Ken Tamplin’s Tongue – Tongue Tension – Placement For Singing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin’s Tongue – Tongue Tension – Placement For Singing – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing! Now, we’re going to talk about Ken Tamplin’s
tongue. Why? Well, I’ve got a lot of people emailing me, and posting on YouTube and Facebook
“Hey Dude, what’s up with the tongue?” You know? Often, even vocal coaches, saying
things like “Aw, that’s terrible, that shows the amount of tension that Ken Tamplin
uses in his tongue!” Well that’s actually patently false, and I’m going to explain
why in a minute. But, always ask yourself these two very important questions, and the
first one is, if it’s a vocal coach, ask yourself this big question: Does that vocal
coach sing, and sing well, so that they can prove out the method that they teach? And
do they have students that sing, and sing well, displaying and proving what it is that
they teach works, in a lot of different environments, not just for themselves, but for other students
as well? At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy we have over 300 videos out on YouTube, with dozens of students demonstrating and proving what we teach. Very, very, very important. Not just something from a textbook, or some course that we bought somewhere and we are re-parroting information. It literally
is what works and what doesn’t. Einstein said it best when he said ”Example isn’t
“A” way to teach, it’s the ONLY way to teach!” So at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy we believe The PROOF is in the SINGING! So I want to talk about Ken Tamplin’s tongue,
or tongue placement with good open throat technique. What we first, we want to do, is
we want to have the tongue flat to the base of the jaw. This is called the mandible or
the jaw, so if I refer to the mandible, you know what I mean. So we first want to, I want
to do a simple triad… Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, Ahhhhh… Ladies I’ll do it for you, in your register
also: Lah, ah, ah, AH, ah, ah, Ahhhh… Okay. Now, to maximize the amount of space
in the back of the throat, we actually want to pull, or allow the tongue to relax away
from the back of the throat, to create the most space in the throat as possible, for
good Open Throat technique, for Vowel Modifications. I don’t have time to go into vowel modifications.
I have a course out called How To Sing BetterThan Anyone Else. I cover over 40 hours of this very hard to come by information in my course, so if you’re interested, check it
out at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy dot com. But right now, so the next step to a good
tongue placement is, it will be flat first, and then once you really train it, you might
want to even get a tongue suppressor like from the doctor’s office, and kind of train
it to stay down, or hold it down, and think of like him like looking at your tonsils:
AHHH! AHHHHH!!! AHHHH!!! And train your tongue in a lowered position. So,
Lah, ah, ah, AHHH, ah, ah, ahhhhh… See it kind of concave to my jaw? That’s because
I’m able to pull it way away from the back of the throat. I really trained this for 30
years to know how to do this stuff. Lah, ah, ah , AHHH, ah, ah, ahhhhh…. Lah,
ah, ah, AHHH, ah, ah, ahhhh… Do it with me, Lah, ah, ah , AHHH, ah, ah, ahhhhh…., Lah, ah, ah , AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ah, ah, ahhhh… Okay, so now, now we’ve trained it to be
concave to the base of the jaw. But Ken, I see your tongue. It kind of looks like a lizard,
and sometimes it protrudes out of your mouth, and doesn’t that create tension in the tongue?
Actually, if you saw that my tongue is not in a tense state, it’s actually in a very
relaxed state, in fact it’s pulling even farther away, out of the back of the throat,
to create not only maximum space, but I use my tongue to do my different glottal stops,
and or consonant sounds… They’re not actually glottal stops, there more consonant sounds
themselves. And within those consonants, much like a ventriloquist uses his tongue, I use
my tongue so that I can maintain good open throat technique with what’s called contiguous
phrase singing, where I can sing through phrases, and not have to start and stop the process
of opening the back of the throat and maintaining that open throat, to sing beautiful contiguous
phrase singing. So anyway, if you like what you’ve heard,
please like and subscribe to my videos, and we have more coming your way from Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. Until next time… Peace. Out.

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  1. I was told by a music teacher in grade school that I could not sing,and so far …I can't,very well,but your helping me prove her wrong. I'm 58 years old,thank you Mr Tamplin for the unpaid for tips! You'll have to ignore the trolls and DO WHAT WORKS!

  2. I am definetly ordering your. videos. Thank you for your spirit !!!!! You Rock.
    Im a blues singer that sang up her esphophogus. and then got Tmj after teeth pulled, then was thrown under a dash in a truck wreck , yep .. broken neck ,
    lairnex tention… Your breathing techniques have reall y made the difference . your herbal knowledge and coloidial silver has helped sinus infections and the oregano oil. your a blessing to so many. keep up the good way…

  3. Hi Ken! I studied opera/classical signing for many, many years and from both of my vocal instructors, they said that vibrato would come naturally if you are singing correctly. I have noticed that you use your mandible at times to create vibrato, is there a reason for this as again, my vocal coaches have always said not to do that? Very interested in your reasoning for this. Thanks so much! 🙂

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    please subscribe for my channel <3
    lv Nelly 🙂

  5. I think a good way to talk about this would have been showing the difference between doing it and not doing it

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    And for how much time Do,I need to rehearse on a daily basis?

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  14. Ken! I have a bad habit of forward jaw thrust. It kind of helps me get the sound to come out more resonant because I feel I have more space at the back of the mouth. But this does cause unnecessary tension when I sing for long periods of time. When I try keeping my jaw backward, the sound doesn't quite get that resonance. What do I do?

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  17. Everything I have learned from Ken has helped me alot, I am 36 and a life long drummer and never sang much. Probably cause I always sounded bad to myself. The past 2 years I started using a karaoke app and listening to myself and Ken's help. Also doing simple scaling exercises. My vocals have been more on pitch, stronger, able to hold longer notes, better range, and my tone is slowly improving though that is just part of who you are. This guy knows how to get the most out of any voice!!

  18. There are some great singers on YouTube, but some of them (especially ones with questionable haircuts) prefer to WASTE all of their creative energy trying to rip apart other teachers and their SUCCESSFUL techniques. Ken is the absolute real deal. He’s one of few on YouTube that can actually showcase his own talent while proving others can get the same results or better. His product, like Brett Manning’s, is worth our hard earned buck.

  19. I think you are awesome Ken, I want to be a better singer, I completely trust your teaching, I don't know you, but you prove yourself daily my friend. I've been a musician for 30 years, and never been taught anything, minus my dad. Just never trusted anybody, then got serving my ways, lol, untill God led me to you…. True story…. Thank you Ken.

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    I laughed so hard at that loser who embarrassed himself by making a video criticizing Ken's lizard tongue, saying that it was wrong. Yet that guy himself doesn't even sing LOL.

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  25. Hi Ken, i've purchased your singing course already and been practicing for 2 months. However when I do the vowel modification, the back of my tongue always raise up. Is it bad and how to stop it?

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  27. I still do not quite understand why when you sing certain certain passages your tongue is visible as a pointy little lizard exactly in the middle of your mouth — that is compared to that I have never seen that before. I wonder if it has anything to do with the angle or lighting with which we tend to view other professional singers mouths. BTW, I am becoming addicted to your videos: I love that there are so many more covers to watch; it's kind of like a good series on netflix that you know you have a few more seasons left!

  28. Hi Ken! My wife and I have bachelors in Vocal music. I want to start by saying that I appreciate your philosophy of healthy singing and protecting the voice. We have been taught in the classical style to relax our throat and resonance comes from the singers mask and power from the diaphragm. Do you think that opera singers sing with this kind of tongue technique? Or is this more of a tone toward singing classic rock?

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    I just recall that when we go to doctor to check-up the throat we need to pul the tongue forward so it will open the throat widely.
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