Life Mein Twist (Manasuku Nachindi) 2020 New Released Full Hindi Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Amyra

Life Mein Twist (Manasuku Nachindi) 2020 New Released Full Hindi Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Amyra

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Hey Nandu! You are smoking in front
of the hospital? My wife is sick. She’s
hospitalised. -What happened to her? Women’s illness. Women’s illness? So much of expenses.. -How much
does the cigarette cost? Rs.10. -Rs.10? And how many do you have
with you? -One more. You have money to invite death. But you don’t have money to
save your wife’s life. What nonsense! Look here.
Death warning is given on it. And this sanitary pad gives life. Don’t smile. -With the money
of two cigarettes.. can save your wife from
such dangerous illness. It is due to the dirty cloth she
uses during menstruation. And by not smoking.. can save yourself
from illness too. It means you can save two lives.. ..with the money you
buy cigarettes. One is yours. And the other
one is your wife’s life. Think and smile now. Smoking.. ..doesn’t define your smartness. But by offering a sanitary pad. Cigarette smoking causes death. Consuming alcohol is
injurious to health. Silence! Thank you. Where is the groom’s grandfather
and grandmother? I heard they were best friends
in college. -They are coming. The girl’s family
will stand here. And the boy’s family will
be on the right. The grandparents will
sit in the centre. The picture will be perfect now.
-Alright. -Children! I’ll be confused if
you sit with them. Grandfather has grey hair. -Okay. Click the picture quickly. How can the wedding
album be complete.. ..without the bride and the
groom? -Where is Nitya? She is dressing up. Nitya,
everyone is waiting for you. Oh! Just a moment. You go ahead.
I’ll be right there. Hubby, where is your grandson? Look over there. Nitya! Nitya! Grandfather! Grandfather, Nitya is absconding. Nitya! Nitya, wait. What is happening?
-Nitya, run slowly. Nitya!
Wait! Wait! -She is running away. Nitya, my loin cloth will open up.
-Stop her. -Nitya! Hey, hey.
Wait. Wait. -Nitya! Nitya! Nitya! Thank God I made it. You are late by 7 minutes. You would be married by now
if you had to be more late. Suraj, come. Come. Come fast. Suraj! Get in the car quickly. Drive fast. Come on. -Come. Come.
Come. -Hey, get the car. No! Wow! It’s the first time.. ..a bride is absconding
with her groom. But why did they run away? Both grew up together.
They are also friends. And they were supposed to marry. One must fall in love. The
parents shouldn’t insist on it. It’s the question of our life. If it was friendship they
wouldn’t agree to this alliance. They were getting married as they
loved each other. -Right. They considered friendship
for love. This will happen if they watch
such movies at this age. What is the difference between
the two? -Concentrate on driving. They could have discussed
this with us. They fixed the wedding
so quickly. They didn’t ask us. It is our mistake. We pressurized our
decision on them. We wanted they should
be with each. They are together even now. -Have
you any idea where we are going? The place with cheap petrol. Goa! Where in Goa? -Sharad. Chill guys. I am from Goa. I will arrange things for you’ll.
-My friend has migrated to US. His house is empty.
We will go there. Perfect! Yes. Freedom!
I feel so nice to be free. ‘The language of love.. understood by
nature very well.’ ‘It understands every feelings.’ ‘The Lord taught me to love.’ ‘Love exist in everything
nature has to offer.’ ‘And it will always be there.’ ‘Flowers blooming. The rain.’ ‘I come as sun.. wake you up.’ ‘I speak to you in the
form of a stream.’ ‘To fascinate you.. ..I turn into a rainbow
sometimes.’ ‘To put you to sleep. I become
a bed of stars at night.’ ‘I will be always there
to help you.’ ‘Try to experience me.’ ‘The chirping of the birds.
The fragrance of flowers.’ ‘I am the life in a tree.’ ‘I am present.. every breath of yours.’ Wow! One day I will be a greatest
photographer in this world. Suraj! -Yes. Suraj! Yes. See this. It’s so pretty, right? Can you feel it?
-What should I feel? -Nature. This energy. -Nitu. The nature is talking to us. Try to listen. Or you will miss it. Is nature catching what
you are saying? Come. Come on Nitu. Relax! -Just feel the moment. Feel this moment. Which moment? What element? Either we think of the past.
Or worry about the future. But strangely.. ..we forget the present. Do dump all your thoughts. And see.. See only the sunset. Nothing else. Enjoy every moment. Look at this. -The picture of the
bride absconding is so perfect. Is this how a wedding
album printed? What do you want?
-Do you want money? -Yes. How much is it? The deal was of 1 lakh for the
wedding and engagement. Since the wedding is
called off so.. I will manage with 25,000. I have 10,000.
It’s enough for you. Go away. Ma’am, do let me know if there
is any other wedding? No. I am leaving. Brother,
did you get any news about them. Shall I put an ad
in the newspaper? You haven’t printed the ad yet.
It’s so late already. -What to do? We need to find them soon. -Did
you have any news about them? I have no information.
-I spoke to his friends too. No one says anything. -Umm. Check. -What are you doing? We are worried.
And you want to play. What? Read this. ‘Grandfather.’ ‘I told you everything
since a child.’ And shared all my secrets. We don’t agree to this wedding. We have only one relationship
between.. and that is friendship.
-You thought it was love. I couldn’t explain things to you. I will find my destiny
be it career or love. Difficult makes human live life. Let me have my struggles. Did you understand what I said? Or should I explain further. Didn’t you get angry
reading this? I was very angry. But on myself. We never thought what
they both wanted. Was this our mistake? Aunt,
do you agree to their decision? Umm. What do you want to do?
Will you catch them? Right now they need some freedom. This is the age to do something.
-To learn. Let them learn. Alright. Listen. Tell me truthfully.
Didn’t they contact you? No. Uff. -Hmm. ?? Chants. ?? Chants. ?? Chants. Lalita, where are you? Come quickly. I’m waiting. Hey! What are you doing? -Hey! Wow! You understand nature so well. My dear. You don’t need nature.. ..but common sense to understand
this. -And you are nonsense. You? Suraj. I won’t let you go. Oh! Oh! -Wait. Wait! -You will get hurt. You? I.. -I will hit you hard. You two will never get matured. Come quickly. I want to show
you something. -Huh? -What? How is it? -Wow! It’s perfect. Yes. I will start my classes here.
-Classes? Hey, detective. Come here. Hmm umm.
-Move aside. Nitu, who am I? Your childhood friend.
I should be the first to know. But you told it to this girl. Stop it.
-Why are you calling her names? Hello! Hello! -Shall I tell you? Here I will start my
meditation class. She will start meditating again. Forget it.
You won’t understand things. There is a magic in this place. It has music of nature.
-And meditation is the medium.. connect with nature. Nitu, this is modern age.
We have 4G & 5G. Everyone want to do
things online. They don’t want to come
personally. -Exactly. This is what I want to tell you. Everyone is so busy
with their life. They have no time to
know themselves. No one knows what they want. I want to show them how nice
it’s to feel things. The heart want some action.
Change your plan. Do something stylish.
Trendy. Zumba. Aerobics. Yoga can’t be helpful. Let her do what she wants.
Don’t interfere in her things. You did what you wanted, right? You opened a Jam factory. Then
you wanted to do photography. You also tried marriage videos. You were rejected. Jealous lady, why are you here?
Go away. Why are you calling me jealous?
-Move. -Hey! Lalita, come.
Let’s go and explore Goa. Yes. Let’s go. Nitu! Open a beauty parlour. Our work will be accomplished. Hmm. -I am kidding. No. No. I will get hurt.
Throw away the cane. No. Hmm. Umm. So Nitu. -Yes. Your life has magic. Music of nature which I can’t
hear at all. -Yes. What do you gain by these things?
-Feel it. You will find that happiness too.
-Which one? Love. Are you in love? I’m in love. Who is that unlucky guy? -Umm. I love myself. What rubbish? Suraj, do you know everyone in
the world can fall in love. But very few people can feel it. When two hearts meet.. fall in love right there. We have to wait for that moment. Nitya! We both are connected.
But there’s no love. Right? You need a special boy for that. And a special.. many special
girls. -You will enjoy then. Of course. Love is a two way traffic. -Yes. Both have to feel.
Not just one person. So first love yourself. You will love others when
you love yourself. It will be like magnet. You will attract all the love. You will see love around you. Very soon my Prince Charming
will come in my life. I can feel it. The wind talks to me. Once I meet him.
-What else do you want in life? If no one joins as
they have to pay. Why don’t you give a free offer? What do you mean?
-I am talking about your classes. It was at 7 AM. It’s 7.30 AM. Maybe they are late to arrive.
-Right. All of them are stuck
in a traffic jam. I told you no one will come. It is not late yet. -Come let’s
have some vegetable juice. And plan for a beauty parlour. No matter what happens.. ..the session will start today. Nothing will happen. Listen Nitu. There are mosquitoes here. Show me a pose which will
get rid of mosquitoes. Excuse me. Why are you laughing by yourself? Did someone tell you a joke?
-I said a joke. If someone else laughs it is
called cracking a joke. If you laugh on your own he
is called a mad person. Where are the meditation
classes going on? The class is over here. And children’s park is on
the opposite side. Go. Answering a question
is called response. If you answer without being
asked it’s called nonsense. Who are you?
-I am a student of meditation. You still are a kid. You want to meditate? -Do you
need an age group to meditate? Go,
the classes are going on there. Nikki, hurry up. The children these days. Wrap there. Breathe in love. And breathe out love. Imagine to be on a beach. And it’s sunset time. You are walking on the sand. Feel it. The waves are touching your feet. The salty wind of the
sea is touching you. You are feeling this
moment completely. You are taking it in yourself. That gives you peace. And you are so happy.. ..that your feel like
enjoying the moment. There is only peace here. And nothing beside peace. Look at the sun set. And try to feel it. You will feel you are in heaven. Try to feel it. Now your mind has calmed down. And you like it. Feel your love. The love that you
hold inside you.. ..listen to it. Feel it! Listen to it! Follow it! She has made it. -Hi, I am
Nikita. You can call me Nikki. -Hi! I am Lalita’s friend. -Right. She had informed me. -Yes. -You
are her boss’s daughter. Right. Hi, I am Janvi. Janu for short. Hi! I am Nitya. Just Nitya. I am the first student
of your session. Really?
Then you are very special. Nikki, nice name. Janvi! What? Hi! -I am Suraj. So what should I do? Is she your sister? Do you think she is my aunt? Can’t you reply directly? Can’t you ask a direct question? Hmm. Do you want discount for the
class? -No. Whatever. Ask your sister.
Maybe she wants it. You are crazy. -Janu! Coming. Not you.
-You are Janu. I thought it’s me. [Sighing]. Nitu! Nitu, get up.
-I am feeling sleepy. It’s 5 O’clock. -You are the
meditation teacher. -Hmm. It is not good if you are late.
-Are you mad? The class is at 7 O’clock. You need to freshen up first. Say hi to the Sun. Speak with nature. And teach me Yoga too. Get up! Get up! This is done. And everything is ready. Nitu! Nitu! You are great. You are the identity of
woman empowerment. Your meditation is inspiring me. I am your student from today. You are my teacher.
Just command me. I will follow your command. And serve your students. That child Janvi,
she is so lovely. She is smarter than us. This is the magic of meditation. The best meditation.. of that one..
your friend’s friend.. What is her name? I don’t remember. Nikki. Isn’t it Nikki? She is nice. I mean her
meditation is very nice. So I will.. Hang on! I got it. I understood everything.
-So soon? It’s clear. You are in love right? On my student Nikki. Isn’t it? Tell me. You are right, teacher.
You understood it. Isn’t it? It’s good.
What should I do? Oh no! A woman is an enemy of a woman. I am a man and you are my best
friend. -Why aren’t you helping me? If you like someone in life
I will kidnap him for you. I will do my best. -Oh my God! Can’t you arrange half-girlfriend
for me? -No. Please my dear! Please! Please! Please! Look she is coming.
-Uh? -Hi Nikki! You are on time. He asked me to introduce
you to him. -Okay. Are you working things
up or ruining it? Hello! Maybe you don’t know
but this is the modern age. No time waste.
Come to the point. -Is it? Wasn’t I right? I am your good friend.
Bye. -I won’t let you go. Bye! -Bye! Hi! Nikki! -Hi! Suraj! Hmm. So.. -Uh? Lust is.. Lust? -I mean. -The wind
is blowing so well. -Oh! Yes. The wind. It’s very nice. My heart is pounding. Your heart is pounding? I mean to say.. Actually I have some work with
Nitya. -See you later. Alright. -Come. Nitya! -Hey, come here. Uh? Hmm. Isn’t Nitya your girlfriend? No. Why did you think she
is my girlfriend? I just guessed it. Anyway, you can’t have such
a pretty girlfriend. Nitya is pretty? Not at all. Nikki is pretty. Nikki! She’s only a fashion queen. But Nitya is good at heart. That’s why I love Nitya. -Janu! Coming. -Umm? Hey! Cute smile. I like ice-creams. Shall we have it in the evening? Nikki doesn’t have ice-cream.
She is on a diet. Here comes the interpreter. Shall we go for classic musical
concert in the evening? We will get bored to watch
classical music concert with him. Boat party? Nikki doesn’t like boating. She gets bored. Fashion street. -Shopping with
boys. My days are not so bad. Jet ski. -Okay. Yes! Yes! Yes! Hey Guys! -Hey hi! How is it going? -Excuse me. Two more watermelon juice.
-Have a seat. Hey,
did you bring Abhay’s camera? Why did you need it? -Wow! It’s good. -Yes. He is still on a high. Why do people look angry in this?
-I don’t understand. Hey, he is my boss. Your boss? Hi Dad! -Hi! Is he your dad?
-Don’t talk nonsense. -Yes. Shut up! Hi Sir! -Hi Sharad! -Hi! Dad, he is Suraj. Hi sir! Is everyone here? -Sit down.
-Absolutely. -Right sir. Tomorrow we have Cami ad shoot. Yes sir. I was discussing
the same with Daniel. The shoot is for 2 days. -There
is a change in the programme. The agency doesn’t want Peter. They want a fresh talent. Sir, a replacement for Peter? The shoot is in 2 days. -It’s
impossible. -You make it possible. It’s not my concern how you do
it. -You’ll have a good time. Sir, sir but I.. Oh no!
-What kind of a manger am I? He takes all the decisions. He wants to replace Peter. Where will I get a good
photographer from? Forget the juice.
Order for something else. -Hey! I am sitting right
in front of you. You won’t get a better talent
than this. -What nonsense! Do you know the bribe dad gave.. get me a government job
I should have opted for it. I wouldn’t face such
a bad day now. I will die of hunger if
I take you for the job. Hey! Don’t underestimate him. The boy is very talented.
-Talk sense in him. You don’t know him, Nikki.
-If we give him work. Then Sharad will be unemployed. Did you see his pictures?
-He will click 10 pictures. Nine out of ten will be out
of focus. -Out of focus? You don’t believe it, right?
Let me show you his pictures. Look here. No. Look at this. What happened? It’s a medical miracle. You didn’t like it? -Fantastic! Which one?
-When did you take this one? Wow! When did I click it? Maybe yesterday.
-What are you saying? It’s really fabulous.
-Did you hear that? Superb! -I clicked it. Congratulations dear. You are the photographer
for this ad. Are you kidding? -Really? -Yes.
Cheers! Oh my God! -That’s good. -Cheers! Yes. Yes. Yes. -What a shot? No. He should have hit on side. Hmm. -No. Um. Beer? -Hmm. Yes. Yes. Yes. -Yes. That was crazy. Cheers! Cheers! Love those guys. Beat blue. Beat blue. Where did I get the beer from? How did you know where the
beer is? Who are you? Who are you? This is my house and you
are asking who I am. Are you asking me my identity
in my house? Oh! Abhay. Suraj. Sharad’s friend. I am Suraj. Who is Sharad?
-Your friend, Sharad. Just now you said he is your
friend. -I mean your friend Sharad. My friend Sharad.
Our common friend Sharad. I don’t know any Sharad. Let me speak to him. -Umm. Yes dear, what happened? Your friend Abhay is back. Who Abhay? What are you saying? Your Goa friend who
owns the bungalow. The same Abhay. Okay that Abhay.
So what if he is back? Just a moment.
-He is actually Shiva’s friend. I don’t know him very well.
-What nonsense? Who is Shiva? The owner is here.
He will ill treat me. Nothing will happen.
I will talk to you later. He will call back in some time. ‘What did he trap me in?’ Has he gone? You are very happy today. What is the matter? Who is he? -He’s so cute. Forget is cuteness.
We are caught. He is Abhay,
the owner of this house. Oh my God! He’s here.
He’s here. What to do? As Sharad hasn’t seen him ever. Listen, introduce me to him. How do I look? Do I look fine? You are wooing him when life
is turning upside down. Hey Suraj, I spoke to Shiva. Why didn’t you tell me?
Shiva is like my family. If Shiva is my family then
you are my family too. You can stay here as long as you
want. -This is my holiday home. Thank you very much. Abhay, she is Nitya. My best friend. She said you are very cute. She wanted your introduction. Is it important to tell him?
-This is modern age. Don’t feel shy.
Come to the topic directly. You advised me right? -Right. Hey! I am Abhay. Hi! Nitya! Hi! -Hi! Tea? -Yeah. Sure. Wait! Wait! You both absconded from your
own marriage. -Hmm. Yeah. Dude, that’s funny. True. Sorry Abhay, I used your camera.
-I will keep it back. Hey, that’s okay.
-It’s for my chief photographer. It’s the latest version of this
brand. -You can use it anytime. Thanks. Chief Photographer? Where do you work? Have you heard about National
Geographic magazine? I work there. That’s cool.
It means you have a high salary. Hey, actually my friend has
launched a new ship. It’s a nice place to party.
-If you want to hang out then.. Maybe..
-Yes. I will come. -Go slow. Hmm. Very good. -Oh, your boss will
promote you seeing these pictures. Not my boss. But our boss. -You
are right for the first time. Our boss. Cheers! -Cheers! Nitu, slowly. You will get
more. What are you doing? Do you think it’s some juice?
-Yeah. Yeah. Excuse me. I’ll have.. Gin and tonic. -Nitu. Don’t mix different drinks.
-You will get a headache. Drink slowly. Don’t drink
too much as it is free. You asked to me chill, right? You will find out tomorrow.
-I know that. Hey! Oh thank you. Nitu, come on. -Thank you. Let’s have some more fun. Drink. Drink. -Nitu, no. Oh no. What are you doing?
She is enjoying a lot. Why did you run away from home? To enjoy, right? So enjoy. Come on enjoy. Don’t be dramatic like
my grandmother. Nice place. -We will come here
again. -Abhay, you know. -What? I think you are very cute. I mean I like you.
I really like you. Thanks! Yeah. -Let’s dance. -Sure.
-Let’s go! -“Make me pro. In the party till I feel no
more.?? Celebrate that’s all I know.” “Set the group off they go.
Grab another like super blow.”?? “Go higher on the show. Let’s?? “Likes walk in the goal.” Nitu! Nitu! Nitya! Let’s go. Slowly. Yes! Open the door. Awesome. -Yes. Nitu! Get up. -Nitya, get up. Nitya! Nitya! -Nitu! -Nitya! My dear teacher. Good morning sweetheart. Why did you call her drunk? Nothing dear.
She is tipsy with love. So she is intoxicated with love. Drunk. -Dude. My head is aching. I told you not to drink.
-Drink some more. What did I do? You mixed all the drinks
and had it. Then you said Abhay,
you are so cute. I am doomed. -Enough. -Did I say
that? -I will speak to him. It was ruckus yesterday. Get ready.
The students are waiting for you. Oh my God! Oh my God! Good morning. Let’s start meditation. Close your eyes. And breathe deeply. I will tell you what to do next. Forget your worries. Hmm. Actually let’s do
dance meditation. Why can we meditate
while dancing? Changes in life is necessary. As there’s fun in change. Get up! Stretch. Like this. Are you meditating? Yeah. Of course. Cheers! -Cheers! To Suraj for being most happening
photographer. -Thank you. Really? I can’t believe. The campaign is so huge. -You are
lucky they called you. -Oh! You should see his work.
He’s brilliant. And the confidence was
the final stroke. You are the best Suraj.
-Thank you. Did you see how much
she appreciates me? Did you appreciate me ever? Come sweetheart.
Friends are of no use. This guy. Nitya. -Yes. I wanted to speak to you.
-Shall we go out and talk. Yes. Tell me. -Suraj. What happened? Why are you
screaming? -Wow! Champagne. Barbeque. Party. You are enjoying a lot. Why are you angry? Bloody useless fellow. Suraj. Suraj. Bloody idiot. Do you have any idea our
project got rejected? Our accounts are cancelled.
Don’t show yourself here again. Get out! I said get out! If I had hired any photographer.. ..he would have done better work. I did the huge mistake
of trusting.. ..your stupid photography. Listen. You are my assistant.
Stay in your limits. And Nikki, you. You kept praising
him to the roof. You have money. A huge house. Car. All the luxuries. But did you ever think of me? I am sorry Sharad. And what did you lose,
Abhay Kumar? You printed his pictures
to please Nitya. Here, if anyone is at a loss.. ..then it’s me. Bloody loser. And let me tell you one
thing very clearly. No matter how hard you try. You can’t click a good picture. I challenge you. I haven’t seen a useless
guy like you. Shame on you! Let’s go. -Come. Did you tell him sorry? A while ago you said I am
a good photographer. Then you said sorry. What do I understand by this? Am I good or not? What else could I tell him? Oh! Okay. It’s good. If the picture was not good.
You should have told me. There is no need to feel
more embarrassed. Take care of the barbeque. The food will get burnt.
Don’t ruin it. Hell with the barbeque. I can’t do it. Okay. Look friends.
The party isn’t over yet. We will enjoy until morning.
Join me. This is my peg. Give me yours. -Suraj. We will talk later. Just take it easy, buddy. I am not worried. Not at all. Alright. Go and enjoy. You know..
-Shall we talk tomorrow? He needs me. Not tomorrow.
We will talk after 3 weeks. Why? I am going to US. Oh! I’m sorry. No problem. Thank you. -See you. Bye! -Bye! I couldn’t proclaim my love. Neetu, you are back. I was waiting for you.
I knew you would return. Sit down.
I will make you a drink. If you don’t want to sit
with me you can leave. I am drinking water. Okay. We will party today. And enjoy a lot.
-You are badly hurt, right? Hurt? Why? I am hungry. What is barbeque? You need to bake it on coals. It will be cooked.
I will get it very soon. It’s not difficult. Suraj. Stop controlling your emotions.
-You have anger inside you. Why don’t you express it? Why will I get angry? There is no reason to get angry. He didn’t like the pictures.
He threw it on my face. I won’t get angry for that. Nonsense. Anyway who is he? I mean what is his position? He is just a manager.
Will he tell me what I can do? What did he tell me? -That I can
never become a photographer. I can’t be a photographer.
-Who is he? Will he advise me? This is the chance
to know yourself. Don’t blame him. Find your mistakes. You do nature photography
so well. Then why did you say yes to
Sharad? -I needed an opportunity. I am a good photographer. I am the best! I am the best! No one is better than me. Even people must feel
you are the best. But you know it, right? You can say I am the best.
Say that I am the best. If you won’t say it then.. Second time? Again a failure. I feel I am really a
bad photographer. Maybe this is the truth. Are you okay? I don’t understand what
I’m going through. Let’s go for an outing. I feel Sharad was right. Maybe I am not talented. Hey! You are very talented. If you had no talent. Then how could you
capture nature? You are right. I am special. Such a special person who
has no talent in him. Suraj. You don’t even know your own talents. You are so talented. I know that. But you should know it too. Why don’t you ask yourself? Whether you like photography
or not. Is this really what you want to
do, Suraj? -Absolutely Nitu. This is what I want to do.
-But why? To become rich. To become famous. There’s nothing wrong with that. Who said it is wrong? Money. Popularity. Success.
-Everything is important. And you will get it too. But you can’t run after it. You will get it if you
enjoy your work. Do what your heart says to you. Once you enjoy your work.. ..then you have won the world. Hmm. Feel the love that’s inside you. And when you start feeling it. Slowly open your eyes. Firstly calm down your mind. Only then the heart will
find it’s goal. There are many ways to meditate. Dance meditation. Or spending time with nature. This is life. Enjoy your surroundings. This is life! For example the sun rise. Or the sun set. Or running behind the butterfly. Oh no! -Oh! -Doesn’t matter.
-We will find another butterfly. What is the use?
It will buy away too. Naughty butterflies. Do you know when I get upset.. ..there’s only one
to cheer me up? What is it?
-Following butterflies. Because I love these
butterflies so much. What do you like? You don’t know what you like. Hmm. Mm. Don’t worry.
I’ll help you. But first. You need to give me an ice-cream.
Okay? Alright. Come, why are you standing here?
-Wait. Let’s go. Finally we are here
for the ice-cream. We will go on an adventure after
having the ice-cream. Do you know any such place? -Yes.
There is a pond right here. Surrounding it are trees, flowers
and lots more butterflies. Is it? Hey! The butterfly came to you. You didn’t have to run behind it. It fly away again. Let it be.
-I will get ice-cream for us. Get me the same flavour
as your ice-cream. Okay. Thank you. Janvi. -Hmm. You were saying butterflies keep
flying all the time. -Hmm mm. But I caught one only for you. Look, how is it? Oh my God! This is amazing. Did you like it? -Hmm mm. Better than the ice-cream. You liar. When did I lie? -You said you
don’t like what you like? -Hmm mm. This butterfly told me about it. What did it say? You like photography. Janu. -Slowly. I am searching for you. Come. -I am not coming. Go. You have a test tomorrow. Are you coming or not? Did you see? I told you. Parents bully you. Go now. We will go together
the next time. Okay. Okay. -Bye. -Bye. See you. ‘The number you are trying
to call is switched off.’ Hello Nikki! Is Suraj with you? No. He didn’t even call me up. I don’t know where he has gone. Lalita,
Suraj hasn’t come home yet. He is not a kid.
He will come back. Don’t worry. You don’t understand. He doesn’t go anywhere
without informing me. I am doing some urgent work.
I’ll call you back. Okay. Bye. I thought Suraj is back. Hasn’t he come home yet? Do you understand now? He will come back. I can’t think of anything
else since yesterday. I don’t know.. I don’t know where he has gone.
-What if something happens to him? Without him.. I can’t live without him. I can’t live without him. -Hey! Nothing will happen.
-I hope he’s fine. Suraj! Hey! -Are you okay? Yes! -Where did you go
without informing me? Are you crying? Why? Where were you the whole night? I was connecting with nature. You? And nature. Yes. I didn’t think. Hey!
When I told you you ignored me. I am seeing it so closely
for the first time. Nature speaks so much to us. Suraj! Where did you go?
I was so worried. I am so sorry.
-No. Don’t say that. She is pretending. She didn’t
ask for him the whole night. She is here now to show her love. Someone is jealous. Wow! Where did you get this picture
from? -I clicked it. You clicked it? Yes. I did. Are you serious? I really clicked them. Suraj, don’t lie. If you want you can see it or
else leave. -Okay. You clicked them. Now I understand. Why you painted nature? You painted mountains.. ..clouds and trees. As you are a nature lover. Look, the best picture.. Okay. Now seriously. Oh my God! I am looking so pretty. Honestly I feel that.. are like a black
spot for nature. I am really proud of you. You have clicked amazing
pictures. Why don’t you send
them to Sharad? He will come to his senses. Okay. Don’t sent it to him. We will send it to Abhay. He will publish it
in his magazine. Maybe he will offer you a job. I didn’t click these pictures
for a reason. These are emotions.
They are not for sale. Some moments of life. Which I have captured.
-Hmm. -Excuse me. Hmm. Good. I will send them. ‘Sharad!’ -You can never
click a photo like this. Click one if you have
the courage. I am sending you. What did she send? Sharad! -Yes. -Did you see
Suraj’s clicks? -Delete it. Look at it once. I said, delete it. Suraj! Hi! -How are you?
-What are you up to? Nothing. I was gardening. These girl in Goa!
-Beautiful flowers! Can’t they converse
from a distance? They are always getting
close to boys. Suraj! Oh, Suraj! I missed you. What is wrong in it? They are already in
a relationship. Did he say that?
It’s nothing like that. They are just friends. Suraj cannot get close
to anyone else. You know what?
You are in love with Suraj. What? We are friends. Hey, every relation starts
with friendship. You don’t realise when
you fall in love. You advice everyone about
listening to their hearts. Never considered yourself
for this advice? Tell me. Don’t drink like that night. Suraj, let’s sit there. He is a fool! Get up. Get up. Sorry, man! I am extremely sorry. It’s all my fault. How are you? Whoa! -Whoa! Yeah! -Whoa! Oh no! Niki, your dad. Your dad, Niki. -What happened? Hello, dad! Yes, dad! Yes, dad. Okay. Bye. Oh my God! I can’t believe this. You are in love. -Hold on. I knew this. That you are in love. Suraj is yours. He is yours. Go and confess. All the best. -Thank you. I have a surprise for you. Come near the pond. I think, he also wants to confess
something like you. I didn’t know that I
have this feeling. I am feeling this for someone
for the first time. I love you. I love you too! I really love you, Suraj. I love you. Love you so much! Hey! -Yes. Hi! What happened? I am fine! You are here to console me,
right? Go back. I am not crying. I am not going to cry. Get out. I am fine. Please leave. Just go. It’s okay. I am fine. I am fine. Come here and sit down. I thought, I found my world. It was not just attraction. It was pure love. Just like pure gold. I felt it. But within a moment.. I saw him proposing Niki. What happened to him? He came to me yesterday.
What was wrong with him? How can we predict? He was drunk. You mean, he did all this
because he was drunk. You mean,
he doesn’t have feelings for me! I know that he also has
feelings for you. But when they get drunk.. ..they lose their mind. He doesn’t understand what he
does under intoxication. But I know that at the
bottom of his heart.. ..he loves you. Yes. I feel the same. The way I love him.. I am sure.. ..he loves me the same way. It is a different thing
to fall in love.. ..and realizing it
is another thing. You took time to realise
your love for him. -Yes. Give him some time. Till then, you have to.. him. -How? First of all make him
do break up with her. What? -Ma’am! You are helping Niki. Because Suraj loves you. Not her. Why are you eating from this?
This is not for you. This makes your skin glow. Make an ice tea for me.
I will be back. What? -Hi! Hi, Nitya! How are you? -I am good. Where is Suraj? He is gone out with
his girlfriend. What did you say? You are pulling my leg. Yes,
we feel better when we make fun. He applied honey on his face,
he has gone to wash it off. Oh my God! -He should have
gone to the parlor. Actually, he is saving the money.
-He is impossible! Anyway! I want to buy a nice gift
for Suraj. -Okay. You know him very well. Will you join me for shopping?
-Yeah, sure! We will do some shopping. Really? Thank you. Nitya! -Yes.
-How is this T-shirt? Oh, nice! But I don’t think,
he would like it. -Why not? He wears all bright colors. His choice is different
than others. Wear this red saree while meeting
him, he would get attracted. Eww! Red saree! It’s a simple one. -Wear
something of his choice to impress him. Yeah. -Okay. Of course. This is a little different. Gift this red shirt to him. It would look nice. Okay. Yes. Made for each other. We are back to square one. We could not find a fresh
talent since a long time. Won’t it be risky to
hire a new person? Sir. -Consider this. Peters is India’s photographer.
-We can’t showcase it. I don’t care. I want a change. I want something
different and unique. Anyway, I think, you could not
understand me. -Thank you. What is going on here?
-Sir, wait for 2 minutes. Sir,
we wanted to show you some thing. Sir, I am sure, you will like it.
-Please, sir. Just 2 minutes. Okay, go ahead. -Thank you, sir. Wow! Superb! I was searching for something
like this. -Full of life. Congratulations.
-Nice. -Thank you, sir. Let’s start the shoot
immediately. Sure, sir. -We are already very
late. -It will be done, sir. Yes, sure sir. Why didn’t you showcase
it before? Because, Suraj has clicked these
photos. -Suraj! Who is he? Sir,
he is the one who shot the ad. He is the same guy! No way! Sir,
that is why I was stopping him. Believe me, sir. -He clicked
these photos. He sent me yesterday. Your assistant is more
efficient than you. Prepare the shoot schedules.
-Okay. A turtle can never win a race,
do you get me? -But I won! Nonsense! -Go! Do you remember what you have to
say? -Yes, how much you love her! Say it with that feel. Okay, with feel!
Why do you lover her so much? It should be intense. Why do you love him so much? Yes, good. That’s right. Don’t be overconfident.
-Leave it up to me. -Go. Hey! Hey, hi! Have a seat.
-Suraj, what’s going on? ‘Baywatch’! That’s my favorite. This one..
-Why do you love him so much? It’s the season 3. -Oh! Tell me, what’s happening? Just time pass. Hey!
-Why do you love him so much? If you are not doing anything
please do some work. I will get you some work. You would give me some work!
-Let’s watch the TV. Put it off. Tell me one thing. Who am I to you? -A friend. I am a friend. -So.. ..why do you love him so much? Keep quiet. -Okay. We are childhood friends. We have played and cried
together as kids. When did we cry? I think, you have forgotten all
this, but I do remember. I cannot..
-Why do you love him so much? God came into my dreams
last night. He asked me, why are you giving
a chance to Peter? His life is already set. You should give a chance
to your best friend. I said.. Why do you love him so much? You understood this, but didn’t. You are right. I have got an assignment
of a birthday party. Actually, I have 2 parties to
attend. -I can’t take up your work. Please call someone else.
-No way! Listen to me.
I have no other option but you. I am no more eligible
for a government job. It’s about my bread and butter. See this. -Money, fame, glamor!
You will get it all. Reaching here is not everyone’s
cup of tea. But you have got this chance. A chance to become India’s number
1 fashion photographer. It means, you will become
the next photographer. Please brother,
don’t reject this offer. Here, cheque of 500,000 rupees. You have got this in advance. Why do you love him so much? Love this. Suraj! Suraj! Abhay. Nature. Shoot. America. -Calm down. Hey! Take a breath first.
-Okay, I sit down. Wait. Abhay, Suraj is right here.
Talk to him. Okay.
-Hi, how are you? -‘Hey, Suraj!’ ‘Where did you learn to click
such fantastic pictures?’ Did you send him? -Yes.
-‘Absolutely mind-blowing.’ -Thanks, man! ‘Okay, I have to get a
photo-shoot 1done for my magazine.’ ‘So you guys tell me, if you are
ready.’ -It’s not a big deal. My team will help you. You just inform us the location.
We will reach there. ‘Great! Bye!’. -Yeah. Sure. -Bye. Great!
You guys are a hidden gems. Send me photos from there. What do you mean? I mean, when is your ad shoot? Oh! I forgot about it. Two shoots on the same day! How will you manage it? -Either,
he will lose the job or I will. Yes. -How could I forget this?
-Everything clashed now. Convince Abhay that we
can’t help this time. Let’s go. Suraj, listen to me. This is not what you want. Actually, you are right. I don’t want all this. Henceforth, I will only do
the bikini photo-shoot. Calender girls! Come on, lets go. See you, girls. Bye. -Bye. Have you left? -I will.
-I am waiting for Lily. Okay. See you. Nitu. -Yes. Come with me.
-Where are we going? To connect with the nature. What is this? -Suraj can’t
take this project, sir. Did you speak to him? What happened? -How can he back
out at the last moment? How did he choose to take
up Abhay’s project? He keeps changing his mind. That’s what happens.. ..when finally a person starts
listening to his heart. Wow! Beautiful! It’s pretty! You should have seen angry
bird’s reaction. My job is at stake and you
are making fun of it. What else we can do?
-Click a photo. Okay. Pose properly. Right. There! -Let’s go.
-These rains and the mud. I know she will fall. It will be fun! Let’s go. Be careful! I can’t walk anymore. You will be fine now. Hold me properly. We did not think about this. Boss scolded me. Stop talking about your boss
and enjoy this nature. Wow! -Beautiful! Talking with the mountains. Why are you talking from a
distance? -Let’s reach the mountains. No! -Come on! -Come on! Oh! Mountains are waiting
for you. Let’s go. Hey! Suraj, I won’t spare you. I don’t know what he would
do in this party. I hope, he won’t bite us. Friend, please handle it. One, two, three. Hi, sir. Good evening.
-Good evening. -Suraj is here. Suraj! -Hi, sir. Welcome! -Oh! -Cheers! Sir, sorry, I could not do the
shoot.. -Don’t worry about it. That’s okay. It happens.
-Yeah. -We want the best. There is no urgency,
so inform us when you are free. Take your time.
-Sir, I wanted to tell you this. The matter is that.. -Suraj! Suraj! Hi, Suraj. How are you? Finally, I got to see you. Come on! Niki told me about
your photography. This is for you. -Interesting.
-Mom, tell him about your work. Sure. -Hey! Sex counseling. Hello, ma’am. -Hi. Hi. I know my boss sitting
over there.. ..since three years. I know Niki.
-I know your daughter. Also the three pets you have.. I have become friends with them!
-Really? But I never met you. I have many doubts.. ..since I was a kid. I spoke to many psychiatrists. But I never really got answers
to my questions. Later, I grew up. But till date.. I did not get answers
to my questions. Till date,
I am searching for my answers. I thought,
there must be someone.. Dear, where did they go? Why are you asking me this? Am I a watchman here? Sir, I need to talk to
you for a minute. Wait, let’s cheers first. To Suraj! -Yeah! -Cheers! Sir, I won’t be able
to do this campaign. Is this a joke? -No, sir.
Doing all this is not my dream. You want more money, right? No problem.
-You deserve more money. Sir, it is not about the money. Actually, I am more interested
in nature photography. Fashion photography don’t
interest me. -Let me decide that. What is the scope of
nature photography? I am not sure about the scope,
but it is peaceful. I am not sure about the money.. ..but I get a lot of
satisfaction. -It gives you a satisfaction! You get money in fashion
photography. -You get fame and success. Sir, its not about getting
successful. -It is just the journey. Success and satisfaction are
two different things. I am done with his nonsense. Niki, come here. Yes, dad. What do you think about him? Dad, I love him. I can’t say anything
as a photographer. But he is a gem of a person. You chose an amazing man! He doesn’t care about the money. He follows his passion
and happiness. Believe me, my child.
He will always keep you happy. Lucky girl! -Thank you, dad.
Thank you very much. You are the best! Hi! -Hi! How was the party last night? Don’t ask! What drama! He said in front of everybody. He doesn’t like fashion
photography. You should have seen my dad. He was worried as he
lost a big client. I thought, it’s all over. Anyway, finally dad loved Suraj! Do you know, he is impressed. He is interested in nature
photography. -I didn’t understand it. Why doesn’t he like fashion
photography? It is a little difficult
to understand him. But he thinks differently
than others. He looks at the world from
his different perspective. He is a happy go lucky man! But he is insecure from within
and short tempered to top it. But he has many positive
qualities. Like, he is such a T person. He loves everyone a lot. He is creative and above all,
a true nature lover. He gets confused sometimes. But he finds his ways! He is different from others. Hot tea! Yeah! Guru mata, you make the
best tea in the world. Thank you. -I love you. Listen,
I will be ready in 2 minutes. Oh my God! -What? You love Suraj! I can clearly see it. -What does
he think? What does he like? You know everything. -Listen,
stop thinking about him right now. He is your childhood friend. That’s all! Don’t go beyond that. Don’t make a mistake of
thinking it as love. Because he only loves me. He doesn’t love you. Forget him. He was mine and will always
be mine. -What? What did you say? He is not aware of it,
that’s all. What rubbish? -You are rubbish. This is true love. You said, love is always
from both the sides. I already love him. I am waiting for him. -Stop
daydreaming. -You are a fool. Suraj is mine and will
always be mine. Time will answer this. Suraj, do you know one thing? You love me. I know,
it is weird that you love me.. ..but I am telling you this. Actually, we have loved
each other since years. Everyone knows this. But we never realized it. Anyway, it’s never too late. Please listen to your heart. Your heartbeat will give
you the answer. I am waiting for you. I love you. Hi, how are you? -Quiet! What happened?
Is grandpa sleeping? Yes. Tell me. -Why have you lighten
up these lamps? Oh! It’s ‘Karthik Purnima’! You will do the prayers and
touch your husband’s feet. He will bless you like God. Am I right? ‘This is just a drama.’ What a silly function! Nitya,
you think it as a silly function. But this makes your
relationship.. ..with husband deeper
than before. But why would I touch his feet? We are not married yet. But you will get married one day.
I am sure. All of us are sure about it. ‘I will talk to you later.’ Bye. Thank you very much.
I appreciate it. I am glad that you loved
my photographs. Actually,
I am still connected to nature. I feel,
nature has a lot stored for us. To capture it.. Hey! Stop it. What are you doing?
I was giving an interview. Talk to them later. Guru mata is wearing a saree
today! What’s the matter? I will touch your feet, bless me. Oh! Okay. -Amazing! You have
become a traditional girl. Hold on. Always.. Always.. ..what do people say
while blessings? Be happy always. You should get a handsome
and dashing husband. Yes, copy it. You understood it. Okay,
I second everything you said. Take it. You pinched me! Naughty Guru Mata! What drama is this? What is all this? This is our family tradition. Before marriage.. ..we touch would be husband’s
feet and seek blessings. He is not going to
be your husband. He will, because our families
have decided this. It was fixed a long time ago.
-But he never mentioned that. What? -Listen, Nitya.
Enough of your drama. Suraj! Suraj,
can you please come here? -Hey! ‘Suraj!’ ‘Suraj!’ -Danny, hold on for
a minute. I will be back. Suraj! What happened? Why are you
shouting? -What is all this? These are lamps. -Very funny. What was happening
between you two? Oh, all that! She touched my feet
and I blessed her. This is just like some exchange. We have been doing this
since our childhood. This is not a big deal. It happens in our family. You touch feet of the man
you would get married to. Are you getting married to her? What? Suraj,
I am done with this confusion. I can’t take it anymore. What are you confused about? Do you want to know?
-Yes, please. Tell me. Nitya loves you. She wants to marry you. Sorry, I am laughing. But I can’t stop my laughter. You find all this funny!
-Yes, it is funny. What else it can be? -Okay. Tell me. Do you love her? We are just friends. We have nothing more than
friendship between us. If you don’t love her.. ..tell this in front of her. Niki, Nitya loves Abhay. Explain it. Nitya, I don’t love you. We are just friends. Are you happy? How could you
think, Nitya and I are in love? You still don’t believe me! Nitya, you explain her that we
are not in love. Tell her. How can we be lovers? We are just childhood friends. We have shared all the secrets. That’s all. This is not love. Sharing happiness and
sorrows don’t matter. We never shared these feelings. We are not in love. Thank you. What baseless doubts
you have had? Why had we ran from our wedding
if we were in love? Think before you say anything. I don’t understand this. -Love
without trust cannot survive. So, I will do whatever you say. I will prove my love for you. Niki, tell me. What should I do?
-She started crying again. Hold on. Wait a moment. Niki, I love you. Will you marry me? Yes, I will. Yes, of course I will marry you. Of course I will marry you. I love you. I am so sorry! Congratulations. Both of you celebrate!
I will see you. True love! Niki, you were right. It was my misunderstanding. He doesn’t love me. I am an idiot. I am a fool. I am such a big fool. Don’t say that. You were not wrong. You love him. You felt that. It takes a lot of courage.. accept this. Thanks for not telling
this to Suraj. I don’t know what I was thinking. I am really sorry, Nitya. No, I am sorry. I was forcing my love on him. I am guilty. Please forgive me. You were right. He is yours. Hi, grandpa. -Hey, Nitya! You said, you will surprise me. Did I say that? Well.. ..on ‘Karthik Purnima’.. ..lamps.. Nitya! My child! What happened, my child? Grandpa, don’t ask me anything.
I can’t tell you. I can’t control my tears. Nitya. Not now, grandpa. I will talk to you later. Hey.. listen.. I want to tell you something
before you hang up the call. Learn to hold yourself
in deep pain. You will definitely
get the happiness. Grandpa,
this is not going to happen. Isn’t it beautiful? Let’s go. ‘Hey, what happened?’
-‘No, leave me.’ ‘What are you doing?
-I am teasing you.’ ‘Wait. -Enough now. -Stop it.’ Okay. Go down! I love you. ‘I love you a lot. -Me too.’ Abhay proposed to me. I am going to accept
his proposal. Nitya,
don’t make decisions in haste. Give yourself some time. Listen to your heart once. Please. -What did I get after
listening to my heart? It broke my heart. I would never be happy. Abhay, you are marrying Nitya. It is dangerous. Think again. You still have some time. You can still escape. Hey! -I am 100% sure. And congratulations to you guys. Cheers! -Cheers. Cheers! My God! Grandpa is in Goa. You are treating us
like criminals. This is the result of fixing our
marriage without asking us. We are adults. -It should be our
decision to choose our partners. What do you call it? ‘Nakshatra’. You matched our astral charts
and you think it is enough. Two people should think
alike to get married. Nitu and I are childhood friends. Just like you guys are
family friends. Would you get all the children
marry in these two families? Enough. End this topic right here. I am sorry for fixing
your marriage. We fixed your marriage because
you loved each other. We did not fixed it because
your astral charts matched. Forget it. I am sorry. Forgive me. -Hey! You don’t have to be sorry. Why didn’t you tell me
about all this before? I didn’t know till this point
what I do want from my life. Now I know it. Good. -Photography. And Niki. I want to spend my
life with Niki. You love her so much. Or you just like her? Tell me. This is true love. Not just me,
but Nitya also loves someone. His name is Abhay. Nitya. -Come here. Yes. Who is the guy? Tell me. Will you be happy? You left the house, met some
people and loved someone. Good. Fine. Now that you have decided
to get married.. ..let’s get you married here. Thank you very much. Did you see his daughter? Yes. I have seen her. -She is
very beautiful. -How do I look? Thank you. You know something. -Maximum
problems of married life.. ..are because of lack
of intimacy. I always tell my patients
that it is important. So sad! I have designed a
meditation game. Connect heart to heart. But there is no WiFi here. You don’t need WiFi for that.
-How do you know? You need brains to
understand this. You silly. Hey, one second.
It is time to celebrate. Hold this. Attention everybody! Attention! We are going to play a game now. Everyone will dance with
their partners. This lucky draw will
decide the partners. Mom, my meditation game first. You promised me. -Oh! Of course!
-Let’s play your game first. Come on. Come on. Close your eyes. Feel your breath! Feel the sensation in your body. Tell me who did you see? -You! You? -Suraj! Hrithik Roshan. Suraj! Nitya! You will get married tomorrow. Did you plan your honeymoon? Dad. Why are you in a hurry? He is a workaholic. He can go to the office
immediately after marriage. Okay, we will go. I am so excited about
the wedding. Finally. Do you want this? -No. Suraj, will you have it? No, thank you. -Okay! Your photo on the cover page! Now you are a star photographer. You are the talk of the town. But you will remain the same
person for me. -Useless fellow! When are you giving us a party?
-Exactly. Let’s celebrate! Let’s go and party tonight.
-Nitu! -I won’t be able to make it. We are going for a dinner
with Abhay’s parents. Take it.
-So, should we go tomorrow? What? Yes. -We will have fun. You will go for a party
on your wedding night. She is getting married tomorrow. Suraj! -Yes. Hey, Abhay! This is for you. Do you like it? I love it. It was not needed. Best camera for the
best photographer. It is for my benefit. Thanks, man! -Don’t mention. Suraj, this has happened for
the first time that.. Indian photographer
got noticed.. an International exhibition. Also, those photograph are
getting you millions of dollars. Your photographs. I might be lucky.
-‘Abhay’. -Yes, dad. -‘Let’s go.’ Nitya. See you. See you tomorrow. -Bye. See you. Nitu. Thanks! -I did nothing. You listened to your heart. What happened? Nothing. I know. Tears! Tell me. Will you miss someone? I can see it on your face. Don’t forget to invite me
on your wedding. -Okay? Hey! I don’t believe it. Nitya will get married tomorrow. Then it’s us! Are you excited? Listen. What happened? Let’s celebrate. I need to do some packing. I will do it. No! Let’s go. -Let’s go somewhere
in the evening. Okay? I want to stay alone
for some time. If you don’t mind. Yeah. Sure. I will see you tomorrow. Bye. -Bye. ‘What are you writing?’
-‘It’s personal.’ ‘Do you want to hide something
from me? -Yes.’ This is paid. Okay. Right. Hey,
will you wear a suit for the.. or wear the same clothes? I don’t want to get married. What? Stop. What is the reason? I don’t know. I feel weirdly restless.. I feel something is going wrong. What do you want? First time in your life.. are listening
to your heart. Hey! Did you have a fight? No. Nothing like that! -Okay. I will tell you a story. Same. Your situation. There was a girl. There was a boy. They were best friends
since childhood. They loved each other. But they never realized. Their marriages were fixed. They got married. Just like you.. ..they realized.. ..that they loved each other. But it was too late. Nothing could be changed
after marriage. Once one gets married.. ..there is no U turn. Your grandma’s last wish was.. see you getting married. That’s why we fixed
this marriage. Maybe I never.. ..told you this. That day, when you eloped.. ..we felt bad. We cried a lot. How painful it was for her soul. In this world.. ..what is the sign
of true lovers? Their eyes. They have same point of views. They smile together,
cry together. They share joys and sorrows. Suraj! Love means all this. One’s life is meaningless
without their partner. Without each other..’s all incomplete. Try as much as you want.. ..your feelings.. ..can’t stay secret. Your pain will not go away
with these tears. You think,
silence will fix it all. Son, you are cheating yourself. Cry as much as you want.. feel better. I won’t stop you. I am being honest. Cry it out. I am scared. I am scared. -Hey! I am scared. Suraj. Suraj.
-You are still bathing. Hurry up. We are getting late. Let’s go. What is this? Will you wear this for the party? I am not coming for the party. Oh! I am not surprised. I cannot marry you. Why? Did I do anything wrong? No! You.. ..did not do anything wrong.
-Did you do any wrong? I know. You don’t love me. You love Nitya. Say it. You love Nitya. Don’t ignore me. Look at me. Well.. I love Nitya. How much? How much do you love her? I want to hear this. Tell me. -More than my life. When she is not around.. I feel alone in the crowd. I am honestly telling
you all this.. ..because I don’t want
to cheat you. You didn’t love me. Why did you play with
my emotions? I am sorry. What do I do with your apology? You are so complicated,
do you know that? -You are just.. Oh God! Have you lost it? Anyway! It doesn’t matter to you. It’s all my fault. You don’t love me. I had felt it. But I kept lying to myself. Can I tell you one thing? I love you. More than my life. You don’t even realize it. Love is complicated. I could not feel your
love for me. The one I love is gone
far away from me. Nitya was right. She told me.. love her. She loves you as much
as you love her. See, she was right. She loves me! Yes. Her eyes speak! She is happy with you. This is true love, isn’t it? She loves you like crazy. You fool! See this. Read this. She wrote this! She loves you, Suraj. Nitya loves me. Yes. This diary has her feelings. No! I have to get her. I have to stop her. I can’t lose her. Go. Get her. Go. I am sorry, Niki. Thank you! -Thank you. You are arriving after
everyone is left. Ma’am,
I request you to pay my advance. ‘What is this? Can you do
something else but ask for money?’ ‘I won’t pay. Go.’ ‘Listen. Put it there.’ ‘Also..’ You understand the value
of a precious.. ..thing after you lose it. Right? It is painful to lose hope
to get back a person. Son,
the one you are looking for.. waiting for you. Son, we can keep quiet, but
eyes tell the truth. They see the same thing. Do you get it? You refused to marry Niki. Nitya also refused
to marry Abhay. Grandpa, where is Nitya? How do I know it? Who does she want to marry? Where is she?
You should know all this. ‘How do I tell you that?’ What is the sun telling you? Hey, what are you doing here? The thing I should have
done long ago. I love you. Will you marry me? Yes. I love you too. Just feel it.. nature.

100 thoughts on “Life Mein Twist (Manasuku Nachindi) 2020 New Released Full Hindi Movie | Sundeep Kishan, Amyra”

  1. ज़िन्दगी में प्यार नहीं किया तो खाक जिया Like know

  2. Pichkari mai petrol dall kr aagh lgaa di 😂😂😂😂🔥
    Sach mai
    Ye video apko bhot psnd ayegi
    Agr achi na lge tho dislike kr dena

  3. South movie always achi hoti hai. .bollyeood bhi fail hai south ke aage😊😊😊😊😊😊💘💘💝💟💔💕👍👍💛💜💚👌👌👌💗💞💟💔💜💝👍👍👍👌👌👌

  4. Super love story ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    පහළොවක් ගමන් කිරීමට පටන් ගත්තේ අට අපි

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