Jim’s Forehead Shave Biopsy for Basal Cell Carcinoma | Auburn Medical Group

Jim’s Forehead Shave Biopsy for Basal Cell Carcinoma | Auburn Medical Group

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we are going to shave off this lesion
which we suspect to be a basal cell carcinoma on Jim’s head so are you gonna
celebrate after you leave here who placer high school right when we put
some later time because you’re not allergic to iodine and I’m missing a big
spot because of your hair which you might wonder how r ya got a haircut this
weekend I remember you did well that’s right this looks the way you did the
opposite direction of the last one was your favorite comment on your your
hearings that’s no fun ya gotta warn me morning actually find out if it does turn out to
be a cancerous lesion if we didn’t completely remove it with this which we
very well may have then we will refer you to a specialist is going to do cheek reports some power on you so when we put a little results show in
the weeks before joining us with Jim again Jim are a regular biopsy and your
cleaning station and will probably be used in future shows say hi to them in
the comments until next time started by telling you to stay hotel

40 thoughts on “Jim’s Forehead Shave Biopsy for Basal Cell Carcinoma | Auburn Medical Group”

  1. Hi Jim, I hope all goes well with your biopsy. Sending a little prayer for a good out come! You have a Awesome Doctor who always is genuine and kind.Love this YouTube Channel. Auburn Rocks..;) ♡♡☆☆

  2. Well done! Prayers to you Jim for excellent news that says you are just fine and you can let that hair grow!!🤗

  3. Prayers up for you Jim! and yes, I would also like to know what you sprinkled on his forehead to stop the bleeding.

  4. can you use the wound seal without anesthesia? I have read it causes significant burning otherwise. especially in kids

  5. Love the video. Amazing powder wow! Hi Jim! You're such a cutie! Hope everything turns out well 🙂 We will be watching out for you!

  6. Hi Jim that was brave of you. Hope everything is ok and its not Cancerous. Greetings from across the pond Doc too!🎩

  7. So is this how they get TRumps skin so orange they just take cancerous orange peels and glue them to his body?

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