Johnny Chau – GA1.1

Johnny Chau – GA1.1

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The size is the first thing that appeals to me It’s really the best for use in a show If you were to judge the amp based solely on its look you would never imagine it to be so powerful while still producing such a broad range of tone From outside it looks no different from others and it has a conservative look After trying out the three channels, I found the tone is very wide and it has just about all the different tones you’ll need I can compare its performance to having two amps It can do the XXX tone but has its own character, too When you listen to it, you can’t tell it’s a hybrid It sounds like a tube amp head It does most things that amp head such as in “attack” but does thing no amp head can do I think the noise gate and boost are just extraordinary! With most boost buttons with amp head it’s simply an effect but with this amp, the source is taken to the next level Playing with all the different layers is really fun and interesting Even without adding any effect, you already get the “feel” The most exciting part for me is that you have decided to launch this product Fate brought us together today I’m going to use this amp for my tours, it has all the good sound quality It is a Hong Kong product that I will be very proud of, I’m sure you will be too! I like this amp but I understand a lot of people like imported big brand amps but they don’t have the meticulous control this one has My favourite is Channel 3 but then it depends on the guitar I prefer Channel 2 when playing 7 strings guitar I have a preference for clean sound However, the cleanest part is not what I enjoy the most it’s when it over drives, for playing solo and old school This is so cool and fun It usually takes two amps to have all these tones and features

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