Little Things That Stress Us Out

Little Things That Stress Us Out

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you know so many marquis de la shmoop
hmm yeah I didn’t have to start this video so there you go Oh hey guys steal the other day my friend
asked me if I stressed out on things and I said no every single time I tell them I must
rest up honestly I would be like Pinocchio if I live every time I said no
so welcome to things that stress me out first off the water vendors you’re gonna
say who stresses out on a waterbender and if you don’t know waterbenders one
of those culligan giant things with a bunch of your life and like peas that
water for your honesty this is a serious thing that stresses me out I mean so I make it 30 and I see a
waterbender over there and I grabbed it coming up gonna get some water off one of my body
is good for your body water is good for life and then comes the fun part where
you get to press but it could be a sensor you know and when your cup is
about to be filled with water and you let go of the button the water keeps going the kids going and
now i’m stressing because the water keeps going in my copies overfill and
there I am trying to sing the cup so it doesn’t fall over and I’m like in real
life I feel oh no no no but in my head the waters
overflowing get save it what manufacturer designed a vendor that
keeps water flowing after you press it by stop pressing it you should stop I’ve
been command waterbender you’re not not only is this a waste of
water but the image of water overflowing makes me really stressed out because I
think about the earth and how polar ice caps are melting and how water levels
are rising and polar bears are dying and the water level is rising and floating
in 2012 do you see this I’m ranting about a
waterbender her number two cuts and yet again here is another stressed out
moment about liquids going into cups do you know i might be at a house party and
then I started craving neste i get a cup get a bottle and then I’m here inside on
table trying to get some pouring motion as I attempt to pour I get shoved by people so I be like
here’s my cup and here’s mine st well its water it’s empty one about
nasty and Nestle it’s like Nestle product and Nestle in st sound the same
provision se is the same product as nestle like there’s a grip no no nestle doesn’t own an STD but
anyways when I tried to port in SC into a cup I honestly look like this Oh your research as i do this i have to
aim the Nestea into the center of the cup and this stresses me out because if
I slightly project assistant jack on such a nerd I’m sorry if I slightly
trajectory it less than the diameter and less than the radius the couple fall and the next he will
spill we need better cups there you are . doneski it and bulla the
cup tips then the next he falls out spills everywhere bills on that iphone 6
that someone left on the counter and that’s you know nasty all over the
mahogany tiled floor it’s mahogany this expensive pic is it
necessary that I sneeze during filming and more stress comes along because you
ruined people’s night see now you’re gonna warn the house
owner and everyone at the party because you’ve created a hazard if someone steps
on that spill and get to the soft wet they’re gonna get mad if you cause that
spill and I got my socks what I’d knock you out and if you cause that feel you are now
named hazardous you got to put women signs all over you and that he’ll dress thank you for thought the restaurant
menus ah this is the worst of them all there is so much stress in this situation hear me out so I come
to a restaurant like Bobby Joe’s Bobby Joe’s has good figure other three-star
restaurant and I came to the restaurant with a plan I wanted poutine because i
was craving it and then the lady gives me the menu and there is no poutine what there is no poutine why there is no
poutine excuse me there is no poutine see what
Bobby Joe’s does not deserve a three-star they deserve three black holes because those stars
have turned into black holes not sitting there trying to figure out what I’m
gonna order while everyone else is done ordering that puts more stress on me is
your exact over here you have your chicken wings and Emily over there you
go order to Caesar salad and I’m still there trying to order while the waiter
comes back and says star do you have your order yet sir no no i
don’t and then Emily over there says just get the Caesar salad and then I
look at Emily and say what makes you think that Caesar salad will fill my
tummy I will stab you and that salad just like
they did to like Julius Caesar you know how in the Shakespeare story of
Julius Caesar was stabbed by a brutal and then a bunch of conspirators what and then they stopped him and then
brutally stabbed him and everyone betrayed him stuff thanks english class for that William
Shakespeare you rock and then when i’m looking through the
menu I’m gonna be like chicken parmesan I’m gonna get that but what was
twenty-six dollars no no no I take apartments on what are you made of gold then I keep flipping in the nice people
what’s this chicken quesadilla Oh reasonable price reasonable price up what why is there no picture there’s no
picture on this and then now I wouldn’t order because there’s no picture like
what are you trying to do Bobby Joe’s trying to fool me and finally I see some good-looking ribs
with a reasonable price and tender looking picture then I call over the
waiter Oh ma’am out were the ribs with lemon
juice sorry sir we don’t serve ribs during
dinner I’m sorry pause for a sec arm who doesn’t serve roads during dinner
like it’s biased because my lunch can beat this dinner hour play wow not from there I end up making
a life decision by ordering that chicken wings that sack hard because I would
rather have that that Emily’s chicken Caesar salad lastly sitting on a toilet I like
sitting on a toilet is the most stressful thing you will encounter in
your life where you are sitting on a toilet peacefully meditating your way to
freedom you know you’re sitting there alone on
the toilet on snapchat I know sending some toilet selfies watching YouTube you
know somebody videos reading the newspaper sitting there on Instagram
double tapping Emily’s photo of the Caesar salad that you were probably
getting rid of then suddenly who is anyone in there you
know this stresses me out because now you got to blow your cover and express
your pooping presence in the washroom see now you got to turn on the top do
something so that horrible alien outside that door won’t know it’s you this is stressful because you don’t know
who that person is and it could be some serial killer it could be will walk up emo whoever
this person maybe they have no manners because like do you have eyes can you
not see that the lights are on if the door’s locked it’s clearly
occupied I just did an accident they’re occupied or occupied this Lou is
occupied and whoever this annoying person is I refuse to answer any
questions they ask hey is anyone in there are you okay do you want to build a snowman oh and ride your bike around the hall I think companies you

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