but then it makes me not want to talk about it because they feel that way and i really dont wanna make them feel worse by putting my problems on them ??

  5. People : “you’re just sad”

    Me : “Bish, sadness don’t put the strain in my soul everytime i need to get out of bed or do the simplest daily task every day in my life for the past 10 years!”

  6. Btw has anyone realized how the generations of our parents and grandparents were so much happier like 70% of my friends are anxious or depressed and our parents dont understand it because in their time people were genuinely happier and its very sad to shink about this :/

  7. He said like approximately 46 times in about 4 minutes. In case I’m not the only one who noticed it. I love this song though

  8. i think i lost the energy to smile since some of my friends stopped talking to me and ignoring me, and its been like this for probably 4 or 5 months and i hope that i can someone can give me that energy back

  9. Daaamn at last something meaningful! Please do EDEN next!!! Indie music has a lot more to offer than generic pop songs and has helped multiple people, pay them back with some love

  10. 1:34 omg same! I barely smile but I'm not depressed i just don't have energy to smile and i need that little energy that i have left for school and I'm just 15

  11. I really love Jeremy for this..I suffer with depression and anxiety and this was the very first song I listened to to help me not feel alone

  12. "like that night we go out, we drink like get out of our head, and the next day we woke up and feel like trash and start over again" probably the most truest thing happened in my life

  13. The thing that makes me cry is the fact that when he talked about how people react to it like: “youre just sad” “it will be fine” “u will get through it”
    It just triggers my emotions

  14. I told my mom how I felt and then we got a dog and I’m still feeling this and now I don’t trust my mom so I have to pretend that I’m ok now soo yay love life ?

  15. 1:25 to 1:43 that’s exactly how i am.. I put a huge smile on my face but in the inside everything hurts but we have to show happiness even though we’re hurting on the inside and out

  16. OK I’ve known this song for like since it came out but I’m just now seeing the lyrics things like him explaining it and I know like not a lot of people are even going to see this comment but when he was talking about people being on antidepressants like and how everyone well so many people are suffering from mental illnesses I just I’ve never really talked about it well I have actually to multiple people in multiple different occasions but not on like a platform even though this is an a platform so I’m not famous but like random people are going to be seeing this. and I just want to say I’m diagnosed, I suffer with, I’m fighting,I have, depression, anxiety and some more. I take medicine for it. And that doesn’t change anything about me I’m still the same person I’m still a human like depression doesn’t define me it doesn’t define any of us.

  17. I love this song so much cause I'm pretty damn sure I have Depression, it definitely feels like it, and this song just helps me so much. Thank you Jeremy

  18. 2:25 – 2:38 truer words never spoken. This would've made me cry but i dont have the strength to. way too tired, even to cry.

  19. Why isn’t anyone even talking about what this song is about and what he’s trying to bring attention to. Like this song is so sad and helpful at the same time because it brings to light a problem that most people have but don’t ever talk about and helps people that have this problem to feel that they aren’t alone. Fr needs to be recognized in this way

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